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  • 1. Jennifer EvansAssistant Director ELASt. Clair County RESAEvans.jennifer@sccresa.orghttp://www.protopage.com/evans.jennifer#Untitled/Home

2. AgendaAssessmentFidelityWriteWell Preand PostAssessmentsHow do youadminister theassessment?DetermineProtocolScoringFidelityHow do you scorethe assessment?Scoring ProtocolAnchorPapersWhat is a goodexample of a4,3,2,1?PracticeScoringScore classassessmentspreferably as agrade-levelTwo personscore? 3. Navigating the Website WriteWell http://www.sccresa.org/toolsforschools/curriculumtools/writewell/ Select logo Enter school log in and password:Log in:Password: 4. www.sccresa.org 5. http://sccresa.org/downloads/writewell_gr3/pre_and_post_assessment_2_20130904_090119_2.pdf 6. WriteWell Pre and PostAssessments:PerformanceTasksModeled afterSmarter BalancePerformanceTasks2-3 daysScored withInformational/ExplanatoryRubricMultiple Texts 7. Assessment Fidelity 8. Selection of Articles / VideosGet with yourgrade levelReview the videosReview thearticlesDecide as a groupwhatvideos/articlesyou will use forthe pre-test andthe post-test 9. Scoring Fidelity 10. Key Points: TeamworkLooking at the Informational/ExplanatoryRubric, highlight key points for a 4 scoreHighlight differences for a 3 scoreHighlight differences for a 2 scoreHighlight differences for a 1 scoreDetermine protocol for a 0 score 11. Anchor Papers 12. 5th Grade Score 4 Sample 1 13. Scoring ProtocolLook at the anchorset of papers foryour grade levelDiscuss with yourteam key pointsDetermine aprotocol for howyour team will scorepapers with fidelity 14. Scoring PracticeWorking with yourgrade level, beginscoring studentpapers.Each paper should bescored by at least 2teachers.Discrepant scoresneed to be discussedand protocoldetermined 15. Questions?