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  1. 1. MATRIXHUMAN SERVICES "Touching Hearts, Changing Liues" Btablished 1906 July 10,2015 To Whom lt May Concern: It is with great pleasure that I write this letter on behalf of Mr. Mark Wingfield Sr. As our Account Representative with Canon for the past 2 /"years he has shown nothing short of exemplary customer service, professionalism and a strong work ethic. He takes pride in his work and goes beyond the call of duty to ensure the client is satisfied. He has developed strong work relationships with other members of the Matrix Family and is praised by the entire team' When Mr. Wingfield received our account we had 2 pieces of equipment, to date, we have 40 machines. This is to his credit because his interpersonal skills along with knowledge of the needs of our organization and desire to assist as a team player, not just a sales representative strengthened our level of confidence in him, his product and his organization. He always appears to have a passion for what he does and would often share with us his many accomplishments; we were thrilled to have him as one of external team members. His duties involved recruiting new customers and retaining existing customers, as well as managing customers' orders and not once did he allow any of that to interfere with our needs; we never felt unsuPPorted. I therefore offer my recommendation of Mr. Wingfield without reservation. lf you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. uty Director
  2. 2. July 10,20,l5 RE: Mork Wingfield To Whom lt Moy Concern: Mork Wingfield wos o soles represeniotive for Conon ond worked with our orgonizotion for five yeors. Over thot period of time, Mork wos one of ihe most conscieniious ond efficient representotives thot we've worked with. We hod numerous problems with oiher soles reps ond he corrected oll the problems we hod ond wos quick to follow through with every step' Mork is personoble, yet professionol in oll ospects of the job ond would be o greot osset to ony orgonizotion. lf you hove ony questions, pleose feel free to conioct my office. Sincerely, ruZ/J,/Mike Jockson, Executive SecretorY-Treosurer Michigon Regionol Council of Corpenters