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  • 1.Presentation by LCCI Standing Committee on Women Entrepreneurs Development & Resource Center

2. HISTORY OF LCCI Established in 1923 as: Northern Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry. After independence in 1947, the name was changed to : West Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry. In 1960, registered under the companies ordinance 1984 as: THE LAHORE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & 3. OBJECTIVES To help women to make a significant contribution to the nations economic development through the promotion of trade & business. To increase the women entrepreneur members which would help them get a better representation in projecting their demands towards the development of their businesses. To act as an effective bridge between women entrepreneurs and the business community and the key policy makers in the government. To promote women and enhance their trade, commerce and industry within their area of jurisdiction in particular and 4. BACKGROUND Women although being an important part of the society lack provision of basic facilitation from their families and their surroundings in developing countries like Pakistan. Issues faced by Women in General. Lack of health facilities Limited access to essential education. Limited or virtually no Access to Finance However, the situation is improving, as the participation of women in all areas of economic development is being encouraged and promoted by the government and the private sector. They are entering in all fields of economic development and contributing towards enhancing the pace of economic growth. 5. ISSUES WOMENBEING FACED BY ENTREPRENEURSThere is a potential to develop Women Entrepreneurship in preview of the talent and aptitude which Pakistani women possess, however there is a need to give serious consideration and make utmost efforts in identifying the hurdles in the way of further development. Some of the major issues and problems in this respect are as follows: Lack of awareness and limited access to information. Lack of Training and Skill Development. Lack of Access to finance Lack of training regarding Financial Management Lack of networking between the business individuals, government departments and the business associations for Women Entrepreneurship Development. 6. LCCI INITIATIVES Promotion of Women Entrepreneurship in Pakistan could act as a catalyst for Women Empowerment and also for accelerating the process of Economic Growth and Development. In realization of this fact, the Lahore Chamber with sheer dedication to bring forward the hidden potential of Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs started focusing on Women Members development Now the time has come, when we must realize that empowering women could be a blessing not a threat to this society. 7. ACHIEVEMENTS FOR THE YEAR 2012-13 For the year 2012-13 the Standing committee on WEDRC held 9 meetings 8. CONTDMeeting with Ms. Maria Lantz, Rector/President, Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Mr. Farooq Iftikhar, President LCCI, Ms. Aasia Saail Khan, Executive Committee Member LCCI, Ms. Saeeda Nazar, Former Vice President LCCI, Ms. Hina Tayyaba, Vice Chancellor, PIFD, Ms. Nabila Intisar, Executive Committee Member LCCI and and Ms. Nasira Taskeen Former Executive Committee Member LCCI on 12th November, 2012 9. CONTD Visit of Ms. Sarah peck, Executive Director of the USPakistan Womens Council to see the display of products by 13 Women Entrepreneurs on Friday 30th November, 2012, at LCCI. 10. CONTD Symposium: LCCI Women Entrepreneur Development & Resource Center in collaboration with US-Pakistan Womens Council organized a symposium on 20th March, 2013. 11. CONTD Meeting with Ms. Afreen Akhter, Pakistan Desk Officer, Office of Pakistan Affairs U.S Department of State, Office of the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan regarding the follow-up of the Visit of Ms. Sarah Peck on Thursday 3rd January, 2013. LCCI standing committee on WEDRC organized Fashion show and exhibition from 8th-10th March, 2013. 12. ORGANIZED AN AWARENESS SESSION WITH LCCI MEDIATION CENTRE The Standing committee on WEDRC arranged a meeting on 3rd June, 2013 with women entrepreneurs and meditation center section headed by Mr. Sohail Lashari, President LCCI. He briefed the house about LCCI mediation centre established with the help of International Finance Cooperation, a member of World Bank Group. He also informed that the centre would be very effective in solving the business disputes of LCCI members amicably. Ms. Rafia Hussain, M/s New World concepts gave a detailed presentation on LCCI Meditation Centre which helped the members in understanding the advantages of the said Centre. 13. CONTD 14. CONTD LCCI from the platform of its S/c on WEDRC in collaboration with CIPE organized a dinner for Regional women training Workshop on Thursday 19th September, 2013 15. CONTD 16. CONTD The said standing committee sent a Proposal to the National Assembly of Pakistan-Policy change at the State Bank level to give loans to women entrepreneurs. It was recommended that a policy should be adopted at the State Bank, federal and provincial level to be followed by all commercial banks where a minimum of 15% to 20% of all borrowing should be dedicated to urban as well as rural women. The condition of collateral in case of women entrepreneurs for up to a loan of Rs 10 million should be on basis of guarantor and beyond that should be on collateral basis. This would be the single most important clause in encouraging the women to approach the bank on their own initiative. 17. CURRENT ACHIEVEMENTS FOR THE YEAR 2013-14MEMBERSHIP DRIVE TO INCREASE WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS AT LCCI Ms. Aasia Saail Khan, Executive Committee Member and Chairperson WEDRC has taken the initiative to increase LCCI women entrepreneurs membership. 23 new members have joined. A meeting was organized on 21st December, 2013 for new and established women entrepreneurs where it was stressed that women are not getting their due importance and in order to have a strong standing it is imperative to strengthen their network and numbers. The women members were encouraged to become LCCI members which would help the new members to keep a strong liaison with the other members and be included in all the activities of LCCI. 18. CONTD In this regard membership department provided all the relevant information about acquiring chambers membership to the new women entrepreneurs. Furthermore, Mr. Kashif Anwar, Vice President LCCI headed the meeting and heard women entrepreneurs problems and suggestions regarding various issues. Some new women entrepreneurs requested for a help desk of FBR to get NTN from LCCI. Mr. Kashif Anwar, Vice President directed the membership department to write letter to FBR to open a facilitation desk in LCCI. Moreover, Mr. Kashif Anwar, Vice President LCCI directed to all departments that all vital information should be sent to women entrepreneurs. Ms. Rubina Taufiq Shah, director TDAP was invited to discuss details on WEXNET exhibition A Big Womens Event in Lahore. The said committee also took another initiative to invite Ms. Shabih-e-Zahra, Punjab head of PMs Loan Scheme for Women, First Women Bank Limited for creating awareness among the women entrepreneurs on Prime Minister new loan scheme. 19. CONTD 20. CONTD Ms. Aasia Saail Khan, Executive Committee Member and Chairperson WEDRC pursued World Bank Project Partners M/s Enclude to choose LCCI in their on going project on the promotion of women entrepreneurs in Pakistan which is funded by the World Bank. In this regard, a team from Enclude and World Bank visited LCCI for in-depth interviews and to discuss possible partnership with the project that Enclude is currently implementing for the World Bank on Wednesday 4th December, 2013 from 10.00am4.00pm at LCCI. 21. CONTD 22. PROPOSED ACTIVITIES FOR THE YEAR 201314 Increasing women entrepreneurs membership at LCCI. Training for women entrepreneurs on Finance & Marketing . Celebrating International womens Day on 8th march, 2014 by organizing an Event followed by 3 day exhibition. The main objective is to educate the women entrepreneurs about their products and techniques of selling their products/services. Preparing a proposal for Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan to exclude the age bar which would give the opportunity to the experienced women entrepreneurs to avail this Loan Scheme. Participating in the WEXNET exhibition Holding one to one session with Ms. Aasia Saail Khan, Chairperson on WEDRC and women entrepreneurs for advice on business related matters.