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  • 1. Women Empowering Women From Tragedy to Triumph

2. Save our Sisters has selected three (of the many) tragediesof women in our world. Highlighting just three providesclear focus and more quantifiable results. 1) Slavery and Sex Trafficking2) Rape as a Weapon3) Death and Childbirth 3. Did you know there are 12.3 Million Slaves in the World TODAY (According the United Nations) Some estimates are as high as 27 Million Slavery in the United States In 1861 at the height of the Transatlantic Slave Trade there were 3.8 Million SlavesExisted for over 100 yearsIn 1865 13t Amendment ended slaveryTook another hundred years until Dr. King launched the civil rights movement (grass roots effort) Sex Trafficking will soon be larger than Drug Trafficking Overwhelming majority are young girls, women, children Trafficking leads to slavery Two million children are forced into prostitution every YEAR 4. How Does it Happen? Girl is stolen by a slave hunter and trafficked Girl is sold by her parents To feed other children (boys) Because parent are told girls will get education Girl goes willingly Thinking they will work as maids in another country Thinking they will be able to send money to family 5. What happens to them? Beaten and Tortured into submission Addicted to Drugs so they will be still When theyre too old they are killed, left to starve, fed to theHyenas Sexual Slavery is a Death Sentence! AIDS rate is as high as 26% in some countries Young Girls are preferred, they have less chance of AIDS Men dont use condoms (education thing) Girls are more likely to contract aids because of tears in skin Virgins are thought to cure Aids Reading: Half the Sky pages 3 5 and 10 6. Biggest Killer of Women Male Violence Of total population of women in the world ages 15 44you are more likely to be maimed or die from maleviolence than from cancer, malaria, traffic accidents andwars combined. 60% of Women experience Violence or Rape World Health Organization reports: most countriesbetween 30%-60% of women had experienced physicalor sexual violence by a husband or boyfriend A third of all women world wide face beatings in the home. 7. Rapes around the Globe Ghana - 21% of women report first time was rape Nigeria - 17% have been raped by age 19 South Africa - 21% have reported being raped by age 15 Arent there Laws? Even if there are laws against rape, they are rarely observed outside the capital Police forces if they exist are often corrupt at worst or at best too few. Reading: Half the Sky page 63 and Page 84 8. One women dies in childbirth every minute But not in the United States..not any more During WW1 (1914 - 1918), more women died in childbirth than American men died in the war. While men went to war women worked the factories Work equals value Value equals vote (in 1919 got the right to vote) Vote equals politicians aware of your problems Infant mortality rate dropped dramatically after 1919 Lifetime risk of an American woman dying due to pregnancy or childbirth is just 1 in 2800 For a woman living in Sub-Saharan Africa the risk is 1 in 16. (Source: World Health Organization, UNICEF and UNFPA 2000) 9. A poor womens problem Caused by childbirth or sexual violence Over 100,000 new fistula cases each year UNFPA (UN Population Fund) reports fund to treat 6.500 Fistula is a hole is torn between the vagina and the bladder or the vagina and the rectum, leaving a women unable to control either urine or feces. Fistula Hospitals Eradicated in western countries at the end of the 19th century Manhattan The Waldorf Astoria Hotel used to be a fistula hospital Reading: Half the Sky page 93 10. No Education Reading and Writing gets them access to the world Education about hygiene, disease prevention, childbirth, healthcare, government and human rights. Higher education leads to decreased birth rate which leaves women to better care for the children they have (education and healthcare). No Value (Monetary or Political) If they dont have a birth certificate, they literally dont count. They cant vote, own property and no one knows if they disappear. No vote equals no value to politicians which means no laws to protect you Education about legal rights and Job Skills allows women to bring money into the house they become an asset Assets are usually protected No Access to Life No internet, cell phone, television, radio, phones, books or magazines No Electricity Energy Poverty of the world has no electricity No Water or Sewage Control No transportation No access to latest inventions, cures, etc. 11. The health and welfare of our women is a global problem, much like the health of ourenvironment it will take all 195 countries of the world working together (andmany already are). The problems we outline are not limited to one country, notlimited to one continent. We just happen to have been born in a very lucky place. Significant social change must address governmental POLICY and those policies must be monitored and enforced. If there is no law against it, it wont be stopped. Policy must be supported with GRASS ROOTS movements (like Save Our Sisters) that support ON THE GROUND charities (like our partner organizations). Each of the countries addressing the specific needs of that region. What is the United States Doing? Currently fund 140 Anti Trafficking Programs in 70 countries US State Department Trafficking in Persons Report led by Hillary Clinton International Violence Against Women Bill $175M annually to prevent honor killings, genital cutting, bride burnings, mass rapes, domestic violence 12. Through awareness, inspiration and compassionSOS - Save Our Sisterspromotes urgent social change for women all over the world.SOS - Save Our Sisters is a non-profit organization that promotes urgent social change for extremely disadvantaged women all over the world. Through activation of small, women- to-women groups, we empower US women with an awareness of vast global injustices to women and girls all over the world.We inspire SOS members to action, and show them how, byimpacting small and seamless changes in their own lives, theyhave the power to significantly change the lives of these other women. And by exemplifying the nature of the human spirit,members can better cultivate compassion within their own children. 13. 1. Join Save Our Sisters 2. Save One Woman 3. Give a Mirco-Loan 4. Upgrade Your Gifts 5. Speak Through Activism 6. Read and Share Books 7. Volunteer for a Vacation 8. Host an in-home SOS Event 14. There is no charge to join Save Our Sisters. SOS does not collect money, rather we generate interest that we strategically direct to well established organizations around the world to ensure we are making the biggest splash with our collective efforts.As demonstrated in the The Three Tragedies of women, there are vast social injustices that impact women and their families around the world. SOS seeks to unite women from the United States with less fortunate women around the world thereby bridging a connection that elevates the life of the women being helped as much as it uplifts the life othe women doing the helping. It's EASY and FREE to Join Save Our Sisters: 1.Enter your information in the form below. You will receive regular updates about SOS projects and initiatives. 2.Review The Eight Triumphs outlined on the How We Do It section, and begin implementing the ones that are within your ability. 3.Host an SOS Awareness Party to spread the message of compassion among your circle of influence. 4.Very Important! Visit our website and post on our message boards to keep us posted on your tactics. This gives new members ideas and keeps current members motivated. www.sos-saveoursisters.com 15. Women for Women International believes that when women are well, sustain an income, are decision-makers, and have strong social networks and safety-nets, they are in a much stronger position to advocate for their rights. This philosophy and our commitment to local leadership builds change and capacity at the grassroots level. Matches One US Women with a Sponsor Woman in a War Torn Country Interactive Giving - Exchange Letters and Photos We want to GO THERE Your Sponsorship of $.89 per day or $27 per Month (one year term) Women who have lost everything and who had little to begin with Multi-phase process of recovery and rehabilitation Teaches education and job skills Helps to improve the rights, freedoms and status of women in her country. Works in 8 War Torn Countries the WFWI works with Africa - Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Nigeria and Rwanda Europe Bosnia, Herzegovina, Kosovo Middle East(ish) Iraq, Afghanistanwww.womenforwomen.org 16. Microfinance connects investors (like you) with real life entrepreneurs around the world 98% of loans are paid back Earn 5% rate of return on your money Loans that change lives Some people are a few dollars away from changing their lives Basket weaving business in Ghana or a grocery store in Paraguay View a list of Projects (with pictures) that need funding Interactive Giving Follow Progress with online updates Join SOS Kiva Team You can select and fund your own projects SOS hopes to raise $5,000 in 2010 Visit www.kiva.org Go to "My Portfolio Page" and create a free KIVA account. Under "My Teams" search for team "SOS-Save Our Sisters" and join the team. Please be sure you join the SOS team before you donate, when you check out (My Basket) you will see SOS- Save Our Sisters on your receipt. www.kiva.org 17. Average US woman spends $2,200 a year on gifts Shop Global Girlfriend for Unique Gifts Jewelry, purses, scarves, clothing, beauty items Unique and inexpensive Cheap Shipping Hand made items made from women around the world Women working through cooperative organizations to raise money to support their families Interactive giving Each item has a bio and picture of the women who han