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Dying Earth - Global Warning A presentation by Vijay laxmi Student of WLC College India (WLCI College).


  • 1.Global warming is the increase of earths average surface temperature due to effectof greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossils fuels orfrom deforestation, which trap heat that would otherwise escape from earth .Global warming affects us all besides disturbing the natural balance of environment.

2. DRYLAND 3. The one of the major problem of global warming is dry land, not in India aswell as all over the country are facing this problem because theindustrialization. World climate is going through a significant changes by dayby day. Rapid growth of population and unplanned industries causes globalwarming. The effects of global warming are very dangerous for our existence .Agriculture being badly damaged because of dry land . The trees as being cutand the forest as being destroyed for making the land in use for makingfactories , building etc. these causes global warming . Due to deforestation therainfall become low and highly variable which result in uncertain crop yields.The one reason of also dry land are using chemicals in heavily way by whichthe land are losing their fertility because of uses of chemicals make the land drybecause they loss their moisture and become dry, which causes the problem ofall living beings. Dry land are not only thirsty, hungry too. We can make the soilfertile by increased there fertility, but there is extensive use of chemicalsfertilizers due to lack of adequate soil moisture.All these are some reason which makes the land dry and make them dry land, ifwe want we dont face this problem in our future we have to make our presentbetter so just please SAVE TREES AND SAVE LAND. 4. THEWORSTCONDITIONOFLAND 5. HOPEINDRY LAND 6. Dry land besides being water deficient are characterized by high evaporationrates, exceptionally high day temperature during summer, low humidity andhigh run off and soil erosion. The soil of such areas are often found to besaline and low in fertility. As water is the most important factor of cropproduction, inadequacy and uncertainty of rainfall often causes partial orfailure of the crops, thus the life of both human being and cattle becomesdifficult. The trees has been cut the forest has been destroy for the rapidlygrowing of industrialization the agricultural land become unfertile due tolack of water because the rainfall low and highly variable which result inuncertain crop yields because water is the most important factor to keep theland fertile. This problem effects all of us life and if we want to get rid ofthis serious problem of our life all of us have to plant at least one plant tomake our land green and we also have to use less chemicals which badlyeffects the soil for making it dry use those chemicals which increase thefertility of soil these are the some solution by which we can stop the land formaking it dry. 7. Thank youAdmission open for MBA Courses, Fashion andDesign Courses.For more information and Free prospectus VisitWLCI website :www.wlci.in