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2. In Normandy, France,lived a duke calledWilliam the "bastard"1065 3. In England a childlessKing called Edward "theconfessor" died 4. Harold, the dead kingsbrother-in-law, tookpossession of the throne 5. But formerly Edward hadpromised William, the Dukeof Normandy, that hewould be his successor...So William wanted tobe King of England 6. This is the earliest comic strip in the world: the " Bayeux Tapestry ": QueenMatilda, Williams wife, tells us Harolds story 7. Harold, the new king,enjoyed his jobvery much ! 8. William determined tothrow him off the trone !His plan was to attackEngland from the SOUTHand the SAME DAY, hisfriend the King of Norway,richly rewarded, wouldattack from the NORTHHarold ???WilliamKing ofNorway 9. During that winter William ordered a great many ships to be built toinvade England...Hundred of trees were cut down... 10. On D day the Kingof Norway was alonewhen he attackedHarold near York becausein the south there was nowind at all! TheDukes sailing boatscouldnt move !?1066William 11. Harold and hisarmy, defeated theKing of Norway whoreturned home !NorwayHarold?William 12. Slowly the wind began blowing...so William could attack England from the south...butthere was no-one to fight against ? Nobody knew William was waiting in Hastings ! 13. Harold was verytired. It was badnews when he wastold that the Dukeof Normandyawaited him inHastingsHaroldHastingsWilliam 14. Harold had to fight buthe couldnt because hisarmy was exhausted ! Sohe decided to build asort of wooden castlenear Hastings to protecthimself. William didntknow what to do.Harold?William 15. Haroldwoods woods???William 16. HaroldWilliamhiddenarchersHiddenarchersAt night, he ordered his archers to hide in the woods 17. HaroldWilliamhiddenarchershiddenarchersWilliams archers didnt moveand a strange battle started... 18. Harold ???WilliamhiddenarchershiddenarchersWilliams archers didnt move !William pretended to run away fromthe battle like a coward 19. Harold didnt see the trap: he ran out to kill the enemiesHaroldWilliamhiddenarchershiddenarchersStill Williams archers didnt move ! 20. HaroldWilliamhiddenarchershiddenarchersSuddenly Williams archers sprang out !Williams soldiers turned around :Harold was trapped 21. A rough and bloody battle ! 22. Harold was killed,William,duke of Normandybecame the GreatKing of EnglandFrom this day onhe was called"William the Conqueror" Charlie 23. He ordered the building of the Tower of London -the White Tower- fromwhere he ruled a brand new England composed of many shires controlledby sheriffs...He decided the French Language would be the officiallanguage of England ! A strange story to be told ! 24. The best slideshowsCB