Workpaper of Miravet

Workpaper of Miravet
Workpaper of Miravet
Workpaper of Miravet
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Transcript of Workpaper of Miravet

Live your own adventure and solve the riddle of the Miravet Castle-style Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider.Therefore you must find and locate the following items; following clues that are given, and identify the various units, rooms and corridors hidden (you have to number in the activities of paper number 1).

Each riddle gives you clues that will lead to a part of the castle and to other riddles that you'll have to answer it, to discover the Big Riddle of the Templers.

Youll have a limited time and for each Riddle that you found you will earn 10 points and for each riddle answered you will earn 20 points. Who gets more points will be the winner of the Adventure of the Castle of Miravet.

Items you have to search in the adventure:

A door without arcade voussoirs

Three windows, as figure 1, which have lost their architectural decorations (arches and pillars).

A tower demolished beside the main entry. A door with marks of quarryman Seven encircled crosses and a cross of quarryman

A worked capital

A Rose Window.

1. The First Castle of Miravet was built by:

Iberians Romans Muslims Templars2. Which was the main mission of the castle?_____________________________________

3. With which materialswas bulit the fortress?_________________________________________

4. In 1153, the castle was reconstructed by the templar, when they was

Croatian knights Royal soldiers

Friars-warriors Armed farmers

Saracenic mercenaries Cistercian monks

5. The templar work of the castle belongs in the 12th century.

Look its architectural elements and places the castle in the

following styles:

Romanesque Gothic Renaissance Baroque.6. Identifies the following architectural elements:

1. Key of turn 3. Semi-circular arch

2. Turn of cannon 4. Segmental Windo

7. Put the numbers according to the parts correspondingto the castle.1. Entry

2. Stables3. Prision4. Courtyard of training5. Watchtower on old village(nosingtower)6. Squareof the catapults; it dominates the river, why?7. Door of main access.8. Cistern9. Courtyard of arms10. Canteen11. Deposits12. Warehouse13. Cloister of arcades14. Chapel15. Stair of Snail16. Master tower8. Search a markof quarryman with form of cross in the cloister.9. Discover the crosses encircled on the walls of the Temple.

10. In which sensedo ,de turn rise, the stairsof snail? You know why?2




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