Working in the Cloud - — Rochester Regional … ·  · 2016-08-22Working in the Cloud...

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Working in the Cloud Don't mind us, we are just working in the cloud...

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Transcript of Working in the Cloud - — Rochester Regional … ·  · 2016-08-22Working in the Cloud...

  • Working in the Cloud

    Don't mind us, we are just working in the cloud...

  • Introductions

    About the presenter RIT - Nerd Librarian - Hillside Cloud Tinkerer - Nimbleuser

    Leave today with... The knowledge of what Cloud Computing is The ability to analyze cloud products Ideas of how to utilize Cloud Computing @ your library A list of a few top cloud products to explore

    Who you are and your expectations...

  • What is Cloud Computing?

    Cloud computing means moving all your applications and data to the internet - Your computer becomes a terminal.

    You already use it everyday - Think Google Documents, Flickr, and Facebook...

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  • Types of Cloud Computing

  • Pros & Cons

    Cloud advantages

    Maintenance tasks, such as backup are the providing companys responsibility

    Immediate, remote access to applications and data Easy collaboration, even across distance and time Cost is much lower than self hosted options Easy scalability Easy development of new services/products

  • Cloud disadvantages

    Data security may be a concern when storing sensitive data.

    Student Data:

    Reliability and performance depends on network availability. No internet means no application nor data. Salesforce:

    Ownership issues NPR:

    Pros & Cons

  • Evaluation Points

    Features - Support Certification (PCI) Storage - Drag and Drop, File Sharing, Data Sync, Total

    storage size limit & File size limit Applications - Ease of use, Auto-Save, Export

    Cost structure - PAYG, Monthly Performance - Shared Tenant Environments (ex. trust. Security - Data Center Locations, Monitoring

  • Cloud Storage Ideas for Libraries

    Store staff intranet and library operation files Provide patrons with information on cloud storage for their

    own file transfers (bye bye USB drives!) Share presentation handouts with patrons on a public

    storage area Storage possibilities are endless

    Examples - 2 GB free - 1GB free - 10 GB free - Unlimited free - 5GB free Microsoft Skydrive - 25 GB free (Cannot expand)

  • Dropbox Example Evaluation

    Total storage size limit - 2GB File size limit - None (300MB limit if uploaded through

    website) Cost - FREE Features

    Drag and Drop - Easy uploading and downloading File Sharing - Ability to share files with others Data Sync - Automatically sync files

    Drawbacks No status of syncing process

  • Cloud Application Ideas for Libraries

    Create content collaboratively Google Documents Adobe Photoshop Express Zoho CRM

    Ground Rules for Collaborative Cloud work Make sure all your changes are labeled with who and when Take advantage of history tracking where available Take advantage of messaging where available

  • Cloud Application Ideas for Libraries

    Create a library site or teach patrons to create their own Mockflow Wix

    Manage projects and library scheduling Toms Planner Zoho Projects/CRM Salesforce Google Calendar

    Manage library specific social sites GoodReads Library Thing

  • Advanced Cloud Ideas for Libraries

    Library IT department (or tech savvy staff) can create custom apps that patrons or staff can download and use. Google Library Extension:


    Facebook Singapore Public Library: