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Garden Gloves and Hats Wholesale

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  • Quality Innovation Style FitCelebrating 25 years as a woman owned business.

    WomansworkDesigned for the Way Women Work.

    Wholesale Catalog

  • 2 Womanswork . Wholesale Catalog Call Us Toll Free: 800 . 639 . 2709

    Manswork GlovesThese gloves are shaped and sized for a mans hands. Made with strong synthetic leather on the palm and cool, breathable spandex on the back of the hand. The palm is padded and stress points are doubly reinforced. A velcro wrist closure gives the gloves a snug fit. Machine washable.Available in mens sizes M, L, XL.Item 325: Manswork Glove/Dark Gray

    Item 326: Manswork Glove/Orange

    Family Gardening Womanswork Kidswork Manswork

    Now every member of the family can garden with gloves made just for them!

    The Womanswork Story Were a woman-owned family business and for 25 years weve been creating work gloves designed to fit a womans hands.

    This is whats important to women:

    Good fit: women tend to have narrower hands and longer fingers than men (women dont want downsized mens gloves!) Durability around the fingertips, because we tend to use our fingertips for digging in the garden. Convenience of machine washable and fast drying materials. Attractive colors and styling, from a womans point of view. All of our styles for gloves, hats and other accessories are Womanswork Originals. To learn more about us view our video at www.womanswork.com.

    Womanswork 3 Generations: Dorian Rogers Winslow, Owner (at right),

    with her mother, Biz Rogers and niece Caitlyn Rogers.

    Above: Jon and Monica Rogers with Julia & Mallory Rogers, Vermont

    Kidswork GlovesNatural cotton gloves have faux leather patches for extra reinforcement. On the back of the hand is printed a variation on the Womanswork theme: Kidswork. Kids Building A Gentle World. On the back of the cuff weve printed My Name Is... so kids can write in their name. Machine washable. Available in two sizes: Small for kids 3-5 years old; and Large for kids 6-10 years old. Item 305: Kidswork Cotton Glove

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    The Digger Garden GloveDig all you want. Fingertips wont break through. Our Womanswork exclusive Digger glove is doubly reinforced at the fingertips of each finger and thumb, so they hold up to hard use, yet keep looking good even after repeated washings. The palm is lightly padded for extra durability and a longer cuff with Velcro wrist closure keeps soil out of gloves. Our colorful spandex top combined with machine washable synthetic leather palms make this a versatile, multi-task garden and work glove thats remarkably lightweight and comfortable to wear. Available in womens sizes S, M, L.Item 502: Hot Pink

    Item 504: Lime Green

    Item 506: Periwinkle Purple

    Item 508: Teal Blue

    New SyntheticsTough As Leather Great Fitting Machine Washable

    Colorful gloves and colorfulpackaging add to the dynamic point of sale presentation of The Digger gloves.

    Fingertips and palm are reinforced with Toughtek

    High Performance GlovesCustomers love our lightweight synthetic work glove. Fingertips and palms are reinforced with Toughtek patches that hold up to the most abrasive activity and provide excellent grip when wetor dry. Additional light padding on the palm adds protection. On the back of the glove is a ventilation panel that wicks moisture away from the hand. A carabiner clips through rings in the sides of the gloves to keep them close at hand. Machine washable. Available in womens sizes S, M, L.Item 802: Pale Peach

    Item 804: Aqua

    Item 806: Pale Lime

    Doubly reinforced fingertips and padded palm

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    Dipped Gloves Candy colored Waterproof Great Grip

    Nitrile Weeding GlovesThese ultra light, form fitting gloves offer the ultimate in finger feel and grip. Great for pulling small weeds by their roots. Keep them handy for indoor gardening as well. We take breathable nylon gloves and dip them in a nitrile (non-latex rubber) coating. Look for the Womanswork logo and our exclusive color palette. Machine washable. Available in womens sizes S, M, L.380y: Yellow

    380lav: Lavender

    380lim: Green

    Bog GlovesOur Bog Glove is perfect for working in wet conditions. A cotton knit glove is dipped in latex to coat fingers and palm, allowing the top of the hand to breathe. Latex is thorn resistant and provides excellent grip for handling tools. Precurved fingers are designed for comfort. Machine washable. Available in womens sizes S, M, L.Item 390: Green

    Item 390y: Moonbeam Yellow

    Item 390r: Peony Red

    Item 390p: Periwinkle Purple

    Womanswork Hip HolsterThis sturdy holster holds essential gardening tools while you work. Pockets are made with open weave nylon mesh (with a wire core for durability) designed to shed water and resist mildew. Adjustable belt has quick release buckle. Black with lime green accents.46:Hip Holster

    Reusable Shopping BagOur 100% cotton bag has the same dimensions as a grocery bag. Woven nylon shoulder straps are sturdy. Machine washable.250:Shopping Bag

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    Sun HatsUPF 30 Plus Adjustable Fit Flattering to Women

    Raffia Hat with RibbonThis flattering hat has a wide downturned brim and a forest green ribbon that ties in back. Made of 100% raffia, which is better quality than typical straw because it is flexible and doesnt crack or fade in the sun. The crown is lined inside with a soft stretchy cotton band for comfort and fit. One size fits most. UPF rating 50+. Item 296: Raffia Hat with Ribbon

    Gardeners Sun HatThis classic hat with wide upturned brim is made of 100% raffia, which is stronger than typical straw and will not dry out or split in the sun. A soft cotton stretch band lining the inside of the crown gives our hats a more comfortable fit. This hat comes with an adjustable leather chin cord. One size fits most. UPF rating 35. Item 275: Gardeners Sun Hat

    Raffia Hat with Brim Down100% raffia is used for this stylish wide brimmed sun hat. Our signature cotton stretch band lines the inside of the crown making this a very comfortable hat that stays snugly in place. Natural raffia tie can be tightened to adjust the fit of the hat. Blocks more than 95% of UVA and UVB rays. One size fits most. Item 273: Raffia Hat with Brim Down

    Rancher HatsOur popular Rancher style hat is made of 100% cotton with a chin cord, ventilation holes and side snaps. Fully lined with a three inch top-stitched brim. Completely crushable. Comes in Lake Blue and Khaki with contrasting embroidered logo. One size fits most. UPF rating 50+.Item 280: Khaki

    Item 282: Lake Blue

    All Womanswork raffia hats have our signature cotton stretch band lining the inside of the crown for extra comfort and fit.

    All Womanswork hats block more than 95% of UVA & UVB rays.

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    Paisley CollectionThis Womanswork original print holds its vibrancy even after repeated washings. The cotton sateen fabric has a touch of lycra for an added bit of stretchy comfort.

    Raffia Sun Hat with Paisley Band: Our classic sun hat has been updated with a wide paisley print band and generous bow. UPF rating 35.

    Paisley Cotton Sun Hat: This sun hat is lined throughout in cotton. Can be worn with the brim down for maximum shade or brim curled up. One size fits most. UPF rating 30.

    Paisley Gauntlet Garden Gloves: The palm on this eye-catching glove is made of Micro Suede, a lightweight yet durable synthetic leather. Along the cuff we added a stretchy pull cord for tightening the glove around shirt sleeves. Machine washable. Item 278: Raffia Sun Hat with Paisley band and bow

    Item 285: Paisley Cotton Sun Hat

    Item 703: Paisley Gauntlet Garden Glove (Sizes S, M, L)

    Flower CollectionChoose our original Rose Pattern print on a pale yellow polka dot background, or our Black and White Floral print. Sun hats have a stylish knot that can be tightened or loosened for an adjustable fit. Gauntlet gloves have synthetic leather palms and a stretchy pull cord at the cuff. Item 283: Rose Pattern Cotton Sun Hat with Tie

    Item 709: Rose Pattern Gauntlet Gloves

    Item 289: Black & White Floral Sun Hat with Tie

    Item 706: Black & White Floral Gauntlet Gloves

    Fun Gloves, Hats & Garden WheelsSuper Fun gifts for gardening women.

    Garden WheelsThese colorful garden planning wheels are designed for the new gardener. Weatherproof plastic disks are packed front and back with planning and planting tips. Plants are arranged by height and wheels can be turned to visualize a 3-tiered garden. All plants are suitable for USDA Zones 4 to 8. Varieties include Vegetable, Perennial, Annual, Shade and Herb Garden Wheels. Size: 10-1/2 diameter. See order form for details.

    Colorful packaging makes the Garden Wheels easy to


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    Leather Collection Buttery Soft Top Grain Molds To Your Hands

    Gardeners Goatskin GloveOur creamy soft leather is lanolin-infused for a glove that looks and feels sensational! Slim fitting with a tawny suede cuff, these top grain goatskin gloves are 100% breathable and lightweight. A favorite in the garden for lighter chores. Hand wash. Available in womens S, M, L, XL.Item 350: Goatskin Glove (Made in USA)

    Leather Stretch GloveThis glove sets a new standard in ergonomics and comfort. On the palm side of the glove we use a high tech sports glove leather that provides dexterity and gripping control even in hot, wet conditions. Leather dries soft and stays soft. The back of the hand is lightweight spandex for maximum flexibility. Available in womens S, M, L.Item 400: Chrysanthemum Red

    Item 402: Olive Green

    Rose Gauntlet GloveOur elbow length rose glove starts with the best top grain pigskin leather. Then we brush it to a suede finish for softness. Its soft, supple and highly thorn resistant. Recommended by rose growers. Hand wash. Available in womens S, M, L.Item 373: Rose Gauntlet Glove

    Womanswork Original Work GloveThis heavy duty work glove is made with the same top grain leather we use for our Rose Gauntlet glove. This glove has a padded palm and is ideal for jobs requiring both hand dexterity and protection. Available in womens S, M, L, XL.Item 310: Original Work Glove

    Other Leather FavoritesTop grain (smooth) cowhide makes our Heavy Duty Cowhide glove one of the most durable work gloves designed for women. Repels tough briars like a cows skin. Our soft, supple Deerskin Glove is thorn resistant and great for everyday gardening chores. They are not as tough as the cow and pigskin, but they are a delight to work in. The Womanswork logo is gently embossed on the back of the hand of both the cowhide and deerskin gloves. Hand wash. Available in womens S, M, L, XL.Item 316:Heavy Duty Cowhide Glove (Made in USA)

    Item 366:Deerskin Glove (Made in USA)

    Womanswork leather gloves are hand washable in cool water with a light detergent suitable for natural fibers. Air dry slowly.

  • Celebrating 26 years of Womanswork 1985 - 2011

    P.O. Box 728 Pawling, NY 12564 1.800.639.2709www.womanswork.com

    The Womanswork Credo (Then and Now): We believe in talking to our customers 365 days of the year. We ask How can we make our products even better?

    We believe in the importance of a good fitting, functional and stylish work glove for women.

    We stand by our products. We will replace any product that does not live up to reasonable expectations.

    We want to make it easy for our customers to buy our products. We offer low minimums and smaller case packs.

    We want to make it easy for our customers to sell our products. We offer exciting packaging and merchandising solutions.

    2000 - 2004 Womanswork develops its first wholesale catalog. The product line is expanded to include synthetic gloves and a full line of sun hats.

    2009 - 2011Womanswork goes multimedia with a video, website and blog. Womanswork continues to fill the niche for a better quality, better fitting line of womens work and garden gloves and hats.

    1985The Original Womanswork glove is introduced as the first work glove created exclusively for women. A mail order catalog is launched.

    Family Center Glove Display Swiveling Hat Display

    (See details on Order Form)

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    Family Center Glove Display

    Ship To:_______________________________________ Toll Free: 800-639-2709/ Fax: 845-855-2636

    Company _____________________________________ http://www.womanswork.com/wholesale.php

    Address ______________________________________ Ship Date: ________________

    City __________________State_______Zip_____________ PO# ____________________

    Phone _____________________________ Email _______________________________________

    Item # Description Case Pack Dealer Price ($) # cases by Size Total

    ($ per pair) S M L

    Women's Nitrile Weeding Gloves (S, M, L -- sized for women)

    380y Nitrile Weeding Glove (Pale Yellow) 6 3.95

    380lim Nitrile Weeding Glove (Green) NEW! 6 3.95380lav Nitrile Weeding Glove (Lavender) 6 3.95

    Women's Latex Dipped Bog Gloves (S, M, L )

    390gr Bog Glove (Green)-- Size Large Out of Stock 6 3.95

    390r Bog Glove (Peony Red) 6 3.95

    390y Bog Glove (Moonbeam Yellow) 6 3.95

    390p Bog Glove (Purple) --Sizes Small and Large Out of Stock 6 3.95

    Women's Micro Suede "Digger" Gloves (S, M, L -- sized for women)

    502 Pink "Digger" Garden Glove 4 10.45

    504 Bright Green "Digger" Garden Glove 4 10.45

    506 Periwinkle Blue "Digger" Garden Glove 4 10.45

    508 Teal Blue "Digger" Garden Glove 4 10.45

    Women's Performance Work Gloves w ToughTek Reinforcements (S, M, L -- sized for women)

    802 Peach Work Glove 4 12.45

    804 Aqua Work Glove 4 12.45

    806 Pale Lime Work Glove 4 12.45

    Women's Gauntlet Gloves with Buckle (S, M, L -- sized for women)

    703 Multi-Colored Paisley Gauntlet Glove with Micro Suede palm 4 13.95

    709 Rose Pattern Gauntlet Glove with Micro Suede Palm 4 13.95

    Women's Classic Leather Gloves (Sized for women)

    310 Original Womanswork Pigskin Work Glove (S, M, L) 4 15.95

    316 Heavy Duty Cowhide Work Glove (S, M, L, XL) (Not Pictured) 4 15.95

    350 Gardener's Goatskin Glove with Tawny Cuff (S, M, L, XL) 4 15.95

    366 Deerskin Glove (S, M, L, XL) (Not Pictured) 4 19.45

    373 Rose Gauntlet Glove (Pigskin brushed to a suede finish) (S, M,L, XL) 4 19.95

    400 Stretch Glv with Ultra Touch Pittards Leather Palm --Red (S,M,L) 4 15.95

    402 Stretch Glv with Ultra Touch Pittards Leather Palm --Olive Green 4 15.95

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    Item # Description Case Pack Dealer Price ea. ($) # cases by Size Total

    Kidswork Cotton Gloves (small: 3-5 years old; Lg: 6-9 years old)

    305 Kidswork Cotton Glove with faux leather patches (6 Sm/6 Lg per cs) 12 5.95

    Women's Winter Gloves (lined with Thinsulate for warmth) (S, M, L -- sized for women)316ti Heavy Duty Cowhide Glove with Thinsulate Lining (Not Pictured) 4 17.35

    Manswork Gloves (M, L, XL --sized for men)

    325 Manswork Microsuede Stretch Work Glove (Dark Gray) 4 12.95

    326 Manswork Microsuede Stretch Work Glove (Orange) 4 12.95

    336 Men's Heavy Duty Cowhide Leather Work Glove (Not Pictured) 4 16.95

    Womanswork Hats --sized for women; one size fits most ($ each) # cases Total

    273 Raffia Hat with brim down and Natural Raffia Tie NEW! 6 17.25

    275 Natural Raffia Sun Hat with brim curled up and Leather chin cord 6 16.25

    278 Natural Raffia Sun Hat with brim curled up and Paisley Bow 6 17.25

    296 Natural Raffia Hat with Brim Down and Forest Green Ribbon 6 17.25

    280/282 Cotton Rancher Hat with chin cord (Lake Blue(280); Khaki(282)) 6 10.50

    285 Paisley Floppy Sun Hat 6 14.50

    289 Black & White Floral Cotton Sun Hat with Tie 6 14.95

    290,293 Baseball Caps (Periwinkle Blue, Pink )-- (Not Pictured) 6 7.50

    Other Products Case Pack Dealer Price ($) # cases Total

    250 Canvas Eco Tote Bag (Dimensions are same as a standard grocery bag) 12 6.95

    255 Paisley Garden Bag (16"W X 14"H (not including handles) X 6"D at the ba 6 15.95

    46 Womanswork Hip Holster --OUT OF STOCK 6 9.75

    100 Womanswork T-shirt: Celery, Coral, Blue (M, L) --3 M, 3 Lg per 6 11.40

    610 Garden Wheels. Circle your choices and write in case quantities: 10 4.25

    Perennial ( ), Annual ( ), Herb ( ), Vegetable ( ), Bulb ( ), Shade ( ), Wild Bird ( ), Trial Pack (2 each of Perennial, Annual, Herb, Bulb, Vegetable)

    Womanswork Glove Sizing:1. Measure the circumference of hand (around the knuckles)2. Measure the length of middle finger

    Circumference Finger Length Glove Size

    6 1/2" - 7" 2 1/2" -3" Smal l

    7"- 7 1/2" 3" - 3 1/4" Medium

    7 1/2" - 8" 3" - 3 1/2" Large

  • Shop Online at www.Womanswork.com Wholesale Catalog . Womanswork 11

    Displays and Pre-Packs --Packed with our favorite items in Assorted Sizes Dealer Price ($) Quantity TOTALFCGD Two-Sided Family Center Glove Display with wheels -- 1 1973.40

    Custom Wire Floor Display rack with wheels and 4-color signage.Includes the following gloves: 502 (4S,4M,4L); 504 (4S,4M,4L); 506 (4S,4M,4L); 508 (4S,4M,4L); 802 (4S,4M,4L); 804 (4S,4M,4L); 806 (4S,4M,4L); 703 (2S,2M,2L); 400 (2S, 2M, 2L); 390gr (6S,6M,6L); 390y (6S,6M,6L); 390p (6S,6M,6L); 390r (6S, 6M, 6L); 380y (6S,6M,6L); 380lav (6S,6M,6L); 380lime (6S, 6M, 6L); 326 (4S,4M,4L); 305 (6S, 6L) 373 (2S, 2M, 2L) Total: 252 prs.

    OSFC One-Sided Family Center Glove Sampler with Display-- 1 1081.30Custom standing wire floor display with 4-color signage. Includes the following gloves: 502 (2S,2M,2L); 504 (2S,2M,2L); 506 (2S,2M,2L); 508 (2S, 2M, 2L); 804 (4S,4M,4L); 806 (4S,4M,4L); 380y (6S,6M,6L); 380lav(6S,6M,6L); 390gr (6S,6M); 390p (6S,6M); 326 (4L, 4XL);

    FCGD 305 (6S, 6L); 373 (2S, 2M, 2L) Total: 134 prs.QTWD Quick Turn Swivel Floor Display Prepack 1 1039.80

    Fast turning gloves with retails under $10 and $20. Includes Bog Glvs,Nitrile Weeding Gloves and Micro Suede "Digger" Garden Gloves inquantities: 502/504/508 (4S,4M,4L--in 3 colors); 390gr/390y/390r/390p(6S,12M,6L--in 4 colors); and 380y/380lime/380lav (6S,12M,6L--in 3 colors) Total: 204 prs.

    MSP Micro Suede "Digger" Garden Glove Prepack 1 668.80Prepack includes 64 pairs of best selling Micro Suede "Digger"Garden Gloves. 502/504/506/508 (4S,8M,4L--in all 4 colors).Total: 64 prs. Without display.

    HATD Standing Hat Floor Display Prepack 1 589.20Custom spinning wire rack with 4-color sign and mirror. Includes thesehats: 275 (6); 278 (3); 296 (3); 280 (3); 282 (3); 273 (6); 285 (6);

    291 (3); 293 (3); 289 (6). Total: 42 hats

    HATD CS380 Nitrile Weeding Glove Clip Strips 142.20380y (6S, 6M, 6L); 380lav (6S, 6M, 6L) Total: 36 prs gloves

    Terms and Conditions of Sale:

    1) Minimum Order size is $150.

    2) Case Packs: Customers must adhere to case pack minimums for opening orders. We will break case packs on reorders on request.

    3) New accounts please include prepayment by check or credit card. We are pleased to offer Net 30 terms with 3 credit references.

    Ordering Womanswork Products is Easy!Order Online at: www.womanswork.com/wholesale.php

    Set up an online account and we will approve you as a wholesale customer within 1 business day. The next time you sign in you will have access to wholesale prices, special promotions and merchandising materials. Or call us at 1-800-639-2709 to speak with us directly.

    Womanswork is everywhere you want us to be!Our website is at www.womanswork.comOur blog is at http://womanswork.com/garden-gloves-blog/Our Facebook page is at http://www.facebook.com/WomansworkWe exhibit at Trade Shows nationwide. Call 1-800-639-2709 for our show schedule.We also sell our products through national lawn and garden distributors, including these companies.

  • 12 Womanswork . Wholesale Catalog Call Us Toll Free: 800 . 639 . 2709

    UPC# ITEM# ITEM DESCRIPTION UPC# ITEM# ITEM DESCRIPTION632891390009 390S Bog Glove Green Small 632891366011 366S Deerskin Pr. Small632891390016 390M Bog Glove Green Medium 632891366028 366M Deerskin Pr. Medium632891390023 390L Bog Glove Green Large 632891366035 366L Deerskin Pr. Large632891390108 390r S Bog Glove Red Small 632891366042 366XL Deerskin Pr. X-Large632891390115 390r M Bog Glove Red Medium 632891373019 373S Rose Gauntlet Pigskin Small632891390122 390r L Bog Glove Red Large 632891373026 373M Rose Gauntlet Pigskin Med.632891390207 390y S Bog Glove Yellow Small 632891373033 373L Rose Gauntlet Pigskin Large632891390214 390y M Bog Glove Yellow Medium 632891373040 373XL Rose Gauntlet Pigskin X-Large632891390221 390y L Bog Glove Yellow Large 632891400012 400S Red Stretch Glove w Leather Palm Small632891390306 390p S Bog Glove Purple Small 632891400029 400M Red Stretch Glove w Leather Palm Medium632891390313 390p M Bog Glove Purple Medium 632891400036 400L Red Stretch Glove w Leather Palm Large632891390320 390p L Bog Glove Purple Large--OUT OF STOCK 632891402016 402S Olive Stretch Glove w Leather Palm Small632891380000 380yS Nitrile Weeding Glove PaleYellow Small 632891402023 402M Olive Stretch Glove w Leather Palm Medium632891380017 380yM Nitrile Weeding Glove PaleYellow Med 632891402030 402L Olive Stretch Glove w Leather Palm Large632891380024 380yL Nitrile Weeding Glove Pale Yellow Large 632891305003 305S Kidswork Cotton Glove Small (Age 3-5)632891380079 380limS Nitrile Weeding Glove Green Small 632891305027 305L Kidswork Cotton Glove Large (Age 6-10)632891380086 380limM Nitrile Weeding Glove Green Medium 632891356111 356S LINED Blk Deerskin Small632891380093 380limL Nitrile Weeding Glove Green Large 632891356128 356M LINED Blk Deerskin Medium632891380208 380lavS Nitrile Weeding Glove Lavender Small 632891356135 356L LND Blk Deerskin Large632891380215 380lavM Nitrile Weeding Glove Lavender Med 632891316115 316tiS LINED Cowhide Small--OUT OF STOCK632891380222 380lavL Nitrile Weeding Glove Lavender Large 632891316122 316tiM LINED Cowhide Medium632891502013 502S Pink Stretch Glove Small 632891316139 316tiL LINED Cowhide Large632891502020 502M Pink Stretch Glove Medium 632891325025 325M Manswork MicroSuede Stretch Gray Medium632891502037 502L Pink Stretch Glove Large 632891325032 325L Manswork MicroSuede Stretch Gray Lg632891504017 504S Green Stretch Glove Small 632891325049 325XL Manswork MicroSuede Stretch Gray XL632891504024 504M Green Stretch Glove Medium 632891326022 326M Manswork MicroSuede Stretch Orange Medium632891504031 504L Green Stretch Glove Large 632891326039 326L Manswork MicroSuede Stretch Orange Lg632891506011 506S Periwinkle Stretch Glove Small 632891326046 326XL Manswork MicroSuede Stretch Orange XL632891506028 506M Periwinkle Stretch Glove Medium 632891335021 336M Men's Cowhide Medium632891506035 506L Periwinkle Stretch Glove Large 632891336038 336L Men's Cowhide Large632891508015 508S Teal Stretch Glove Small 632891336045 336XL Men's Cowhide X-Lg.632891508022 508M Teal Stretch Glove Medium 632891273005 273 Raffia Hat with Brim Down and Raffia Tie632891508039 508L Teal Stretch Glove Large 632891275009 275 Gardener's Natural Raffia Sun Hat632891802014 802S High Performance Glove Peach Small 632891278000 278 Raffia Sun Hat with Paisley Bow632891802021 802M High Performance Glove Peach Medium 632891296004 296 Raffia Sun Hat with Brim Down and Green Ribbon632891802038 802L High Performance Glove Peach Large 632891280003 280 Rancher Hat Lake Blue632891804018 804S High Performance Glove Aqua Small 632891282007 282 Rancher Hat Khaki632891804025 804M High Performance Glove Aqua Medium 632891283004 283 Rose Pattern Cotton Sun Hat w Tie--OUT OF STOCK632891804032 804L High Performance Glove Aqua Large 632891285008 285 Floppy Paisley Sun Hat632891806012 806S High Performance Glove Pale Lime Small 632891286005 286 Paisley Bucket Hat632891806029 806M High Performance Glove Pale Lime Medium 632891289006 289 Black &White Floral Cotton Sun Hat w Tie632891806036 806L High Performance Glove Pale Lime Large 632891291009 291 Periwinkle Blue Baseball Cap632891703014 703S Paisley Gauntlet w/ Micro Suede Small 632891293003 293 Pink Baseball Cap632891703021 703M Paisley Gauntlet w/ Micro Suede Medium 632891250006 250 Womanswork Eco Grocery Bag632891703038 703L Paisley Gauntlet w/ Micro Suede Large 632891255001 255 Paisley Garden Bag632891709016 709S Rose Gauntlet Glove w/Micro Suede Small 632891257005 257 Rose Pattern Garden Bag632891709023 709M Rose Gauntlet Glove w/Micro Suede Medium 632891100127 100hb T-shirt hyacinth blue (assort.sizes)632891709030 709L Rose Gauntlet Glove w/Micro Suede Large 632891100011 100co T-shirt coral (assorted sizes)632891706015 706S Black & White Gauntlet w/ Micro Suede Small 632891100134 100cel T-shirt celery (assorted sizes)632891706022 706M Black & White Gauntlet w/ Micro Suede Med 632891460009 46 Hip Holster Bright Green--OUT OF STOCK632891706039 706L Black & White Gauntlet w/ Micro Suede Large 632891470008 47 Half Apron paisley632891310014 310S Original Glove Pr. Small 632891470015 47a Half Apron black & white632891310021 310M Original Glove Pr. Medium 632891531983 610AG Annual Garden Wheel

    632891310038 310L Original Glove Pr.Large 632891135891 610PG Perennial Garden Wheel

    632891310045 310XL Original Glove Pr. X-Large--OUT OF STOCK 632891985311 610HG Herb Garden Wheel

    632891316016 316S Cowhide Pr. Small 632891931721 610SG Shade Garden Wheel

    632891316023 316M Cowhide Pr.Medium 632891211113 610VG Vegetable Garden Wheel

    632891316030 316L Cowhide Pr. Large 632891123577 610FB Bulb Garden Wheel

    632891316047 316XL Cowhide Pr. X-Large 095501107402 600 Wild Bird Wheel

    632891350010 350S Cuffed Goatskin Pr. Small 632891654569 610TP Garden Wheel Trial Pack

    632891350027 350M Cuffed Goatskin Pr. Medium632891350034 350L Cuffed Goatskin Pr. Large

    632891350041 350XL Cuffed Goatskin Pr. X-Lg 1-800-639-2709