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Security, Trust & Dependability Welcome Address Dr. Willie Donnelly Director TSSG

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Security, Trust & Dependability

Welcome AddressDr. Willie Donnelly

Director TSSG

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Redefining Society

Traditional Society

• Linear time

• Incremental growth

• Face to face

• Formal


• Top down hierarchies of


• Centralised Authority

New Internet Society

• Virtual Time

• Exponential growth

• Virtual communities

• Social networking

• Bottom up consensus


• Distributed authority

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Future Internet Assembly

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Citizen Centric Internet



User control

The Future Internet has the potential of devolving power to the citizen

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A Cultural Revolution

Evolving from a technology centric to a people centric environment

Europe has the potential to deliver leadership

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Citizen Centric Internet

User Perspective• User as service consumer and producer

• Digital Footprint

• Openness, Trust and Privacy

• Moral Authority

Community Perspective• Physical Vs Virtual societies – Walled Garden

• The fate of Nation States

– Role of national laws

– Ability to raise tariffs

• Moral Authority

Avoid Social fragmentation

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Future Internet Community

New Sustainable Communities

May need to redefine traditional conceptof community and community boundaries

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Ireland : Leadership Role

• Open Economy

• Strong Telecommunications Industry

• European headquarters for major “Internet Players” Google, Facebook etc

• Young educated workforce

• Cultural diversity

• Major research investment in ICT

• Strong government commitment to e-government, commerce etc

• Strong community spirit


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• Future Internet can transform European Society

• Need to look beyond the technical challenges

• Build on the best of European society

– Cultural diversity

– Creativity

– Individualism and Rights

– Community and Collective responsibility

– Freedom of Expression and Tolerance

Citizen Centric : Learn from GDMO and Nuclear Debate

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Public Private Partnership

Provided by David Kennedy


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Utilities and Environment

Transport, Mobility and


Smart Energy



Maximising the Common enablers



� Examine the basic enablers in each area

� Determine the common enablers

� Determine the enhanced enablers

� Work out how to provide a core platform that supports the enablers

� Build it and show the world

� Use it in large scale trials and tests

� Use exisitng advanced infrastructures to test future Internet function

Large ScaleDemos

and trials

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Our recommendations for the


• Large scale projects• Integration will not happen in many small projects

• Flexibility in every stage• The future Internet is a hard target to follow

• Systematic approach to project selection• Projects must contribute to the programmme and uniquely address aspects

of the programme

• Facilitate open sharing of project foreground• IPR issues should not hinder collaboration

• Integrate sector competence with the ICT competence• The PPP target is to enhance all sectors with the Future Internet

• Lead by example: large scale trials and demos• Proving scalability and viability

• Synergy: build on existing results and resources• Time and scale dictate using what we have already achieved in Europe.

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Public Private Partnership Sponsors

• Our discusson Goals:

– Creating a community in 2010

– Invitations to workshops on applications, enablers, and infrastructures.

– Determining the focus points, challenges, and optimal structures

– Encouraging innovation in structures as well as projects

– Position paper by end of Year

– Workshops in the new year

• www.future-internet.eu

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Trust in Digital Life Partnership

• Set out a vision for trustworthy products relating to information and communications technology (ICT), including devices, applications, services, and infrastructures

• Foundering Members : Gemalto, Microsoft, Nokia and Philips

• Open for membership

• http://trustindigitallife.eu