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  • 8/12/2019 Wine Road Burgundy


  • 8/12/2019 Wine Road Burgundy


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    La Route des Vins de Bourgogne

    of Legend


    he much-abused epithet of living legend for once really does apply in the case of the vineyards of

    Burgundy. For over 2000 years, Burgundy has succeeded triumphantly in combining the generosity of

    its soil with the ingenuity and toil of man to become a reference throughout the world.

    As the writer Jean de la Varende so aptly puts it, The grands crus of Burgundy belong to both legend and history,

    possessing the splendour of the former and the authenticity of the latter. Such a fabulous history and such fabled

    wines flattering both palate and intellect surely deserve a road, a route, an itinerary of their own and a very

    special itinerary at that! An itinerary taking you to the heart of Burgundy and Burgundy wines, for it is

    impossible to conceive of the one without the other. Travelling to Burgundy without exploring its vineyards is

    like travelling to Rome without visiting the Capitol. By the same token, every self-respecting wine connoisseur

    should, at least once in his life, make a pilgrimage to the source of his pleasure, to the cradle of the worlds finest

    wines. For travellers and wine lovers alike, the Region has devised and set up a road which is fully worthy of its

    wines. It is a route of distinction, as fine as any to be found in the world; a route divided into five itineraries

    embracing all the Burgundian wine areas, from terroirsof world repute to humble local plots and parcels. These

    itineraries may be explored in your car, on your bike or even on foot, as and when you please.

    This magical route brings the exceptional and the extraordinary within the reach of all. It opens the door to the

    world of Burgundy wine, its heritage and poetry, its landscapes and villages, its cellars and winegrowers. In

    short, the route is an open invitation to discover, learn and dream.

    Follow the Wine Road and see legend become reality!

    Welcome to a World

  • 8/12/2019 Wine Road Burgundy


    03w w w . b o u r g o g n e - t o u r i s m e . c o m

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    Published by the Burgundy Regional Tourist Board (CRT Bourgogne).

    Creation/Design: FTM.Presse (Fontaine-ls-Dijon, 21)TempsRel (Dijon, 21).Photographic Credits:Alain Doire (CRT Bourgogne), BIVB(pages 8, 14, 37, 38, 39) and Michel Joly (pages 33 and 35).Cartography: Latitude Cartagne.Illustrations: Bernard Deubelbeiss.Printed by Desmet-Laire (Belgium).Translation: Barnaby Capel-Dunn.

    June 2007 - ISNN: pending.


    Practical InformationPlanning your Trip

    The 5 Circuits of the Wine RoadThe Burgundy Wine Road (Route des Vins de Bourgogne) is divided into five routes oritineraries, each corresponding to one of the great wine-growing area of Burgundy, and

    each with its own description in the following pages:

    - The Grands Crus Wine Road (Route des Grands Crus) the Cte de Nuits and the Cte de Beaune.

    - The Grands Vins Wine Road (Route des Grands Vins) the Cte Chalonnaise.

    - The Yonne Wine Road (Route Touristique des Vignobles de lYonne) the Yonne department.

    - The Mconnais-Beaujolais Wine Road (Route des Vins Mconnais-Beaujolais) the Sane-

    et-Loire department.

    - The Coteaux de Pouilly-Sancerre Wine Road (Route des Coteaux de Pouilly-Sancerre) theNivre department.

    The Road of all the Pleasures!If there is one area where wine is an integral part of life,

    that area must surely be Burgundy. As you explore the

    vineyards you wil l at the same time drink in all the other

    treasures of the region: heritage and history, nature and

    landscapes, winegrowers and traditions, gastronomy and

    the inimitable Burgundian art de vivre.

  • 8/12/2019 Wine Road Burgundy


    w w w b o u r g o g n e t o u r i s m e c o m04

    La Route des Vins de Bourgogne

    Chteau du Clos de Vougeot

  • 8/12/2019 Wine Road Burgundy


    05w w w b o u r g o g n e t o u r i s m e c o m

    History and Heritage

    s the diplomat and writer Paul Claudel was fondof remarking, a great wine is not the work of man, but the culmination of a consistent and

    sophisticated tradition. More than a thousand years of history

    goes into the making of an old bottle of wine. Few parts ofthe world express this notion of wine civilisation as wellas Burgundy. Here, wine is a founding influence, respon-

    sible for shaping many a landscape, building, traditionand mentality. So many beautiful things have beenpatiently built up around, by and for wine.In all probability introduced by the Romans, the vineis inextricably woven into the history of Burgundy, fromthe monastic communities of the Middle Ages to thesocial movements of the 19th century, not forgettingthe great Dukes of Burgundy who proudly proclaimedthemselves lords of the best wines in Christendom.History is present at every turning in this inspired land.From a little wine village in the Tonnerre area tothe Chteau du Clos de Vougeot, from a Cistercian

    storehouse to a local heritage museum dedicated to wine,from a little dry stone cabotte, once used by winegrowersas shelter from inclement weather, to a Town of Artisticand Historical Interest the past will accompany youthroughout your journey, ceaselessly calling you back tothe roots of an-ever changing civilisation.


    The Civilisation

    of Wine

  • 8/12/2019 Wine Road Burgundy


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    La Route des Vins de Bourgogne

  • 8/12/2019 Wine Road Burgundy


    07w w w . b o u r g o g n e - t o u r i s m e . c o m

    ine is much more than a mere beverage,it is a culture lovingly handed down fromgeneration to generation. While Burgundy

    has always attached great importance to the situation of aparticular vineyard or cru (there are about 100 appellationsin all), the winegrowers expertise remains a crucial element

    in the complex alchemy which transforms vine into wine.The label does not attempt to disguise the part played byhuman endeavour in bringing out the best in the soil.

    As you travel the length and breadth of Burgundy, a host ofwine properties and cellars will help you learn the languageof wine. The Burgundian winegrower will make it a pointof honour to transmit his passion for wine to you. Listento him speak of his love of the soil and the vine, of hisprofession (calling would be a better word), of the fruit ofhis labour which he extracts from the cask using a pipette.

    At such moments time does indeed seem to stand still.Away from the underground sanctuary of the cellar scene

    of the silent art of wine tasting the festive spirit oncemore asserts its place. Enjoy a convivial communal meal ina wine domaine or at a country fair splendidly organisedby a friendly wine confraternity, take part in the famousSaint-Vincent wine festival or a banquet marking thesafe gathering of the wine harvest. These are wonderful,not-to-be-missed opportunities to immerse oneself in thepopular imagery of Burgundy, festive occasions celebrated

    with due Burgundian pomp!


    of MenThe Fervour

    Of Vineyards and Winegrowers

  • 8/12/2019 Wine Road Burgundy

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    La Route des Vins de Bourgogne





  • 8/12/2019 Wine Road Burgundy

    9/40 09w w w . b o u r g o g n e - t o u r i s m e . c o m

    Gastronomy and Art of Living

    n the words of Alexandre Dumas, Wine is theintellectual part of the meal and food merely its

    material companion. This aphorism serves as anexcellent summary of Burgundian philosophy so far as theculinary arts are concerned. Here, gastronomy, no matterhow superb or generous, is at the service of the wine, hencethe marvellous Burgundian formula marking the beginningof the meal bon apptit et large soif, which translates ratherlamely as good eating and good drinking!

    Over and above the regions amply merited reputationin this respect, wine and gastronomy form part of thevalues that you will regularly encounter in the course ofyour journey. In Burgundy, our chefs are also our wineambassadors, at one with the winegrowers in their love ofthe soil. They will take great pleasure in introducing you tothe world of wine, giving you the benefit of their adviceand conjuring up an old bottle reserved for a specialoccasion. In short, Burgundy is a land where good foodand good wine go hand in hand as you will have ampleopportunity to attest! A moment of pure happiness isguaranteed, whether in the shape of a good old country

    snack (for example, a slice of parsleyed ham and a glassof red wine) in a wayside bistro, or a gastronomic feastaccompanied by a vintage wine recommended by the

    wine waiter in a Michelin starred restaurant. And then ofcourse there is the atmosphere of conviviality and goodconversation without which no meal is ever complete.


    Feast forthe Mind

  • 8/12/2019 Wine Road Burgundy



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    La Route des Vins de Bourgogne

    The Grands Crus Wine Road (Route

    touristique des Grands Crus de Bourgogne)The Cte de Nuits, from Dijon to Corgoloin

    The Yonne Wine Road (Route Touristique des Vignobles de lYonne)5 circuits around Joigny, Chablis, Auxerre,Tonnerre and Vzelay

    The Coteaux de Pouilly-SancerreWine Road (Route des Coteaux