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Transcript of Workflow · PDF file Dynamics NAV Process Workflow Workflow Task / Decision Workflow Task /...

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    SupplyPoint Workflow

    UXC Eclipse’s SupplyPoint Workflow Add-on provides a customizable workflow engine to support complex business decisions and processes. It caters for the enforcement of business policy when performing transactions and automating many business processes.

    Workflow for SupplyPoint

    • User-configurability

    • Workflow completion notifications

    • Automated task generation

    • Full traceability and extensive logging


    The SupplyPoint Workflow Add-on is easily configured and used inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV to assist the automation of complex business processes and enforce business policy more

    quickly. The Workflow supports out-of-the-box requirements and setup is user-configurable, with new functionality enabled using plug-in modules to assist with easy upgrades and future re-usability.

  • 2SupplyPoint Workflow

    How it Works The workflow functionality is completely configured inside the Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which determines what activities are actioned, when they are triggered, and how processing will be completed. These activities are logically allocated into groups to optimize performance and minimize workflow interlocking. A Microsoft Windows service externally monitors the system to ensure all appropriate actions are undertaken. This service notifies users via email or inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV when tasks in the workflow are complete, alerting users if further attention is required.

    Workflow Handler The workflow handler determines which business processes the workflow manages. The handler controls what type of record the workflow is attached to, the subtype if relevant and the event that will initiate the workflow to commence. This can be configured to place duration restraints on the workflow and elevate critical path if this has been inactive for too long. To provide finer control over when the workflow should be initiated, filters can be applied to determine the workflow type and whether the source record meets specified criteria.

    Processor Group

    Workflow Handler

    Dynamics NAV Process


    Workflow Task / Decision

    Workflow Task / Decision

    Workflow Task / Decision

    Process Filter

    User Group

  • 3SupplyPoint Workflow

    Once the workflow handler is configured, a new message will be generated each time the system meets the configuration settings. The message prioritizes workflow and reporting based on the time this is created, and generates a set of tasks or rules to be actioned. These are configured against each handler, to enable decision making based on source, actions to be undertaken, source data to be changed, and a host of other activities ordinarily limited to inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

    Workflow Message Each workflow message is generated as a discrete entity with full traceability and extensive logging as the workflow progresses. If the workflow halts because of a condition, no special actions are required other than correcting the identified issue. Once this has been resolved the workflow will continue automatically without user intervention. Thus providing a seamless user experience, where the business process is suspended only until the data meets workflow requirements at which point the business process continues.

  • 4SupplyPoint Workflow

    Workflow Rules All actions undertaken by the Workflow are controlled using rules; many standard rules are immediately available in the SupplyPoint Workflow Add-on. It is a simple task within the Add-on to undertake development using a plug-in rule for workflow. Business cases must be identified as fitting the workflow engine, with business processes capable of being broken into small pieces of work to be controlled individually through the workflow configuration.

    In addition to using data available inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the SupplyPoint Workflow Add-on can also incorporate external data sources to meet more business requirements. For instance, tax information validation and credit checks can now be built into the workflow engine using plug-in modules. The Add-on can incorporate Microsoft Dynamics NAV business requirements either directly, using out-of-the-box functionality and custom coding, or incorporate external functionality to interrogate third party systems, assess results and determine workflow actions.

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    Key Features Description

    User Configurable • Many of the business requirements are configurable out-of-the-box by the end user without the need for expensive development

    Flexibility • As business needs change the workflow can be changed quickly to suit

    • Custom development is easily added using plug-in modules

    Integration • External and third party systems can be incorporated into the Workflow and utilized

    Approval Process • The Workflow can be configured to ensure all appropriate steps are followed in the approvals process

    Notifications and Alerts • Configure and automate notifications and alerts to users

    Extend Integrations • Process all data brought into the system from system integrations and initiate outbound integrations

    Data Collection and Validation

    • Collect and validate data from other systems, e.g. obtain freight rates for sales or purchase orders, validate customer credit ratings

    system requirements Description

    Technologies To obtain all the features mentioned in this fact sheet you will need:

    • Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    • SupplyPoint EDI Integration/Workflow Add-on