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WittyParrot video IDW

The problem with internal content delivery

Content is hard to find - when you need it - and content is hard to use.

Cover Page1

Content is stored all over the place and stuck in documents.

Intranets, shared drives, box drops, websites, portals, inboxes, email archives

Content is buried, unusable, and simply wasted.

The Challenge for Content

Executive Summary2

Jonathan Smith Executive Summary

WittyParrot provides a Content Productivity Solution that helps ensure a single voice across teams and increases content use.

What is WittyParrot?It acts as a multi-purpose productivity tool to amplify the speed, consistency and control of communications with prospects and customers.

Executive Summary3

3 Key Differentiators

Amplify speed, consistency and control of your communication

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Differentiator: WITSSupports More than Documents Unstructured Content

Enterprise ContentPortals, Intranets, Wiki,Box Drops(documents)

WitsEtc.Wit 1Whole Document2341Full documents AND atomized content (Wits)More precise than docs aloneRich text plus audio, video, links, images, attachmentsEasy to repurpose, customizeAutomated Wit DiscoveryEnables granular analyticsReduces time spent copy/pasting out of docs or email

Executive Summary5

Differentiator: Witty WidgetEasy To Use Side Bar Widget

Cloud-based SaaS Solution2Always on the desktopOnline or offlineLinks to enterprise contentSurface multiple existing content storesIntegration to Salesforce.com, Oracle SalesCloud, ServiceNow, or other platformsPowerful search and filtersPC, Mac, Mobile, web-accessible Secure/Encryption

Executive Summary6

Differentiator: Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop ease of useDrag content from WittyParrot and drop it into any destination that supports text or rich text.

Any Target ApplicationPortals, Intranets, Wiki,Box Drops(documents)3

Executive Summary7

Jonathan Smith Executive SummarySelect Customers

Customer feedbackProven Solution, Users Embrace it

Executive Summary8

Speed, Consistency and Control

Cover Page9

WittyParrot SolutionHelp users find content they need at the right time, in the right place.Knowledge in context, delivered instantly at the point of use, with rich metadata and sophisticated algorithms

Executive Summary10

WittyParrot SolutionDeliver best-practice message templates in a way that finally works for users. Built-in variables can be quickly personalized for one-to-one (or bulk) email, LinkedIn, Twitter messages, IM, or any written channel

Executive Summary11

WittyParrot SolutionDiscover what content is valuable and what is not.Track and analyze what specific content is being used and its impact on prospects and customers. Provide link and email analytics to enable sales to respond at the right moment to drive results.

Executive Summary12