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Faster, Useful & Compelling Content Making Formulas Nasir Uddin Shamim Co-Founder DevsTeam


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Faster, Useful & Compelling Content Making Formulas

Nasir Uddin ShamimCo-FounderDevsTeam

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Contents & Its Type

Contents For Info-Products. Contents For Blog. Contents For Copywriting.

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Content & SEO

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Content =Social=SEO

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Content Ideas | Where To Find!

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Find Content Ideas!

Related Forum. Related Blogs. Search Wikipedia Answers.com Yahoo Answers Your Blog’s Comment Section! Digg. StumbleUpon.

Know How to Search in Google!

Keyword + Forum to find forum. To find a specific type of File on Google:

“wedding budget” filetype:xls OR filetype:pdf

To find a exact phrase keyword in a site: “doesn‟t work” site:www.healthguidance.org

Finding exact phrase with similar words: “athlete‟s foot” ~remedy “natural”

Finding Synonyms in a webpage text: allintext:~inexpensive vacation articles

To eliminate a word from search result: “vending machine prices” -soda –candy

Find every website with the words bad headache within the URL allinurl:bad headache

To find related sites of any given: Try this operator: related:www.cabosanlucas.net

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How To Write Content Faster Write the Article Title First. Create Sub-headings & Note these down. Write Naturally. Forget about grammatical

errors. Edit these later. Create important points like Tags and write

about on these. Firstly, write anything about that pops-up on

your mind related the topics and arrange these later.

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Tools of Grammar & Spelling Check

paperrater.com Spellchecker.net SpellCheckPlus.com grammarly.com grammarbase.com/free_grammar_corrector

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Blog To Follow| Improve Your Writing

www.copyblogger.com www.contentiscurrency.com www.menwithpens.ca www.fuelyourwriting.com www.writetodone.com www.dailywritingtips.com

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Checklist SEO While Writing Use Appropriate Title Target secondary KW beside primary KW Use unique meta description Follow keyword density on article Avoid keyword stuffing Don’t use too many tags Use Bold, italic & underline on important words Link your internal pages, remind relevancy is

must Use Image Alt Tag

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