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2010 Sweetwater Free Publication for those who want to take advantage of todays technology to help spread the good news! Sweetwater is an amazing company, and this publication in 100% theirs. I want to thank them for constantly providing the service that is needed by both live sound engineers, and sound recording (studio) engineers (like myself). There truly is no better company to work with. sweetwater.com

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Church Sound & Music Technology GuideChurch Sound & Music Technology Guide5501 U.S. Hwy 30 W Fort Wayne, IN 46818(800) 2224700 www.sweetwater.comPRESORT STANDARD U.S. POSTAGEPAIDPERMIT NO. 815EAST GREENVILLE, PASpread the Word!Do you know of a church, a pastor, a worship leader, or a volunteer who might enjoy reading Worship Sound Pro?Simply have them call us at(800) 2224700 for a free copy.Volume 3Check out the latest products for your house of worship,inside and online at www.sweetwater.com!Why Buy from Sweetwater? Friendly tech experts here to answer questions and help you choose whats best for your goals FREE Total Confdence Coverage 2-year Warranty protects your churchs investments Huge, hand-selected inventory of the right pieces of technology The LOWEST prices possible Help when you need it FREE SweetCare online support, available 24/7Volume 3 SWEETWATER WORSHIP SOUND PRO 2010 (800) 2224700 WWW.SWEETWATER.COMStabilize Technology Costs Update every 35 years with NEW equipment and keep the SAME PAYMENT. Trade in your equipment or add to your lease at any time with just a phone call.Plans That Protect the Church and the Pastor NO fnancial statement NO personal guarantee from the pastor NO collateralCreative Payment Options No payments during slow (summer) months $99 per month for the frst six months Additional fnance plans availableWhether youre a worship leader, a pastor, or a volunteer, call us TODAY to learn how a lease from Sweetwater can help you get the right pro audio gear, right now! Call the leasing pros today! (800) 2224700 www.sweetwater.com(800) 2224700www.sweetwater.com/wsp-leaseMixers to Microphones, Guitars to Keyboards Sweetwater Gives Your Church Unbeatable ValueRecord your services, take control of stage volume, rescue mixes from last-minute disaster well help you choose, use, and get the most out of your gear!LEASE Great Gear for Your House of WorshipMMMMiiiixxxxeeeeeerrrrrssss tttttooooo MMiiccrroopphoonneesss GGuuitaarrrsss tttoo Keyybbboooaards MMMiiixxxxxxeeeeerrrrrsssss ttttttoo MMMiiccrroopphoonneess GGuuitarsss tttoo KeybboooaaardsPaul BALOCHELEASE Great Gear for Your House of WorshipPhotos by Jon James and Troy Behrens001_148_final.indd 1 1/27/10 11:20:42 AMThis is a publication created by sweetwater. I am in no way affiliated with sweetwater. I love sweetwater, and that is why I have put this here for you. Please respect that I have not made thisand that this is the property of sweetwater.Visit sweetwater.com to experiance the amazingservice and professionalism that they provide.Id like to personally welcome you to Worship Sound Pro! Weve specifcally tailored this directory of audio and music technology for worship to meet the needs of todays churches and their worship leaders and music ministers. I hope you fnd it useful to your ministry.In Worship Sound Pro, youll fnd everything you need to communicate the Message to your congregation, from complete live sound systems to CD duplicators, from guitars to recording equipment, from electronic drums to keyboards. But rather than present you with dozens of choices for each category of equipment, weve done the hard work for you! Weve used our years of experience consulting on, designing, and installing audio and music gear into churches to narrow the focus down to what have proven to be the best choices for each category of gear. You cant go wrong, yet you still have the ability to select exactly the item that best fulflls your needs, goals, and budget.With the endless and overwhelming array of music and audio gear on the market, its easy to get caught up in what we call option anxiety having so many possible choices that its diffcult or impossible to make a decision! You want to make the best choice, and you want to be a good steward of your churchs resources, but how do you decide? Thats where Worship Sound Pro comes in. Its a different approach to a directory of equipment that has proven effective for countless churches and worship leaders/music ministers. (And, of course, if youre interested in something you dont see in these pages, just give us a call we probably carry it and have it in stock.)But this issue of Worship Sound Pro goes way beyond being just the best equipment directory for worship available anywhere. Its also a tremendous educational resource! Weve included articles on how to get the most out of the gear your church uses, how to ensure that your worship team can hear and perform at their best, how to manage problems when they arise, and much more. Youll defnitely want to save this issue for future reference!I hope you fnd Worship Sound Pro to be helpful. Please give us a call any time you need audio and music gear. Well be happy to serve you in any way we can.Musically yours,Chuck SurackA Dedicated,Knowledgeable Staff Your job is to spread the Word, not to spend time research-ing gear! Weve taken that trouble out of the equation. Our friendly Sales Engineers are here to help you fnd exactly what you need and since theyre also musicians and engineers themselves, you know youll be talking to someone who really understands the equipment.SweetCareHere for You 24/7The volunteers who run your sound may not always understand the technical ins and outs of your system. Our SweetCare online network provides FREE technical support that puts thousands of helpful articles right at your fngertips. Just visit sweetwater.com/sweetcare.Award-winningWebsite Our award-winning website is more than simply a great way to check out our huge inventory; Sweetwater.com gives you buying guides and tech tips for all kinds of gear, as well as our daily inSync e-newsletter and much more. Were just a mouse click away!sweetwater.comWelcome toId lik t ll l t W hip S d P ! W if ll t il d thi di t f di002-005_Front Wrapv10.indd 2 1/21/10 12:16:15 PM The Right Selectionof Equipment Churches have unique equipment needs, often requiring systems for services, rehearsals, podcasting, and more. Thats why weve hand-selected the products we carry, making sure we always have the latest, best equipment for your projects. When you buy gear from us, you can feel confdent youre making the right choice for your church. 2-year Total Confdence Coverage WarrantyEnjoy peace of mind knowing that your churchs purchases are automatically backed up by our FREE 2-year warranty. Well take care of all the parts and labor, and our in-house, factory-authorized service department will have your gear turned around as quickly as possible.The Best Shipping With services, choir rehearsals, youth nights, and more happening weekly, you need your gear when you need your gear! Rest assured, our huge, state-of-the-art warehouse is centrally located and full of great products. Our hard-working shipping staff sends out most orders the very same day! Plans That Protect the Church and the Pastor NO fnancial statement NO personal guarantee from the pastor NO collateralCreative Payment Options No payments during slow (summer) months $99 per month for the frst six months Additional fnance plans availableStabilize Your Budget Update every 35 years with NEW equipment and keep the SAME PAYMENT. Trade in your equipment or add to your lease at any time with just a phone call.(800) 222-4700LEASE Great Gear for Your House of WorshipFor moreinformation, go tosweetwater.com/wsp-lease.Look for these helpful icons throughout the new Worship Sound ProQuickly fnd our volunteer-friendly technology. ffnd nd oour ur vvol olun unte teer er-f fri rien endl dlyy te techSeamlessly use these products with your iPod. use tthhese proddu t cts witFind high-performance, budget-friendly gear. orrma manc nce, e, bbud udggeSee exciting releases and just-added gear.Check out our most popular worship gear. lar arr w wor or orr h sh h sh sh ship ip iiiip p iip igge eckk ou outt ou ourr mo most st ppop opuul la002-005_Front Wrapv10.indd 3 1/21/10 12:16:37 PM11BlueTake your vocal sound to a new level with the just-released Encore series.13AudixOvercome common problems with miking choirs by using the break-through MicroBoom system.17EarthworksEasily capture pianos, choirs, and drums by using these tailor-designed microphone solutions.19ShureLearn how to place microphones effectively, in this guide to Shure mics.21SennheiserChoose the wireless microphone system that best suits your house of worships performance needs.23Line 6Getting great wireless sound is easier and more affordable than ever.27Digidesign VENUEA reliable, recallable VENUE live sound system gives your church the same tools that todays top professionals use.33PreSonusThe volunteer-friendly StudioLive mixer is perfect for small churches, and its instantly ready to record services.41QSCKeep voices intelligible while making music stand out, with these K Series speakers from QSC.43FishmanGet full sound without flling up your room with sound reinforcement gear.47AviomCut down on stage volume and give each worship team member a personal mix of all the instruments.53dbxMake your sound system perform its very best, with the DriveRack PA+.75MarantzThese high-quality recording solutions ensure that you preserve the Message with full clarity and detail.81MicroboardsTurn your message into a great CD, with Microboards disc publishers.85Direct SoundThese headphones block out noise so that you can hear what youre mixing.89YamahaMichael W. Smith shares hit thoughts on his choice of Yamaha keyboards.93RolandLearn helpful practice and performance solutions for every member of the worship team.105 TaylorChoose the perfect Taylor guitar for your live worship environment.107 WechterGive your worship sound a special sparkle with a Nashville-tuned guitar.122 Auralex AcousticsDiscover custom acoustical treatments to meet any budget and suit any room and get a free analysis of your church.sweetwater.comManufacturer Spotlights Useful information to help you choose the right gear.Guides & SpotlightsNew Worship Sound Pr