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Transcript of Wikis And Podcasts Presentation

  • 1.
    • Wikis and Podcasts:
    • A Stimulus Package for
    • Student Teachers
  • 2. Big Ideas:
    • Current and future elementary and secondary students are technologically savvy; therefore, teachers of elementary and secondary students need to be technologically savvy.
    • Pre-service teachers need exposure to and experience with a variety of technology tools in order to feel comfortable using technology with their students.
    • Experimenting with technology helps pre-service teachers become more intuitive in the use of technology; therefore, pre-service teacher programs need to provide opportunities for experimenting.
  • 3. What in the world is a WIKI?
    • A wiki is a page to post useful resources.
    • The resources may be navigated via individual folders or pages, grouped by topics or themes.
    • Wikis are interactive and changes reflect the needs of the wiki community.
    • Wikis are often used for collaborative activities.
  • 4. UTSA Wikis
    • For our student teachers:
    • http://utsateacher/
    • For our student teacher supervisors:
  • 5. More information about Wikis
    • Wikispaces:
    • Wiki Walk Through:
    • Peanut Butter Wiki:
  • 6. What in the world is a PODCAST?
    • A podcast is a series of media files that are made available for download.
    • Software applications known as podcatchers can automatically identify and retrieve new files. Apple Inc.s iTunes is a podcatcher.
    • Downloaded files are stored on the users computer or other device for off line use.
  • 7. UTSA Podcasts:
    • Support for Teaching Podcast Series:
    • Educator Career Fair Video Project:
  • 8. Contact us for help! Ilna Colemere: [email_address] Janet Scott: [email_address]