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  • 1. Worklight Deep Dive and theIBM Mobile Strategy Nitin Gaur 1 2012 IBM Corporation

2. IBM mobile portfolio at a glanceClient InitiativesBuild mobileManage mobile Extend existingapplicationsdevices and business capabilitiesConnect to, and run applicationsto mobile devicesbackend systems inSecure my mobileTransform thesupport of mobile businessbusiness by creatingnew opportunitiesIBM Sample Offerings Worklight IBM Endpoint Manager for Unified CommunicationsMobile devices Services Cast Iron IBM Rational AppScan Mobile Application Platform IBM Rational Application ManagementDeveloper IBM Security AccessManager IBM GTS Mobile Enterprise WebSphere Application Services (MAPM)Server Web 2.0 and Mobile IBM GBS - Security &Feature PackPrivacy practice IBM GBS Strategy & Transformation and Mobile IBM Websphere Portal Mobile Identity Manager Solutions PracticeExperiences Social Collaboration Software IBM Lotus Domino XPages IBM Lotus Notes Traveler Green Hat (an IBM company) IBM WebSphere Commerce V7.0 Feature Pack 42 3. IBM delivers comprehensive end-to-endmobile solutions for the enterprise in themarketClient Initiatives Build mobileManage mobile Extend existing applicationsdevices and business capabilities Connect to, and run applicationsto mobile devices backend systems inSecure my mobileTransform the support of mobile businessbusiness by creating new opportunitiesBuild & ConnectManage & Secure Extend & Transform Development and testing of mobile apps Device analytics and control Strategy and planning services(native, hybrid, Mobile environment analytics Mobile-enabled solutions includingweb/HTML5/Dojo/Sencha/jQuery) Endpoint & data protectionanalytics, commerce, and social Traceability and collaboration across Secure network communications & businessrequirements, code and testing management Implementation and hosting services Tools for Mobile Software Development Mobile lifecycle management Pre-built analytics, commerce, andLifecycle (SDLC) Provisioning & configurationsocial business apps Large shared codebase across multiplemanagement IBM Interactive user interface designdevices and environments Private app stores and Catalogs services Integrated device SDKs Device inventory & policy Physical device management services Runtime skinning for appsmanagement Enhanced connections to enterprise data Mobile security &aAccessand apps management Mobile security intelligence Integration with device capabilities Encrypted local device data storage Packaging and publishing mobile apps forapp stores and marketplaces Unified push notification framework Aggregated user statistics and eventreporting for monitoring and analytics3 4. IBM delivers a comprehensive end-to-endmobile solution Mobile is an enterprise priority that helps transform yourbusiness and is driving key client initiatives IBM has extensive capabilities in this space with additional newand enhanced offerings including: Worklight: an open, complete, and advanced mobile application platform for HTML,hybrid, and native applications IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices: unified endpoint management, withintegrated mobile securityIBM is a leader in the mobile enterprise space 44 5. Enterprise mobile development pain points Mobile is now strategic, mandating a consistent approach todevelopment and delivery There are multiple approaches to mobile development: Approach Shortcomings 100% Native Development use native Expensive development and maintenance languages of the device OS (i.e. Objective Long time to market & limited scalability of C with Apple SDK for iOS)development Scarce and costly resources Hybrid App Development use open Lacking enterprise-grade functionality source languages and tools such as Limited access to device features HTML5/JS/CSS3 and PhoneGap No integration and services layer 1st Generation Mobile Enterprise Limiting WYSIWYG IDEs Application Platforms (MEAP) for example Proprietary scripting languages & limited scalability KONY, Antenna Software, Verivo and of development Sybase SUP Professional Service-based business models Lack of Strong ROI5 6. Connectivity and Scalability RequirementsBackendSystems Security Authentication Scalability6 7. Seamless Enterprise IntegrationEnterprise Back-end WorklightSecurity Requirements7 8. Highlevel topology context for connectivity User uses app (A) on device D connecting to network (N) Over the Internet or Intranet (I/i) using aGateway/Reverse Proxy (GW) Connecting to Worklight server (WL), which inturns usesan ESB or Integration Broker (IB) to connect to theInternet (I) or existing backend resources (EBE)8 9. Worklight Studio Development Models9 10. Worklight Mobile Platform Worklight Studio A complete, extensible environment with maximum code reuse and per-device optimization Worklight Server Unified notifications, runtime skinning, version management, security features, integration and delivery Worklight Runtime Components Extensive libraries and client APIs that expose and interface with native device functionality and the Worklight server Worklight Console A web-based console for real-time analytics and control of your mobile apps and infrastructure10 11. Worklight Architecture 11 2012 IBM Corporation 12. Worklight Studio Eclipse-based IDE Combining native and standard web technologies in one multiplatform app Environment-specific optimization 3rd-party libraries integration Device SDK integration Back-end connectivity utilities 12 2012 IBM Corporation 13. Worklight Studio Integrated DevelopmentEnvironment (Eclipse Plug-in) Application development using native and/or familiar web technologies: HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Integrated device SDKsallow direct access fromwithin the IDE toemulators and codedebugging utilities 13 2012 IBM Corporation 14. Single Shared Codebase Common code placed in primary file Environment optimization code is maintained separately14 2012 IBM Corporation 15. Worklight Runtime Architecture Worklight ServerDevice RuntimeServer-side Client-sideApplication Code Cross PlatformApp ResourcesStats AggregationTechnologyJSON TranslationDirect UpdateMobile Security and AuthenticationWeb Apps Authentication Back-end DataIntegrationUnified Push Adapter Library Post-deployment controlNotificationsand Diagnostics15 2012 IBM Corporation 16. Back-end Integration Secure back-end integration XML-based declarative specification Multi-source data mashups Eclipse plug-in supporting auto-complete and validation Simplified adapter testing Server-side debugging Web services and JDBC integration Access to session data and user properties16 2012 IBM Corporation 17. Data Collection and Analytics17 2012 IBM Corporation 18. Direct Update On-device Logic 1. Web resources packagedwith app to ensure initialNative Shelloffline availability 1 Download2. Web resources transferredPre-packagedresourcesto apps cache storage App Store 3. App checks for updatesTransfe2 r On startupCheck for On foreground3 updates 1. Updated web resources Cached downloaded when necessaryWorklightWebresources Server resources Update 4 web resource 18 2012 IBM Corporation 19. Unified Push Notifications Architecture Apple Worklight WorklightPush Client-sideClient-sideiOS iOSPush iOSiOS Push API Push APIServersPushServices ServicesDispatcher Dispatcher(APN) NotificatioNotificatio GooglePolling Polling Worklight WorklightnnState State AndroidAndroid Android PushClient-sideClient-side AdaptersAdaptersAndroid DatabaseDatabaseDispatcher DispatcherPush API Push API Servers Push PushServices Services(C2DM)Unified UnifiedBlackBerry BlackBerry BlackBerr BlackBerr Worklight WorklightDispatcher RIM PushClient-side Push APIPush API Dispatcher yyServersClient-sidePush APIPush Push Push APIServices ServicesWindows Windows Message- Message-User-User- Phone PhoneWindows Windows Microsoft Worklight Worklightbased basedDevice Device Dispatcher Dispatcher Push API Push APIClient-sideClient-sidePush AdaptersAdapters DatabaseDatabase ServersPush PushServices Services SMSSMSDispatcher DispatcherBrokerBrokerAPI API SMS/MMSBrokers Administrative ConsoleAdministrative Console19 2012 IBM Corporation 20. Worklight Console Application Version Management Push management Usage reports and analytics Reports of custom application events Configurable audit log Administrative dashboards for: Deployed applications Installed adapters Push notifications Data export to BI enterprise systems20 2012 IBM Corporation 21. Worklight Differentiators21 2012 IBM Corporation 22. IBM WorklightV5.0.5 22 2012 IBM Corporation 23. Introducing IBM Worklight 5.0.5 New tooling jQuery Mobile WYSIWYG editor New/updated environments Windows 8 Windows Phone 7 iOS native applications Android native applications Java ME native applications New/updated features SMS notifications JMS adapter Custom device provisioning JSON data store Server side reports viewing Deprecated functionality 23 2012 IBM Corporation 24. DEMONSTRATION 24 2012 IBM Corporation 25. Copyright IBM Corporation 2012. All rights reserved. The information contained in these materials is provided for informational purposes only, and is provided AS IS without warranty of any kind,express or implied. IBM shall not be responsible for any damages arising out of the use of, or otherwise related to, these materials. Nothing contained in these materials is intended to, nor shall havethe effect of, creating any warranties or representations from IBM or its suppliers or licensors, or altering the terms and conditions of the applicable license agreement governing the use of IBMsoftware. References in these materials to IBM products, programs, or services do not imply that they will be available in all countries in which IBM operates. Product release dates and/or capabilitiesreferenced in these materials may change at any time at IBMs sole discretio