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understanding the risk

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An Operational ToolThis tool covers the users´need for a principally operative tool by means of the automatic input of data being easy to introduce with direct representation of results in 2D and 3D platforms. It is adapted for use in crisis situations due to its integration capa-city in Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Emergency Decision Support Systems (DSS)

The results are presented automatically in the form of reports, graphics and maps for direct use in firefighting operations.

It is a module of fiRESPONSE, having a direct relation to Risks, Alarms, Resources and Operations data.

A Tool Within the Reach of all UsersSimulate with a simple click

Contemporary tools require a high degree of specialization, tra-ining and time lost in the preparation of data. This is the main limitation in their implementation as fire propagation simu-lators. This problem is eradicated by its user friendly interface approach.

Immediate EvaluationsWildfire Analyst is designed to be used with a laptop or tablet pc in the wildfire command center or on the field, obtaining results below 120 seconds from the alarm.

Bombers GRAF (Gen. Catalunya)


What is Wildfi re Analyst?

It is the ultimate tool for use in the operational simulation of the propagation of forest fires.

The idea first emerged from the need for a specific tool which, at an operational level, would provide fast and simple, yet effi-cient simulation of forest fire behavior.

It is one of the services developed within the European Pre-view, Programme VI (I+D) framework, for the development of operational emergency tools (www.preview-risk.com).

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New Approaches to Technical IssuesDuring the simulation, Wildfire Analyst deals with firebreaks not as absolute barriers, but in relation to their width and type. It permits the edition of temporary firebreaks and specific fuels at any given moment.

It includes a model of high resolution winds called HDWF (High Definition Wind Field), based on finite elements, which fits the

topography, the roughness of fuels, weather prediction data and / or wind measures taken on the ground.

The results also generated on 3D which enables an immediate interpretation and analysis of the evaluated area.

What is Wildfire


1. High Defi nition Wind Field 2 . No eff ect of fi rebreaks3 . Firebreak´s moderate eff ect

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A Fully Adaptable ToolIt has full direct integration with any Emergency Management System based on GIS of ESRI™.

It enables the direct integration of other types of GIS informa-tion and meteorological prediction web based systems.

Preprocesed And Particular Data Inputs Wildfire Analyst allows to prepare scenarios with mixed raster and vector data. No need to process by the user. Everything is ready to simulate with no time consuming preparation tasks.

Tool ElementsThe present tool is based on the integration of four elements

· Output processor: reports, maps and 3D GIS layers

· High resolution wind generator.

· Rothermel’s based propagation models.

· Input data processor

Output DataWildfire Analyst allows the outputs users needs to get real time answers

√ fire simulation behavior graphics

a. flame length

b. flame intensity

c. rate of spread

An Evaluative ToolWildfire Analyst enables the reconstruction of the fire and, fur-thermore, re-analyses the modifications introduced, thus per-mitting future simulations of even greater efficiency.

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√ Automated analysis operational map

√ Static simulation results with calculation of out of su-

ppression capacity areas

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1. Rate of spread (ROS)2 . Fire intensity3 . Flame Length