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The Effects of the Blades of Windmills in Producing EnergyA Research in Physics December 2008 St. Scholasticas College- Manila High School Unit Science IV Physics Mr. Audie D. Laudencia

Presentors:Alyana Conty Athina Deroca April Garcia Joanna Puertollano Regina Valdes

Statement of the ProblemThis research is mainly with the windmills production of energy. These are the following questions the researchers ought to answer. 1. Will all the windmills produce a large amount of energy? 2. Did the blades affect the amount of energy produced; what made you think so? 3. What windmill produced the largest amount of energy; why did it produce the most?

HypothesisWindmills as indicated are reliable sources of alternative energy. It is efficient for everyday use. Windmills that were built will produce a good amount of energy. This is because the blades of the windmills involved reacted as the turbines rotate. The windmills that were tested also exhibited fast spinning actions that would conclude a good source for winds. Not only that, these windmills gave a good amount of energy. Every windmill has its own capabilities and limitations, but the most producing windmill was the modern day windmill.

Research ParadigmINPUT Established Designs of Windmills. Energy produced by windmills today. Volt meter measured the energy that was produced. Windmills blades are controlled and compared with the established windmills PROCESS Researching about the current windmills used. Determining how much electricity a windmill would produce. Comparison between the 3 different blades of windmills. Testing for the energy production by using volt meter to measure the electricity produced. OUTPUT Data between the comparison of the 3 windmills.

Scope and Delimitation Used 3 types of Windmills Modern-type windmill Eclipse Windmills (old type windmills) Maglev windmill (vertical windmills) Electricity produced in a certain angle of the windmill.

Significance of the Study To inform people how windmills work and/ or operate. To help society increase electricity production. People will know how power is generated in a windmill.

Concepts and Principles Windmills are used as water irrigation in the early centuries. Windmills are considered to be good sources of energy. Electricity is produced when windmills rotate Electricity flow can be in either one direction or back and forth.

Concepts and Principles The slower the blades go the lesser energy produced. When blades are decreased, the windmill does not react much.

Review Related Literature

MethodologyPlanning Phase Built 1 windmill replica then removed the number of blades for the experiment. Connected the wind generator to windmill replica, then tested each number the blades used. Had the records and made it used to identify what windmill created the most energy.

MethodologyPractical Work

MethodologyPractical Work

MethodologyExperimentation Phase Upon reaching the electric fan with a speed of 2 placed the electric fan Recorded the Observations When it came out well, connected the wind generator to the windmill and tested its power generation

Presentation and Analysis of DataTrials Old Farm windmill Modern-type windmill Vertical Windmill


2 volts

5 volts

4 volts


2.6 volts

6.8 volts

5.7 volts


2.5 volts

6 volts

3.8 volts

ConclusionIn conclusion the modern type windmill is the effective of all the types of windmills. It exhibits a good number of blades and gives out the best results for energy production.

ConclusionAlso not only that, the windmills exhibited released a good presentation of the speed of production alongside with the energy.

Recommendations The study is only about the angles of the blades of the windmills. It develops the knowledge of people of how the blades would affect the production of energy. However, the experiment consists of many limitations. For more information, we recommend you to: 1. Research about how the weight of the blades would affect the windmills rotation and the twisted angles twists.

Recommendations 2. Research the quantity of the energy production with regards to the number of rotation a windmill can do. 3. A comparative study about the different windmill settings. 4. Research about the place where the windmills were placed to produce a certain amount of energy.