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The uses of 'will' and 'won't' in the future tense.

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2. Remember the old Im going to from last lesson? Well in many ways its exactly the same, except in CONVERSATION, where the CONTEXT is usually different: I WILL be vs. Im going to --I will be demonstrates a more definite decision, it shows that the person has made their mind up. Even the phrase sounds a bit more forceful! But of course, you can feel free to combine the two for even more effect! I will be going to the rugby this Saturday 3. Watch the video: 4. Did the use of I will make Liam Neeson sound determined? Can you remember what he said he would do? 5. OPTIMISM 6. PESSIMISM 7. BOOK ACTIVITY AND DISCUSSION 8. I will+ Verb= SentenceI willBe Go Do Fly Drive Float Bump Hop, skip and jump 9. I willHe/She will You will They willWe will 10. IMPORTANT! Ill Hell/Shell Youll TheyllWell 11. The Not so Sure Words- Vocab Although saying I will/Ill makes whatever youre going to do sound definite and completely decided upon, adding a few of these puppies (words!) into the sentence will surely make you sound a bit fickle-minded! -Maybe Perhaps I think so Probably If I can Hopefully 12. Scenarios/Question Time! Ive heard your friend Peter is thinking about taking a trip to Venezuela this summer. D you think he may actually go? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Do you think youll go on to succeed in life? Will you go to the party? What are you going to do tomorrow? My family and I were thinking of popping down town to do a bit of shopping. Do you reckon youll be able to join us? Will you or will you not be watching the World Cup next year? Why?