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Wireframe windows8.1

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Wireframing toolkitThis deck has everything you need to quickly mock up wireframes for your apps. Use the provided templates to get started.

The second section has all the standard controls youll need. Just copy and paste to your new file, or add slides at the end of this deck and delete unnecessary slides when youre done.

All the controls are editable so you can change color and text as needed. ContentsGrid landing pageHub page 8.0Grid item detail pageGrid group detail pageHub page 8.1Grid vertical scroll

Controls:App barCheck boxesContext menusCollection (image gallery)Command button linkDate/time pickerApp dialogFlipperIn-app search/search with focusFlyoutsInline errorsMedia playerMessage barMessage dialogNav barPassword boxesProgress ringsPush buttonsRatingsRadio buttonsScroll controlSlidersText boxesToggle buttonsToggle menuToggle switchTooltips

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