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Professional Development Fall 2009

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Professional Development Fall 2009

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Wiki’s are easy to use. Web 2.0 Companies such as

Microsoft, Adobe and the FBI use wiki’s to collaborate on projects.

Wikipedia is a common wiki that most people know with over 13 million articles.

The name Wiki comes from the Wiki Wiki airport shuttle in Honolulu.

Wiki means quick.

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Allow for the easy creation and editing of web pages No extra software required Promotes meaningful topic

associations Meant to involve visitors

Collaboration tool Businesses and universities

use wiki’s as a place to collaborate on various projects.

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So Many! Where to start? "WYSIWYG" ("What You See Is What You Get") ▪ Ease of use

Linking Security (Public or Private) Controlling the changes made on our pages. Searchable Free

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Making Edits to a page is similar to using a word processor.

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It is easy to make links using Wiki’s Copy and Paste Link Button Click on Internal Links

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Wiki’s allow us to create the home page for our classrooms.

This gives us a place for our students to start that we control and can change to meet our needs.

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Wiki’s can be public or private. Private Wiki’s require a

password to see content. Public Wiki’s are open to the

public to see, but not edit. Usernames and passwords

can be created for our students. PBWiki does not require e-

mail addresses for passwords

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A main feature of wikis is the ability to undo changes made to a page.

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Wiki’s are searchable. There is a search field on each wiki page that will

allow you and your students to search the entire wiki as you would search the web.

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An opportunity for our students to collaborate on projects. This means our students can create pages within

our site. Increase our student’s knowledge of

technology as well as our own. A tool for assessing our students

understanding of a topic. A means to use links in the curriculum in our


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Free? Many features are free. Additional features cost $.

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Wiki’s allow our students to collaborate and to see what other students create in a controlled environment.

Students are interested in seeing other student work.

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Our students will be competing in the future for jobs that require them to use technology.

Increase problem solving skills. Motivation Self-Esteem Wiki’s give them the ability to become

familiar with web technologies.

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Wiki’s give us another tool for assessing our students understanding of a topic. Online Quizzes Creating web pages of topics discussed. Seeing where our students find their information.▪ How did they use the information?

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Wiki’s will easily allow us to use the links from the curriculum and other web pages.

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