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  • 8/2/2019 Winston-Salem Squadron - Mar 2004


    Semper Vigilans-Always Vigilant

    Steve Bagby, Capt. Signing


    Commanders CornerSteve Bagby, Capt., CAP

    Civil Air Patrol Sponsors 5

    Encampment Applica- 6

    For SaleCalendar May-04


    Mission Recaps 8

    Death Benefits for CAPmembers


    Cook out & Clean up.. 10&11


    This is the second installment ofour new newsletter, so if youare a returning reader, thanks forreturning! If this is your firsttime, then WELCOME! I hopeyou will find it informative andentertaining as well. A LOT ofhard work goes into this eachmonth, so please, when you seethe editor, Major Norm Noah andhis assistant, C/Capt Amie Kauf-mann please give them a heart-felt THANK YOU! for all theyare doing. I know I do!

    It has been a busy month for thesquadron! First, I would like towelcome our new deputy com-

    mander of cadets, 2dLt NormPotter. Lt Potter has graciouslyaccepted to fill the position, va-cated by Capt Don Dillingham,who has decided it was time tomove on to other things. I wouldlike to thank Capt Dillingham forhis years of hard work and ser-vice to our squadron and the

    cadet program. Under his direc-tion, the program and the squad-ron have earned several awardsand notable accomplishments

    over the years, and with Lt Pot-ters leadership, I am sure wewill continue the forward mo-mentum! Good luck, Lt Potter!

    As you will read under the ESsection, we were involved with afew missions as well. I mustadmit, its not easy to get out ofthe warm bed at 2 in the AM torespond to a mission, but this ispart of what CAP is all about,and it is a gratifying feeling to beable to put to use all the trainingyou have received for the cause.

    Not to mention that you may behelping to save a life or two! Mythanks to Lt Brock for all hiswork in getting our ES depart-ment up to snuff!

    We also had a building spruce-up last month, as you will see.

    My thanks to all those that cameout to lend a hand and especiallyto Major Noah for spearheadingthis project. Take special note ofthe front of the building when youcome in

    Thats all from me for thismonth.happy reading and staySAFE!

    Semper VI !

    Capt Bagby

    82nd Update

    W I N S T O N - S A L E M C O M P O S I T E S U A D R O N March 16th 2004

    Volume 1, Issue 3

    Special points ofinterest:

    NC-082 Senior Mem-

    ber meeting is the


    pm at the Squadron


    Cadets meet 1st &

    2nd Thursday at the

    Terminal; 3rd 4th and

    5th Thursday at the

    Squadron Building


    Who we are.. 2

    MER Conference 2002Essay Contest


    Make a Kit 3

    ROA-Basic Class 3

    3rd Annual Basic GroundTeam School


    Goodyear Aviation part-ners with Civil Air Patrol


    Inside this issue:

    choice and will be graded on-lineimmediately after you complete it.Based on my experience, I recom-mend you allow at least an hour ormore for this.

    The AEO specialty track tests are25 questions each. These requireaccess to the CAP reg. and to theAEO specialty track pamphlet.

    Aerospace Education tests now online!Reported by: 1stLt. Steve Mann, Wing Internal AEO

    You no longer have to wait forsomeone to schedule an AE testfor you!

    Both the Aerospace EducationProgram for Senior Members(AEPSM) leading to the YeagerAward and the Aerospace Educa-tion Specialty Track tests forTechnician, Senior and MasterLevels are available for you totake at your leisure.

    The web address is:

    These tests may be taken openbook and there is no time limit.

    All senior members should pur-sue the AEPSM. The text,AEROSPACE: THE JOURNEYOF FLIGHT, is available fromCAP mart for less than $20. Thetest is 100 question multiple

  • 8/2/2019 Winston-Salem Squadron - Mar 2004


    United States Air Force AuxiliaryCivil Air Patrol

    Civil Air Patrol, the official AirForce auxiliary, is a nonprofitorganization with almost62,000 members nationwide.

    It performs 95% of continentalU.S. inland search and rescuemissions as tasked by the AirForce Rescue CoordinationCenter.

    Volunteers also perform home-land security, disaster relief andcounterdrug missions at the

    request of federal, state andlocal agencies.

    The members take a leadingrole in aerospace educationand serve as mentors to thealmost 27,000 young peoplecurrently participating in CAPcadet programs.

    CAP has been performing mis-sions for America for morethan 60 years.

    Civil Air Patrol New

    Command Patch

    Who we are..

    Sabrina Rogers - DE Wing

    WINNERS received $50.00

    Cadet Travis Ahrens of Dela-

    ware Wing who stated he wasdonating the prize money to hissquadron.

    Senior Member Mitsy Murchin-son of North Carolina Wing.


    The winning essay's will be putup on the MER website.

    Lt Col Bonnie Braun

    MER Chief of Staff

    MER Conference 2002 Essay


    MER Conference: October 24,2003 to October 26, 2003

    Contact Name: Lt Col BonnieBraunEmail: [email protected] South Park, RichmondVA.

    I want to thank all the partici-pants of the MER essay contest.

    We received essay's from thefollowing CAP members:

    Lt Col Jett Mayhew - MD Wing

    Lt Col Amanda Anderson -MER SM Mitsy Murchison -NC Wing

    2nd Lt Dan Wishnietsky - NC


    Cadet Captain Trey Zill - NC


    Cadet Travis Ahrens - DEWing Cadet Airman 1st ClassValisa Tyler - SC Wing CadetMichael Stevens - MD WingCadet Chief Master SergeantKate Lamneck - VA Wing Ca-det 2nd Lieutenant DanielMiedzinski - MD Wing Ca-det/AM Vernon Rogers and SM

    82nd Update Volume 1, Issue 3

    Capt. Petting and 2ndLt Orgain both have

    wired the Building for a Local Area Network

    (LAN) to be setup in the near future.

    Page 2

    MER Conference 2002 Essay Contest

    1stLt Bill Smith has been

    busy on the building,

    hes put in ceiling tile,

    carpet and here we catch

    him working on the

    HVAC unit (were going

    to be glad when warm

    weather gets here.

    Thanks Lt. Smith!!

  • 8/2/2019 Winston-Salem Squadron - Mar 2004


    1stLt Ray Dehart (NC-082 Communications

    Officer), CKH-364, [email protected]

    and how they are used, PRO words,

    Distress signals and how they areused, Numbers and Phonetic alpha-bet, Making and answering a call,

    Nets and procedures, SAFETY.

    There was a verbal quiz, and all par-

    ticipants passed.

    There will be a CAPF 76 issued by


    1stLt Ray Dehart (NC-082 Commu-nications Officer), CKH-364,

    [email protected]

    Winston-Salem Composite Squadron

    hosted an ROA-Basic class at theSquadron Building on 18 March,


    Agenda: Elementary under-standing and operating of CAPComm. Equipment to perform basicComm. Skills in support of CAPcommand staff: What is a radio andhow does it work, Controls of a radio,Different types of radio, Differentfrequencies and how they act, PacketRadio, Repeaters, Types of call signs

    ROA-Basic ClassMarch 18 2004


    Many potential terroristattacks could send tinymicroscopic "junk" into theair. For example, an explo-sion may release very finedebris that can cause lungdamage. A biological at-tack may release germsthat can make you sick if inhaled orabsorbed through open cuts. Many ofthese agents can only hurt you if theyget into your body, so think aboutcreating a barrier between yourselfand any contamination.

    Nose and Mouth Protection

    Face masks or dense-weave cottonmaterial, that snugly covers your noseand mouth and is specifically fit foreach member of the family. Do what-ever you can to make the best fitpossible for children.

    Be prepared to improvise with whatyou have on hand to protect yournose, mouth, eyes and cuts in yourskin. Anything that fits snugly overyour nose and mouth, including anydense-weave cotton material, canhelp filter contaminants in an emer-gency. It is very important that mostof the air you breathe comes throughthe mask or cloth, not around it. Do

    whatever you can to make the best fitpossible for children. There are also avariety of face masks readily avail-able in hardware stores that are ratedbased on how small a particle theycan filter in an industrial setting.

    Given the different typesof attacks that could occur,there is not one solutionfor masking. For instance,simple cloth face maskscan filter some of theairborne "junk" or germsyou might breathe intoyour body, but will proba-

    bly not protect you from chemicalgases. Still, something over your noseand mouth in an emergency is betterthan nothing. Limiting how much"junk" gets into your body may im-pact whether or not you get sick ordevelop disease.

    Other Barriers

    Heavyweight plastic garbage bags orplastic sheeting

    Duct tape


    There are circumstances when stay-ing put and creating a barrier betweenyourself and potentially contaminatedair outside, a process known as"shelter-in-place," is a matter ofsurvival. You can use these things totape up windows, doors and air ventsif you need to seal off a room fromoutside contamination. Considerprecutting and labeling these materi-als. Anything you can do in advance

    will save time when it counts.

    Use available information to assessthe situation. If you see large amountsof debris in the air, or if local authori-ties say the air is badly contaminated,you can use these things to tape up

    windows, doors and air vents if youneed to seal off a room. Read more:Deciding to Stay or Go.

    HEPA (High Efficiency ParticulateAir Filtration) Filter Fans

    Once you have sealed a room withplastic sheeting and duct tape youmay have created a better barrierbetween you and any contaminantsthat may be outside. However, noseal is perfect and some leakage islikely. In addition to which, you mayfind yourself in a space that is alreadycontaminated to some degree.

    Consider a portable air purifier, witha HEPA filter, to help remove con-

    taminants from the room where youare sheltering. These highly efficientfilters have small sieves that cancapture very tiny particles, includingsome biological agents. Once trappedwithin a HEPA filter contaminantscannot get into your body and makeyou sick. While these filters are ex-cellent at filtering dander, dust,molds, smoke, biological agents andother contaminants, they will not stopchemical gases.

    Some people, particularly those withsevere allergies and asthma, useHEPA filters in masks, portable airpurifiers as well as in larger home or

    industrial models to continuouslyfilter the air.

    Make a Kit

    82nd Update Volume 1, Issue 3

    Page 3

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    ..the School is

    designed to provide

    Cadets and Senior

    Members with a

    General Emergency

    Services rating..

    Ground Team LeaderMaster Rating Patch

    Goodyear Aviation partners with Civil Air PatrolJames F. Shea, Director, Strategic Partnerships

    866-948-5101; [email protected]

    search and rescue, disaster relief andhumanitarian missions throughoutthe nation.

    Its only natural that a U.S.-basedcompany would support the Civil Air

    Patrol, said Alex Dumm, Goodyeargeneral manager for global aviationtires. In fact, Goodyear is proudthat its American-made technologi-cally advanced aviation tires areflying high with Civil Air Patrol onan expanded role in helping keep

    America safe.

    As the safety of our members is atop priority, we are proud to haveGoodyear as a partner in performingmissions for America and look for-ward to a long relationship, said AlAllenback, CAP executive director.

    Nazi submarine attacks duringWorld War II. Today, CAP volun-teers are being asked again to helpwith homeland security missions tokeep our citizens secure, said Maj.Gen. Richard Bowling, CAP na-

    tional commander.

    And like CAP, Goodyear, too, hasbeen doing its part, Bowling said.The company not only providessafe products for the general avia-tion industry but also plays animportant role in its work with the

    U.S. Department of Defense.

    CAPs corporate aircraft fleet con-sists of 550 single-piston aircraft the largest fleet of its kind in theworld. CAP aircraft, piloted by theorganizations volunteer members,are used in homeland security,

    MAXWELL AFB, Ala. Civil AirPatrol has entered into a corporatepartnership agreement with theGoodyear Tire & Rubber Co., theworld leader in aviation tires.

    While terms of the agreement wereundisclosed, Goodyears support ofCivil Air Patrol (CAP) will includeproviding Goodyear Flight CustomIII aviation tires for use by CAPscorporate aircraft fleet. In return,Goodyear will receive the right touse the CAP name and corporatesupporter mark in the companysadvertising, marketing and promo-tional programs during the year.

    Civil Air Patrol was born out of thework of patriotic volunteers whohelped defend our homeland from

    The third annual Basic Ground Team

    School is going to be held under the

    auspices of Group V this year. It is

    tentatively scheduled for the third

    weekend of April in order to com-

    plete it before the MER SAR School

    tentatively scheduled for the first

    weekend in May (thus allowing those

    who wish to attend both the ability to

    complete their Ground Team task

    training in two weekends ).

    The need to find a new location

    for the school has caused a delay in

    the preparations however, so LtCol

    Wisniewski, School Commander, has

    asked me to send out an informa-

    tional message so that those inter-

    ested in attending can begin to makepreparations. A formal notification

    letter will be going out shortly, and

    information in that letter will take

    precedence over this message in the

    event changes are necessary.

    As in the past, the School is

    designed to provide Cadets and Sen-

    ior Members with a General Emer-

    gency Services rating the opportunity

    to be trained in, and signed off on the

    Familiarization and Preparatory

    Training tasks to become Ground

    Team Member trainees. Those wish-

    ing to attend as students should start

    preparing now.Students will be required to pos-

    sess ALL gear for the 24 hour and 72

    hour packs, (not just those shown

    with a (T) after it), as listed in task O-

    0001 of the Ground & Urban Direc-

    tion Finding Team Tasks. Failure to

    do so will at best prevent you from

    being signed off for that task, and at

    worst being dismissed from the

    school (this gear will be required for

    use in training, not to mention per-

    sonal safety). With all of the gear

    available for use that is stored by NC

    Wing, local units, and individual

    members, there is no reason not to

    have the necessary equipment for the

    school. One of the items listed for

    the 24 hour pack is the Ground Team

    Member's Handbook. This contains

    the Ground & Urban Direction Find-

    ing Team Tasks. It is compact, witha green cover. Students will be re-

    quired to obtain a copy for the school

    (Available @ CAPMART for $1.50).

    We will not allow computer print-

    outs of the Task Guides this year due

    to the problems encountered with

    them at last year'! s school. It is

    strongly urged that students review

    the Familiarization and Preparatory

    Training tasks before arriving at the

    school (see CAPF 101T-GTM for the

    required tasks. They are the ones on

    the Left side of the form. Then look

    them up in the Ground Team Mem-ber's Handbook). It will be difficult

    not to pass all the tasks if you do


    All members attending the schoolwill be required to wear proper,

    COMPLETE uniforms, as per CAPR

    39-1. The two uniforms allowed at

    the school will be BDU's for Cadets,

    and Senior Members meeting weight

    and grooming standards as per CAPR

    39-1 or the Blue Field Uniform for

    Senior Members who do not. No

    boonie hats, berets, or USMC-style

    caps will be allowed. As in the past,

    we will need instructors to help run

    the school. We are looking for

    Ground Team Leaders and Members,

    preferably SET evaluators in order to

    sign off on tasks, however those thatare not SET evaluators will be al-

    lowed to instruct as well. Those

    wishing to be Instructors at the school

    should contact either LtCol

    Wisniewski or myself ASAP for

    further details.

    We look forward to yet another

    professional and successful Basic

    Ground Team School.

    Brian P. Buczkowski, Maj., CAP

    Deputy Commander

    2004 Basic Ground Team School

    If you wish to contact Maj.

    3rd Annual Basic Ground Team Schoolemail from Brian P. Buczkowski, Maj., CAP

    82nd Update Volume 1, Issue 3


    scheduled for the

    third weekend of


    Page 4

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    Aetna Foundation Throughout the companys 150-

    year history, Aetna has been active in seeking to

    improve the quality of life in communities where our

    employees and customers reside. For more than 30

    years, the Aetna Foundation has supported Aetna in

    its efforts.

    Employee Matching Monthly Donations. Thank you!!

    The Budd Group Founded over 40 years ago, The

    Budd Group is a family-owned corporation with regional

    offices located in Raleigh-Durham, Winston-Salem

    (Corporate Headquarters), Greensboro, Greenville, and

    Charlotte, NC; Greenville and Spartanburg, SC; and

    Orlando and Tampa, FL. Today, we provide a completeservice package to our customers that includes, but is not

    limited to, Janitorial, Security, and Landscape

    Maintenance services. Additionally, we have a

    comprehensive Janitorial Supply Distribution division

    complete with an online store.

    Donated Landscaping materials. Thank you!!

    Performing Missions

    for America...

    Civil Air Patrol wants to thank the corporations that support its volunteers through programs such as theCAP Corporate Partner Program. Through their support, Civil Air Patrol is better able to perform its

    many missions for America!.

    Estes-Cox Corporation is an official Corporate Supporter of the Civil Air Patrol.Estes-Cox manufactures Estes model rocket kits, starter sets, engines and COX freeflying, control line and radio control airplanes. As a Corporate Supporter, Estes-Coxhelps fund Civil Air Patrol cadet and aerospace education programs. Visit Estes-Coxat and Cox Models at

    Exxon Mobil Company supports the Civil Air Patrol by providing discounts onaircraft lubricants for CAP fleet of single-piston aircraft and to the large numberof CAP member/aircraft owners. Visit Exxon Mobil at

    Goodyear Tire/Aviation Company is an official Corporate Supporter of theCivil Air Patrol. Goodyear is one of the leading manufacturers of aviation tiresin the world. As a Corporate Supporter, Goodyear supports Civil Air Patrol's

    wide range of humanitarian, emergency service and homeland security missions. Visit GoodyearTire/Aviation at

    Civil Air Patrol SponsorsThank you for your continued support!!

    82nd Update Volume 1, Issue 3

    Piedmont Hawthorne We provide airframe maintenance/modifications;

    airliner refurbishing; aircraft sales; 135 charter operations, fueling and

    ground support services.

    We also operate 32 owned and managed Fixed Base Operations

    throughout North America. We are one of the oldest continuously operating

    general aviation companies in the world, with a rich history in both the

    general aviation and airline industry.

    We provide airframe maintenance/modifications; airliner refurbishing;

    aircraft sales; 135 charter operations, fueling and ground support services.

    We also operate 32 owned and managed Fixed Base Operations

    throughout North America.

    Allowing us our location at Smith Reynolds Airport. Thank you!!

    Page 5



    Donated Underpinning for Building Thank you!!

    InetDevelopment, Inc. is pleased to offer your business professional Web services at acompetitive price. InetDevelopment is a North Carolina based company that has

    extensive experience in developing Web-based solutions for large and small busi-nesses and vertical markets. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can provideyour company with the services and solutions to bring your business to the Web...andthe Web to your business. We look forward to talking with you about how we candevelop solutions for your business needs. Give us a call at 336.403.8449 or send anE-Mail to [email protected]

    Hosting web site. Thank you!!

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    No applications will

    be accepted after 14

    May 2004 and must be at

    Wing HQ by this time

    NCWG Decals

    The Wing will be offering decals of theWing emblem for your auto in the near

    future. The decal will be 4.5 inches in di-ameter and will have the words 'CAP' and'NCWG' added. The white areas will be areflective silver. At present, the cost willbe 75 cents per decal if enough are or-dered. If you are interested, please letCapt Bagby know how many you willwant. His email is: [email protected]

    Classifieds, wants, needs.

    Meal Ready to Eat (MREs)

    We do have special pricing available for Civil

    Air Patrol and search and rescue units.

    We offer our Sure Pak 12 meal case for $44.00 per

    case. Please let me know if this is an option for

    you and I would be happy to send some information

    by fax to you.

    Ms. Sam McDonald

    Crown Point Ltd.

    118 S. Cypress Street

    Mullins, SC 29574


    Encampment dates:

    19-26 June 2004

    cadet has. Rather it's intendedto find out what dietary restric-

    tions we need to follow basedon health or religious reasons.The sooner we have these spe-cial requirements the easier itwill be for us to accommodatethem.

    NOTE: On the attachment it

    states the deadline is 14 April

    2004. This was in error and

    was not detected until the form

    was sent out. The deadline is

    still 14 May 2004. Apologies in

    advance for the error.

    We have a limit of 100 cadets(not including staff). If wereceive more than 100 applica-tions, priority will first be given

    Wing HQ will begin acceptingcadet applications beginning 01

    Mar 2004 with a deadline of 14May 2004.

    No applications will be ac-cepted after 14 May 2004 andmust be at Wing HQ by thistime. Sent out with themonthly mailing from WingHQ to all squadrons is an at-tachment that must be com-pleted and attached to theCAPF 31. If a CAPF 31 arriveswithout this attachment it willbe returned in its entirety andconsidered "not accepted". Iwill have an on-line versionavailable on the web soon.

    One criteria we ask for on thisattachment is "dietary restric-tions". This is not merely aquestion of what preferences a

    to first-time cadets then basedon when the application was

    received. Again, all applica-tions must be received by 14May 2004.

    Anything received after thatdate will be sent back to thesquadron unprocessed. Thisallows us more lead time tolock-in numbers for planningand send out acceptance pack-ages well in advance of en-campment.

    Commanders: Please carefullyreview applications of cadets

    applying for encampment.Your signature on the CAPF 31indicates you are confident thecadet is prepared and can suc-cessfully complete encamp-ment. Continued Page 7

    Encampment Cadet ApplicationsJOSEPH E. MORRIS, Major, CAP

    NCWG Cadet Programs

    82nd Update Volume 1, Issue 3

    Page 6

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    Capt. Glen Peting May 2nd

    Capt. Ray Dehart May 3rd

    2ndLt David Rodwell May 15th

    1stLt Steven Mann May 23rd

    Maj. Noah will send email updates usinga service call Plaxo. From this we willget your Birthday info.

    82nd Update Volume 1, Issue 3



    APRIL 30

    MAY 2 2004

    130 April-2 May-Middle East Region

    SAR College-Ft

    Pickett, VA


    2 3 4

    Group III VHF Net2000

    5 Cinco deMayo 6

    Cadets 1830 Terminal

    Group III VHF Net 2000

    7 8Aerospace EducationDayBurlington

    Alamance Airport

    9 Mother's Day 10 11

    Group III VHF Net2000

    12 13

    Cadets 1830 Terminal

    Group III VHF Net 2000

    14 15

    16 17 18

    Group III VHF Net2000

    19 20Senior Staff Meeting 1730Cadets 1830 TerminalSeniors 1900 Squadron Build-ing

    Group III VHF Net 2000

    21 22Wing Observed


    23 24 25

    Group III VHF Net


    26 27

    Cadets 1830 Sqdn Building

    Group III VHF Net 2000

    28 29

    30 31 Memorial Day

    13-19 June 2004-MER Staff College-Peace College-Raleigh

    19-26 June NCWG Encampment

    20-25 June MER RLS (Region Leadership School).

  • 8/2/2019 Winston-Salem Squadron - Mar 2004


    All NC Wing Personnel

    I want to publicly thank MajorJeff Willis for his handling of themissing aircraft mission duringthis past week.

    Major Willis exhibited a profes-sional IC approach in his execu-tion the mission. His thoughtfulapproach to the mission wasexhibited throughout the mission.

    Jeff also asked mission base per-

    sonnel of the highest caliber to

    assist him with the mission baseduties. He utilized Lt. Col. Jay

    Langley, Lt. Col.Dave Crawford, Major CharlesLayno, Lt. Col. NormWiskiewski and Major BrianBuczkowski. All of whom per-formed with a high degree ofprofessionalism and dedication tothe mission requirements andobjectives.

    During the Multi Wing IC con-ference call on Tuesday nightMajor Willis'

    inputs and valued information

    played a major role in planningthe next day missions.

    I want the entire NC Wing toknow how much I appreciateMajor Willis' ES talent and thatof his staff in running a verycomplicated and demanding mis-sion.

    H. J. Schaffer, Col, CAP

    Commander, NC Wing

    Caption describing pic-ture or graphic.

    NCHP and NC Baptist Hospitalin Winston-Salem for Helicoptersupport in the search. Nothingturned up from the air.

    There was a flare found burningin an area of Davidson County.Still no SARSAT reports ofELTs.

    The mission continued in David-son County today. CAP wasasked for assistance through theNC EOC and the request wasgranted.

    NC/CAP launched an aircrew

    from RDU and a ground teamfrom Winston-Salem to assist inthe on-going mission near Lex-ington.

    CAP members from Wing Staff,Group III staff, Group V staff,Lexington Squadron, Winston-Salem Squadron, RandolphSquadron and the 141st either

    responded or were on stand-byfor possible mission duty.

    We did not find a target. We did

    not find an ELT. The 125 pluspeople from all the agenciesworked hard and very profession-ally to prosecute this mission.

    At sundown the mission wasclosed by the Davidson CountyEmergency Services IC.

    I want to thank all the CAP mis-sion folks for their diligent ef-forts in this mission.

    H. J. Schaffer, IC

    State Mission in DavidsonCounty NC

    All NC Wing Personnel

    Today the NC wing was calledupon to perform a mission that

    was not completed as we nor-mally close a mission.

    Last night some citizens inDavidson County reported to theDavidson County

    911 Center that they had seen a"fireball" in the sky betweenLexington and Thomasville.There were also reports of flaresbeing seen in the sky in the direc-tion of the "fireball". An airlinerreported to GSO approach of

    hearing a short ELT signal on121.5 while the airliner was de-parting GSO.

    The Davidson County Emer-gency Services Department dis-patched fire and rescue servicesto the area from which the reportscame from. Nothing was found.

    Davidson County then asked the

    [CAPNC] State MissionMission during 28 March 2004 Reported on CAPNC Email System

    [CAPNC] Multi Wing and Multi Region MissionMission during 22 March 2004 Reported on CAPNC Email System

    82nd Update Volume 1, Issue 3

    Today the NC wing was

    called upon to perform a

    mission that was not

    completed as we

    normally close a mission.

    Page 8

    WWII Poster

  • 8/2/2019 Winston-Salem Squadron - Mar 2004


    nated beneficiaries or survivingfamily members. This benefit is

    described in North Carolina Gen-

    eral Statutes, Chapter 143.

    The law states that any on duty

    death that occurs will cause The

    State of North Carolina to award

    designated survivors $50,000.00

    over a period of three years.

    Please continue to record yourattendance at all CAP events on

    the Form 103 to receive proper

    credit for your volunteer work.

    Additional information available

    from your Personnel Officer.

    All NC Wing Personnel

    Today at 1629 Zulu the NC Wingwas alerted for a 243.0 MHz ELTon the Greensboro (GSO) airportby the AFRCC. The GSO towerwas hearing the ELT on 243.0MHz so we surmised the ELTwas on the airport.

    NC Wing went to mission status.

    The Group V SAR Training Ex-ercise was underway and an air-crew was airborne near the Rox-boro, NC (TDF) airport. Themission was paged and the GroupV IC, Major Jeff Willis, con-tacted the aircrew of CAP Flight3204 and directed them to landand call the mission IC. The air-

    crew landed at TDF and calledthe IC. The IC briefed the air-crew for the mission and the

    mission pilot trainee was relievedby the check airman as the PICfor the mission. There were threeother aircrew members on theairplane training for flight mis-sion specialties and they were:Lt. Col. Dominic Strug, 1Lt. TimAlford and 1Lt.

    Ray Walters. All the trainingaircrew members received realon-line mission training duringthis mission.

    Group III was alerted for aground team. The Winston-SalemComposite Squadron was at theirHQ on Smith Reynolds Airport(INT) for a work detail.

    The INT Squadron responded

    with a ground team from INT toGSO. The ground team was 1Lt.Neil Brock, GTL, and 2nd. Lt.

    William Smith as the GTM.

    The signal was emitting from aBeechcraft Baron on GSO. Theground team and the aircrew didsilence the ELT and the missionwas closed at 2014Z today.

    I want to thank all who partici-pated in this mission. The mis-sion was prosecuted swiftly andsafely by all who participated.

    Tink Schaffer - IC - 04M0608

    A letter from the North CarolinaIndustrial Commission informs

    us that, CAP members are

    grouped with Fireman, Law En-

    forcement, and Rescue Squads

    for coverage under North Caro-

    lina law regarding death benefits.

    CAP members on official duty

    status are automatically covered

    and benefits will be paid to desig-

    Flight Operations organizing...

    Death Benefits for CAP membersS/M Gary K. Heinz Personnel Officer

    [CAPNC] State MissionMission during 27 March 2004 Reported on CAPNC Email System

    82nd Update Volume 1, Issue 3

    Please continue to record

    your attendance at all

    CAP events on the Form

    103 to receive proper

    credit for your volunteer


    Page 9

    The INT Squadron responded

    with a ground team from INT to

    GSO. The ground team was 1Lt.

    Neil Brock, GTL, and 2nd. Lt.

    William Smith as the GTM.

  • 8/2/2019 Winston-Salem Squadron - Mar 2004


    Squadron Clean up and Cookout27 March 2004

    82nd Update Volume 1, Issue 3

    Page 10

    Chairs go-

    ing bye-


    Now this is how

    you travel to

    the airport for a

    workday &


    Cadets busy

    cleaning up

    Seniors laying

    new timbers..


    holes...allot of


    David Smith with

    his helpers took

    the full truck of

    debris to the


    Cadets and


    stacking to


  • 8/2/2019 Winston-Salem Squadron - Mar 2004


    82nd Update Volume 1, Issue 3

    Page 11

    Squadron Clean up and Cookout27 March 2004

    David Smith stacking the junk as several cadets and sen-iors hand it to him. Now this is a full truck.

    Thats S/M Heinz at the Grill, and thanks to him allot of peo-

    ple ate good..

    The food was great and getting to sit a while was great


    Its hard to see um but in the van is our Ground Team

    heading out on mission while the rest of us enjoyed the

    hot hamburgers and hotdogs. More info Page 9

    Drilling more holes more the landscaping timbers.. I

    think I heard him say dont let his wife see this pic-


  • 8/2/2019 Winston-Salem Squadron - Mar 2004


    Wing Commander

    Harold Schaffer, Col., CAP

    Group III Commander

    John D Workman, Lt Col, CAP

    Squadron Commander

    Steve Bagby, Captain, CAP


    R. Neil Brock, 1stLt., CAP

    Deputy Commander Cadets

    Norm Potter, 2ndLt, CAP

    Cadet Commander

    C/Maj. Trey Zill


    Other valuable areas are Communications, Medical, Legal, Public Affairs, Operations,Administration, Historian, Finance, just to name a few.

    Senior membership provides the member with a variety of opportunities. If you are a

    pilot, you can become a Mission Transport Pilot, transporting supplies, equipment andpersonnel to needed locations. You can also train to become a Mission Pilot, where youwill be qualified to fly search and rescue missions. Other aircrew positions includeMission Observer and Scanner, both crucial to the search and rescue effort.

    If flying is not your 'cup of tea', then becoming a Ground Team Member may interestyou. In this specialty, you will be trained to search for downed aircraft, missing per-sons, or an errant ELT signal.

    In the Cadet Programs specialty, you will have the opportunity to work with the youthin accomplishing their goals in the program, and assisting the staff in administering theprogram.

    If you are a teacher, the Aerospace Education specialty provides you with the opportu-nity to teach the rocket scientists of tomorrow the value of the aerospace field.

    Smith Reynolds Airport

    PO Box 4224

    Winston-Salem, NC 27115-4224

    [email protected]

    Were on the WEB: webmaster:[email protected]

    Phone: 336-661-0977Fax:336-661-0977

    A-USAF Civil Air Patrol

    W I N S T O N - S A L E MC O M P O S I T E S U A D R O N

    In h is book, Sled Dr iver , SR-71 Black bi rd p i lo t Br ian Shul w r i tes: " I ' l l a lw ays

    remember a cer t a in rad io exchange tha t oc cur red one day as Walt m y back-

    seater ) and I w ere screaming ac ross Southern Ca l i f o rn ia 13 m i les h igh .We were mon i to r ing var ious rad io t ransmiss ions f rom o ther a i rc ra f t as w e

    entered Los Angeles a i rspac e. Though they d idn ' t real ly c ont ro l us, they d id

    mon i to r our m ovement ac ross the i r scope. I heard a Cessna ask fo r a read-

    ou t o f i t s g roundspeed." " 90 kno t s" Center rep l ied .

    "Moments la te r , a Twin Beech requ i red the same. " "120 kno ts , " Center an-

    sw ered . We weren ' t t he on ly ones proud o f our g roundspeed tha t day as a l -

    most instant ly an F-18 smugly t ransm i t t ed, 'Ah, Center , Dusty 52 requests

    groundspeed readout . '

    There was a s l i gh t pause, then the response, "525 kno ts on the g round,

    Dusty. "

    Another s i l en t pause. As I was th ink ing to myse l f how r ipe a s i tua t ion th i sw as, I heard a fami l i a r c l i ck o f a rad io t ransmiss ion coming f rom m y back-

    seater . It w as a t tha t p rec ise mom ent I rea l i zed Wal t and I had become a

    rea l c rew , for w e w ere bo th th ink ing in un ison ." "Center , Aspen 20 , you go t a

    groundspeed readout for us?"

    There w as a longer than normal pause . . .. "Aspen, I show 1,742 knot s" .

    No fu r ther inqu i r ies w ere heard on tha t f requency.