WINS Monthly Meeting 2/3/2006 WINS Monthly Meeting .

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Transcript of WINS Monthly Meeting 2/3/2006 WINS Monthly Meeting .

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  • AgendaIntroductionsHistorical WINS PerspectiveResponsibility DefinitionDemarcation DefinitionWINS Agreement ActivitiesSpringfield-Widener Initiative Question & Answers

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  • Historical WINS PerspectiveIn 1999, DCIU and Fiber Board purchased 3Com ATM Hardware. 3Com (me) staged and installed the backboneIn 2000, the Fiber Board chose Widener to maintain the new backbone and provide Internet Access

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  • Responsibility DefinitionMain Entry: responsibility Pronunciation: ri-"spn(t)-s&-'bi-l&-tE Function: noun Inflected Form(s): plural -ties 1 : the quality or state of being responsible : as a : moral, legal, or mental accountability b : RELIABILITY, TRUSTWORTHINESS 2 : something for which one is responsible : BURDEN

  • Demarcation DefinitionMain Entry: demarcate Pronunciation: di-'mr-"kAt, 'dE-" Function: transitive verb Inflected Form(s): -cated; -cating Etymology: back-formation from demarcation, from Spanish demarcacin, from demarcar to delimit, from de- + marcar to mark, probably from Italian marcare, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German marha boundary -- more at MARK 1 : DELIMIT 2 : to set apart : SEPARATE - demarcation /"dE-"mr-'kA-sh&n/ noun Demarcation point (DP): A point where the operational control or ownership changes. This point is usually where the access provider's facilities stop and the customer-owned structured cabling begins.

  • WINS Agreement ActivitiesNov 22nd : Enclosed are the detailed specifications for Internet Services for filing your 470 form for E-rate. These specifications are based on what we are currently receiving through the WINS agreement with Widener. Widener will provide the IU with a new three-year agreement to provide these services. The IU will then sell those services to the districts as we have done in the past. Based on our last superintendents' meeting, we decided we would all submit these specs individually on a 470 to get responses from vendors. It is important that you forward this information to the person in your district that files for E-rate ASAP. The application needs to be customized for your district (insert your districts name, address, contact info and the due date for vendors to respond). If you have any questions, please let me know. Nick Ignatuk Ridley School District

  • WINS Agreement ActivitiesWINS Agreement hand delivered to the DCIU on Dec 8th :On behalf of Widener University, I am pleased to forward a new three-year agreement to you for action in support of the technology services offered through our Widener Integrated Network Services program. For the past six years, Widener, the DCIU and participating school districts [and other entities] have developed a strong working relationship to offer affordable Internet access, network maintenance assistance and technology expertise as together we have sought to improve the flow of information between and among the participating organizations.The enclosed agreement, scheduled to run from July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2005, remains essentially the same as prior years. We have added information pertaining to services offered, revised the available bandwidth specifications [now set at 60MB with availability up to 110MB], included Internet2 availability for use by member organizations, and reduced the annual percentage increase [determined annually as needed]. Our first year pricing remains the same as the current year.We propose no substantial changes to the current procedures associated with the agreement and district participation in e-rate. As in the past agreements, the DCIU will contract with Widener University for aggregate services to be provided to the existing participating Districts, The DCIU will respond to individual Districts 470 Bid forms based upon the terms of this agreement, determine individual district fee for service based on historic methodologies for assessment, and coordinate e-rate refunds. Widener, the DCIU and the participating organizations have truly benefited from this partnership. In future it is hoped that we can add to this partnership through sharing of ideas and expertise of teachers and faculty to continue serving the needs of the students we all serve.Sincerely,Thomas H. Carnwath Chief Information Officer

  • WINS Agreement Activities

    Email Received January 3rd :December 29, 2005Thomas H. Carnwath,Chief Information OfficerWidener UniversityOne University PlaceChester, PA 19013-5792RE:Proposed Contract for Widener Integrated Network ServicesDear Mr. Carnwath:Please be advised that I am the Solicitor for the Delaware County Intermediate Unit. Dr. Anthony Moleski and Samuel Iannucci have forwarded your December 6, 2005 correspondence to my attention. I have had the opportunity to review same and provide you with some initial thoughts regarding this situation. As you are aware, internet access and services are publicly bid, and therefore, the amount of the contract between Widener and the Delaware County Intermediate Unit will have to be contingent upon the number of participants who accept Delaware County Intermediate Units bid. In addition, Paragraph four seems to limit the Intermediate Units ability to obtain vendors and contractors at the lowest responsible bid. I have taken the draft Cooperative Agreement and made changes to same, crossing out language that the Intermediate Unit objects to, and inserting, in bold, language that is being proposed. Upon your receipt and review of same please contact me to further discuss this matter.Very truly yours,Michael V. Puppio, Jr., Esquire

  • WINS Agreement ActivitiesSummary of DCIU proposed changes :Remove overall charge amount establish per district chargeRemove list of participantsRemove Backbone support

  • WINS Agreement ActivitiesJan 9th Tom Carnwath discusses contract changes with Nick Ignatuk Tom agrees to price per district down to 10, then price may raise. Nick agrees to meet with Chris McGinley.Jan 12th Nick meets with Chris. Chris agrees that Backbone support stays with Widener but price concerns for per district needed.Jan 19th New draft sent to Widener lawyer for review.Jan 23rd ??? Draft sent to DCIUJan 27th Sam called to schedule meetingJan 30th 4 PM Sam, Tom and I meet at Widener

  • WINS Agreement ActivitiesSummary of Jan 30th Meeting discussionDCIU wants multi-vendor backbone networkDCIU feels compatible products should be allowedDCIU would disconnect districts causing issuesDistricts would maintain own equipmentWidener disagrees to backbone multi-vendor designWidener agreed that new clause could be added that states IF backbone becomes unserviceable, a committee of Participants and DCIU would evaluate alternatives

  • WINS Agreement ActivitiesFeb 1st Sam sends Form 470 response to all participantsSam sends Widener questionsAre primary DNS hosting, Telephone alerts of outages and IP Addressing free services? YES How many external addresses are we allowed? Unlimited What time frame will the telephone alerts be distributed after a confirmed outage? 30 Minutes Are the alerts district specific or main circuit related? Main only What company is providing internet service (backbone)? Widener What third party will be contracted to monitor the network 24/7, provide content filtering, handle video conferencing, etc.? Widener What consequence will a district have to handle by staying with Widener, if any? Will the Widener districts still be apart of the fiber network as we know it? Will we be entitled to all the services currently provided to members of the fiber network? NONE YES YES

  • Springfield-Widener Initiative The Springfield School district has initiated talks with Widener to establish college credit classes for studentsRandy McNally will discuss!

  • Questions & AnswersNext Meeting on Friday Mar 3rd!