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Baird’s Script….. The Written Round.

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Baird’s Script…..The Written Round.

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• Written Round. 16 questions.

• 10 points for a single answer question. For questions having more than one part, 10 points for each part.

• Quizmaster’s decision is final and abiding. Disputes, if any, are to be settled later.

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1. Still from a Simpsons episode. Question in the next slide.

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Two part Question :

• Identify the band making a guest appearance. They are considered the pioneers of the punk rock movement wit hits like “Blitzkrieg Bop”.

• This particular episode is titled “ Rosebud”. What unique distinction does this word hold along with another word “Plastics”?

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• The band is the Ramones

• “Rosebud”(Citizen Kane) and “Plastics”(The Graduate) are the only two single word quotes to make it to the AFI’s 100 greatest movie quotes of all time list.

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2. Identify the TV Series known for naming episodes paraphrasing famous movie titles such as:

• Despicable B

• Raiders of the Lost Art

• Crazy, Cupid, Love

• Damien Darko

• Beauty and the Feast

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3. Which iconic Documentary series starts with the following lines by the narrator:• “A hundred years ago, there were one and a half billion people on

Earth. Now, over six billion crowd our fragile planet. But even so, there are still places barely touched by humanity. This series will take you to the last wildernesses and show you the planet and its wildlife as you have never seen them before.“

• Also identify the narrator.

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• The show is “Planet Earth”

• The narrator is David Attenborough, brother of Richard Attenborough

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4. Watch… no Read CLOSELY..

• X : A novel about three Army Doctors is a 1968 novel by Richard Hooker which has seen two onscreen adaptations of the same name:

• 1. A 1970 movie• 2. A TV show which ran from 1972 to 1983, with the finale, "Goodbye,

Farewell and Amen", becoming the most watched and highest rated single television episode in U.S. television history at the time, with a record-breaking 125 million viewers.

• The series, which was produced in association with 20th Century Fox Television for CBS, follows a team of doctors and support staff stationed at the "4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital" in Uijeongbu, South Korea during the Korean War.

• Question in the next slide

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• Two part question:

• Name the movie/TV series (same name) i.e. X.

• Apart from the name and the novel from which they are adapted, what is common to both the movie and the series, something for which a son earned more money than his father – who directed the movie itself.

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• The name of film/series is M.A.S.H – acronym for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.

• The common feature is the track “Song from M.A.S.H. - Suicide is Painless” which was the theme song for the both the film and the series. Mike Altman, son of Robert Altman, co-wrote the song and ended up earning more than Robert who had directed the 1970 movie.

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5. Identify the shows (X and Z) and the respective presenters (Y & W).

• X is a thirteen part scientific documentary presented by renownedAmerican astronomer Y which aired in 1980. A book was also published toaccompany the series. X has been considered highly significant since itsbroadcast; The New York Times described it as "a watershed moment forscience-themed television programming“.

• Z is another Scientific Documentary series aired in 2014 which was made asa follow up to X. Z was presented by W, a renowned astrophysicist ofpresent times. Among the executive producers are Seth MacFarlane, whosefinancial investment was instrumental in bringing the show to broadcasttelevision, and Ann Druyan, Y's widow, a co-author and co-creator of theoriginal television series. It turned out to be a successful attempt withpositive responses from critics and viewers alike.

• The first episode of the original series starts with these iconic line, “The_________ is all that is, or ever was, or ever will be.”

• Both the shows have the same first name.

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• X- COSMOS: A Personal Voyage presented by Carl Sagan(Y)

• Z – COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey presented by Neil de Grasse Tyson(W)

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6. Jaw-dropping…

• ‘Dropped’ is a French TV programme aired in the Sportsman Channel which features famous sporting figures who are taken to remote terrains blindfolded and are left in the wilderness. Their task is to use their skills to find their way back into civilisation.

• Why was this show in the news recently?

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• Death of the French sportsmen Camille Muffat, the swimmer who won three medals at the London Olympics in 2012, yachtswoman Florence Arthaud and the boxer Alexis Vastine due to the collision of the helicopters in the western province of La Rioja near the Andes mountains while shooting for the show.

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7. Give the term X…

• X is a technique used in Broadcast programming whereby an unpopular television programme is scheduled between two popular ones in the hope that viewers will watch it. Public broadcasting use this as a way of promoting serious but valuable content. This is especially used for new shows. The main theory in play is that audiences are less likely to change channels for a single time slot.

• However, there is a risk. If the middle show is weak, the audience could change the channel altogether even if they “would have stayed if the two popular programs had formed a block.”

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• Hammocking

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8.Name the show Y. Also name best friend of the protagonist (the character’s name).• In the TV series X , references to the fact that the protagonist, was based on the

famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyleappear throughout the series. The creator explained that he was always a Holmesfan and found the character's indifference to his clients unique. The resemblanceis evident in the lead character’s reliance on deductive reasoning and psychology,even where it might not seem obviously applicable, and his reluctance to acceptcases he finds uninteresting. His investigatory method is also based onelimination – much like that of Holmes. Also, the protagonist’s best friend ismodelled very much on John Watson. The protagonist uses drugs like Sherlockand both he and his friend have their address as 221B. Further resemblances canbe found in the musical instruments played by the protagonist.

• One of the most watched and acclaimed TV series’ of recent times, X first aired in2004 and finally ended in 2012 after 8 seasons.

• The actor who played the best friend also played a pivotal role in Dead PoetsSociety (1998)

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• House M.D.

• The character which is reference to John Watson is Dr. James Wilson, the head of oncology at Princeton Plainsboro Hospital.

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9. To be or not to be….

• The person shown in the figure is tipped to be the next in line to co-host a cult TV show which holds the Guinness World Record in its particular segment. But if the replacement does take place, he would have to fill up a giant void (literally and figuratively).

• Two part Question:

• Which show?

• Who is he apparently replacing?

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• The show is BBC Top Gear

• He is tipped to replace Jeremy Clarkson who was recently sacked following a dirty episode with one of the co-producers of the show.

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Identify X

• X (or paiza in Chinese, gerege in Mongolian) afoot long and three inches wide and inscribedwith the words (Left Fig.): "By the strength ofthe eternal Heaven, holy be the Khan's name.Let him that pays him not reverence be killed."The X was the special VIP passport, authorizingthe travelers to receive throughout the GreatKhan's dominions such horses, lodging, foodand guides as they required.


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• Golden Tablet.

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Connect. Non-exhaustive. One of the most popular entries is missing.


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• All of them have portrayed the role of Irene Adler in movies/series.

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Connect. Again the most noticeable entrant is missing.12.

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• Michael Schofield’s ta.ttoos

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Guess the TV Series

● Because of the numerous scenes and the quick-cut nature of theshow's visual style, the show is filmed without the traditional livestudio audience. The finished episode is later shown to an audience,and their reactions are recorded and added for broadcast. The series'creators joke that the long set-up time between scenes would cross theline from "studio audience" to "hostage situation."


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Identify X

● 'X' is a type of film or television show in which fictional events

are presented in documentary style to create a parody. These

productions are often used to analyse or comment on current events

and issues by using a fictional setting, or to parody the

documentary form itself. They may be either comedic or dramatic

in form, although comedic forms are more common.

●Some examples are- Modern Family, The Office.


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• Mockumentary.

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15. FITB to get the name of a show and name its co-creator after whom the show itself is named.

• Three gentlemen Louis-Dreyfus, Alexander and Richards, part of an iconic sitcom, have all attempted to launch new sitcoms as title-role characters. Despite acclaim and even respectable ratings, almost every show was cancelled quickly, usually within the first season. This gave rise to the term _______ curse: the failure of a sitcom starring one of the three, despite the conventional wisdom that each person's ______ popularity should almost guarantee a strong, built-in audience for the actor's new show.

• Shows specifically cited regarding the ________ curse are Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Watching Ellie, Jason Alexander's Bob Patterson and Listen Up!, and Michael Richards' The Michael Richards Show. Larry David said of the curse, "It's so completely idiotic. It's very hard to have a successful sitcom.“

• The sitcom they were originally part of was voted the “the greatest TV show of all time” by TV Guide.

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• The Seinfeld Curse and Jerry Seinfeld.

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16. FITB and identify the co-creator X who is famous for directing films like Mulholland Drive and

Blue Velvet among others…One of the top-rated shows of 1990 and ________ was a critical success both nationally and internationally. It captured a devoted cult fan base and became a part of popular culture that has been referenced in television shows, commercials, comic books, video games, films and song lyrics.

However, declining viewer ratings led to ABC's insistence that the identity of the murderer in the series be revealed midway through the second season. The series was followed by a 1992 feature film, ________: Fire Walk with Me, which serves as both a prequel and an epilogue to the television series.

The creators Mark Frost and X, despite of their promise to return after 25 years, haven’t finalised anything yet, giving rise to speculations that the show might never return and mystery shall forever remain unsolved.

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• The Show is Twin Peaks.

• The director/co-creator X is David Lynch.

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Please exchange your answer scripts…

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