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World Fair New York 1964World's Fair: Visas

Transcript of World's Fair: Visas

Box# 32 Folder# 632 Word's Fair: Visas 1961 - 1964 I ...... .$' I .., t \ -J-,-1-=, l ,,:l i !:'''1.' AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA I 0 0 0 C 0 N N I C 'I C U' A V I N U I, N. W, TILIPMONI IXICUYIYI a-6161 I WA.MINGTON, 6, D. C. February 8, 1961 FACILITATION MEMJRANDUM 00, l7 TO: FROM: SUBJECT: Travel Facilitation Committee Norman J. Philion Travel Industry Study - Nonimmigrant Visas Referencea FAL Memo No, 71-1960 The study of nonimmigrant visa issuance problems conducted by the Travel Advisory Committee of the Department of Commerce has been completed and a report recommending legislative and administrative action has been sub-mitted. A copy of the report, as well as a copy of a press release issued by the Department of Commerce, is attached for your information, The Secretary of Commerce presented the report to the Senate Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee on February 3 during hearings held on the subject of international travel, The report has also been distributed to appropriate federal government agencies and to other congressional com-munities, It is anticipated that efforts to implement at least some of the Administrative recommendations will be made in the near future. While the report consolidates the views and findings of the travel indus-try, a great part of the report is based on data and recommendations developed by ATA member airlines. The work of the ATA Facilitation Committee in this respect was considered particularly helpful. Attachments . . . ' .., . , UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF n I Office of the Secretary. luther H. Hodges, Secretary Washington 25, 0. C. lo'or Immediate Release FobruRt'Y 3, l9lil G 61-12 A report recommending furtho.r. action by tho United Statea to make it easier for foreign txnvalera to visit. this oountey been to the Department of' Commerce by n aubcommi ttee of the Dep11rtment' a Travel Adviaoey Com-mittee, Sj:'!tn-et"ry of Commerce Luthor H. 'Hodges announced .today. The Department will study the recommendations, Sec1-etary Hodges said. Among the recommondationa presented t.o the Comeroe Departaent b:r 'the subcom-mittee are tho followings 11That the Immig:ration and Nationality Act be amended to provide tor the waiver of nonimmigrant visas on the bAsis of reciprocity with reapect to nationale of.non-quota countries and. of countries whose quotaa are not oversubecribedJ "That the Immigration Alld Nationality Act be amended to limit the deportation) and judicial review proceQees nvailable to non1mmigrant benetioiariea of a visa waiver; . "Thnt visa application flnd issuance practices pertaining to 1mmigrante and vie-itors bo completely divorcod; "That nonimmigrant vie11 application forma and application information material be made available to travel agents and transportation companies abroadJ "That, except in eiroumatanoes, not more than oae personal appear,;. ance by nonimmigrant visa applicants be required." The subeommittee also recommended that nomore than one photograph and tewer af-fidavits be required of visa applicants, that applicants living at a distance tram a Uni tod States consular post be allowed to apply tor visas in writing inst,ead ot in person, and that action on visa applications be limited to three working da,s at all United States consular poets ovoraeaa, except UDder unueual oiroumetaDoes. The aubeommi ttee 1 o recommendations are being studied by other interested Govern ment agencies. The Commerce Department coordinates the cooperative ettort; by Govern-ment and industey to encourage visitor travel to the United St&te11 il mald.q oopiea ot the report available tor their consideration. . The f'ive-man subcommittee waa ll8ID8d in June 1960 to study via& and other problema relating to the entey ot foreign tourists Comm-DC--4 7JJJ3 (over) Q 61-12 Tho travel-industr,y representatives who participated in the world wide a tudy are: Nonnan Philion or the Air Transport Aaeooiat.ion ot .AJr,o ric a, auboommi tllbee chairman; E. Russell Lutz, Graoe Lines, I no a L. Boaeemeyer, National ot Travel Organizations; Joseph I. McDonnell, Committee on Travel, American Hotel AeeooiationJ alld Ruaeell E. Singer, American Automob:Ue Aeaoo1at.1oa. - 0 ---4740) - 2 - ... .. ' ' I 0 "' ' , .. 0 ... U. S, DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE TRAVEL ADVISORY COMMITTEE REPORT OF SVBCOMMITTEE ON VISA PROBLEMS Submitted by Norman Philion, Air Transport Association of AmericA, Chairman; E. Russell Lutz, Grace Lines, Inc., James L. Bossemeyer, National Association of Travel Organizations; Joseph I. McDonnell, Committee on Travel -American Hotel Association; Russell E. Singer, American Automobile Association. January, 1961 I N 0 EX Introduction Summary of Conclusions and Recommendations Specific Conclusions Specific Recommendations General Background World Travel Travel Barriers United States Travel Policy Travel and the Balance of Payments U. s. Visitors in 1960 U. s. Visitor Visa Requirements History Current Law Visa Administration Administrative Responsibility Administrative Practices Visitor Visa Workload Administrative Problems Visa Simplification Programs Appendix 1 Appendix 2 Appendix 3 Appendix 4 2 2 3 5 6 6 6 7 7 8 9 9 9 11 11 12 18 19 21 22 23 25 27 Page 1 ItJT!?ODU::TION Til i 5 study relating to problem::; connected vn th the issuance of U, S, noniJ::.iigrant visas, primarily those xequired of foreign tourists, was ini-ti.:,h(! at a meeting of the Travel Advisory Committee of the Department of co,,,,,:crce on June 27, 1960, On the unanimous recommendation of the Committee, to undertake the study was appointed by Bradley Fisk, Assist-.-:!nt Svcretary of Commer.ce for International Affairs. The work of the Subcommittee has been greatly aided by the cooperation of th( Bureau of Security and Consular Affairs of the Department of State, .:n(1 l)y the Visa Offir.e. Also helpful have been the Immigration and Naturali-::-: t ion Jervice of the Department of Justice and the International Travel Off1ce of lhc Department of Commerce. The enthusiastic support of all segments of the industry, both at home and ab:road, is gratefully acknowledged and t:1eir .J::;sistance in the development of fact.;, data, and recoiMlendations in regard to visa matters has been most helpful to the Visa Subcommittee, SUMMARY OF CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 'Jntil a few years ago, visitor visa requirements and issuance practices 1ere not generally subject to critical review and consideration because the nu:nber of foreign visitors to the United States from countries beyond our land borders was limited by other factors. However, the economic expansion and improvement of general conditions throughotlt the the availability of more and faster and less costly transportation, and the current emphasis on international affairs and exchange of knowledge have resulted in an in-crease in the number of foreigners who are able and inclined to travel. Our laws are primarily direc.ted t.owc1:rds the restriction of immigration and the prevention of illegal immigration. In being so directed they have the secondary effect of discouraging, restricting, and hindering the entry of foreign visitors. The need to consider &pecial visitor visa legislation and the adoption of simplified visa issuanr;e practices to facilitate tourist travel to this country now has greater If a person or a nation invites its neighbors to visit, it cannot expect favorable response if, at the same time, it informs potential guests that certain tests must be met before they leave home and again before they enter their host's door. The tests involved in the issuance of visitor visas by the United States do much to discouragE! potential visitors flom friendly countries. Our motives are not only questioned, bul our policies have the appearance of being somewhat inconsistent. After considerable and t.hoJghtful study, it is ou1 conclusion that the Ir:\i'nigration Lav1 can and should be amended, that. visitor visa issuance practices can and should be simplified, and that such action can be taken without risk to our national securily o1 without inc:.:easing illegal immigration potential. With this in mind, legislation autho:rizing additional but limited visa waiver authority is recommended i:llong wi.t.h a Sllggasted visit.o:r visa issuance simplification program. Page 2 - 0 ' Specific Conclusions On the basis of available fact, data, opinion, and estimate, the following conclusions are made: 1. There exists a large foreign tourist market; 2. It is to our political and economic advantage to secure a greater share of that market; 3. Current visa unnecessarily restrain travel; and, 4. Visitor visa requirements can be simplified without risk to our national security or without increasing illegal immigration potentia