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A visual presentation of World's Best Tech Startups and how they work.

Transcript of World's Top 10 Technology Startups

  • 1. Top 10 Tech Startups
  • 2. 1.Credit card reader for smallbusinesses.Mobile payment start-up.
  • 3. How it works Merchants manage credit card transactions using a small credit card swiping device. A receipt is send to the purchaser via SMS & Email. Square charges 2.75% per swipe for all cards. Automatic direct deposits to the merchants bank account.
  • 4. Available for
  • 5. 2. FoodspottingA visual guide to good food and where to find it. Search by food, restaurant and location.
  • 6. How it works Share your favorite food by uploading a photo. (Spotting it) Find a particular dish that you are craving. Bookmark foods that you want to try by clicking it.(Want it!) Vote up foods that you have tried and loved. (Nom it!) 90 90 noms noms
  • 7. Available for
  • 8. 3. Low cost eye tracking for Web Designers.
  • 9. How it works Send GazeHawk the URL of Get a sitemap of the most actively your webpage. viewed places on your website.
  • 10. What people are saying ? "This little startup could forever eliminate the default leaderboard/right sidebar display ad layout." "GazeHawk is disruptive in the sense that weve never seen a low-cost, low-effort eye tracking service before."
  • 11. 4. A paint application for iPhone and iPad.
  • 12. How it works Choose any color from the colorwheel. Rearrange, merge and delete layers between paintings. Each action of your painting is stored. Create a video recapitulating each step of how you composed the picture using BrushesViewer.
  • 13. Winner ~ Apple Design Award 2010.
  • 14. 5. Stor.i.fy Create stories using Social media.
  • 15. With storify, you can Collect the best photos, videos, tweets and facebook status updates. Publish them as simple and compelling stories that can be embedded anywhere. Sift through the explosion of online content and publish the most relevant information as a journalist.
  • 16. 6. A crowdsourced Q&A site.
  • 17. How it Works Quora aggregates questions and answers on topics. Users collaborate on them by editing questions and suggesting edits to other users answers. Users create a database of knowledge that grows and improves overtime.
  • 18. 7. Throw away your fax machine.
  • 19. How it Works 1. Upload your form to HelloFax. 2. It transforms your document into an image and lets you fill out your name, age and signature. 3. Enter an e-mail/phone number and HelloFax sends it over.
  • 20. 8. Tutorspree
  • 21. How it Works Type your location in the search box. Get a list of tutors with their price and credentials. Hire the tutor of your choice. Give your feedback so that each tutor builds up his/her reputation.
  • 22. 9. A personal web search engine.
  • 23. How it Works Connect through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail. Search through all your personal documents, files, contacts and calendar items.
  • 24. 10. A photo sharing app for iOS devices.
  • 25. Snap pictures, add filters and make them look retro.Share , comment and like your photos on Twitter & Facebook .
  • 26. Presentations101 Studio