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  • 1.Culinary and Agritourism Development Oregon Rural Tourism Studio Wild Rivers Coast November 2013

2. Agenda What makes food-related travel memorable? What is culinary and agricultural tourism? Demand: market trends and visitor profiles Supply: your assets Strategies: enhancing visitor experience Action plans and next steps 3. Call ahead. And reserve well in advance. Demand for agritourism exceeds supply. The Best Farm to Table Restaurants in the Pacific Northwest Conde Nast Traveler magazine, March 2013 4. What are we talking about? Culinary TourismNature recreationAgritourism 5. Detering Orchard, Harrisburg OregonAgritourism can include destinations primarily visited by locals, who bring friends and family 6. Wallowa County, OregonHeirloom beef, adding on-farm sales, educational tours, more 7. . . . connect with visitors as suppliers to chefsLocal farms with strong local customer base . . . 8. In Southern Oregon, Cathy and Sam Pennington nurture five children, 1880s heirloom berries and old-time backing traditions. -Country Living magazine 9. Leaping Lamb Farm Stay Alsea, Oregon 1 guest cabin, $250 per night, Booked all seasonThank you so much for sharing this most special place. You offer your guests the perfect holy trinity for renewal plenty of green space, silence, happy animals. 10. Hood River County, OregonFarm offers tours on request, but a primary business is offfarm sale of wool and yarn on-line and retail shop in downtown Hood River, a main tourist destination 11. Fairview Farms Goat Dairy, Dallas, OR (and Goat Museum)Visit the 200 square foot gallery, open Friday through Sunday in winter, for a glimpse of how humans relationship with goats has evolved over the past 10,000 years . . . - Via, AAA magazine The Food Issue, Nov 2013 12. Lodging, guides, special events: a destination experience in remote Fossil Oregon 13. Lavender festivals, harvest festivals. . .Easter lily festivals? 14. Food on the farm events, and private events (including celebrity weddings!) 15. Plate and Pitchfork: Farm to Table events 16. Expanded from Farm to Table events to outfitting tours: e.g. Six days on the salmon river, $2,795 per person, sold out! 17. County-wide self-guided loop tour, in Hood River County, over 20 years running. Associated festivals grew over time. 18. Artisan Foods, some with locally sourced ingredients 19. From artisan food sales to participatory artisan food 20. Chefs who feature high quality local foods 21. Prince Edward Island, CA- simple and fancy 22. Queen Charlotte Trek, New Zealand: Multi-day hike with awesome local foods and surprising culinary experiences 23. Catalysts Local farm tours to connect farms with each other and chefs/restaurants Self-guided tours and trails Packaged itineraries and experiences Technical assistance to farmers and food entrepreneurs Distinctive, meaningful branding Producer initiatives supported by community 24. Travel Oregon support activities 25. Demand Factors: Growth of the multi-cultured consumerfood as cultural experience Disconnect between urban and rural Renewed emphasis on family time Rejection of mass production; rise of artisan production Slow Foods and Buy local Environmental and health concerns Affluence trading up to better food Celebrity chefs and media 26. Food and education enthusiastsOutdoor recreation loversFamilies and special event fansColorado Cultural, Heritage and Agritourism Strategic PlanWho are we talking about? 27. Visitor Characteristics Agritourism Families Few with teenagers Moderate income Highly educated More day trippersCulinary Tourism Similar profile to outdoor recreation market DINKS and SINKS Age 35-64 Higher than average income and education Like heritage travelers, more likely to try many activities 28. Intentional vs. accidental 7%15%Deliberate Opportunistic Accidental 39%Uninterested 39%Prince Edward Island study 29. Seeking . . . Authenticity Variety Stories Active learning Animals Something to bring home Fun 30. Supply:Eat and Drink listings Bandon Brookings Gold Beach Langlois Port Orford Artisan Producers3Breweries1 1Coffee and Tea Culinary Experiences1 4Oregon Distilleries1 1Farmers Markets3121Oregon Food Trips1Picking and Foraging3121163Ranches Restaurants Seafood Wineries and Wine19 14 31. Most promising assets for future development? Building blocks for visitor experiences Consider market trends Consider visitor profile Consider WRC initial asset inventory 32. Connecting Assets to Create Awesome Visitor Experiences Public facilities and infrastructure Business services Signage and wayfinding Interpretation Marketing and communications Routes and Itineraries