Why You Should Buy Art Online?

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Why You Should Buy Art Online?

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Transcript of Why You Should Buy Art Online?

  • 1. Why You Should Buy Art Online?
  • 2. Three stories of four people who wanted to buy art and didnt know how Alex is decorating his home and wants to buy art for his blank walls. A close friend has suggested that he buy affordable art online since he doesnt have time to visit galleries and studios.
  • 3. Yet Alex is nervous. He doesnt want to make a mistake or look foolish to his friend. Most of all he doesnt want to be ripped off buying art online and end up with a cheap knock off. There are so many artists websites he likes but he cant decide which pieces are right for him and his space.
  • 4. Grace has always bought budget art from franchise stores. After two years it starts to fade or go out of fashion. Eventually its thrown out with the hard rubbish. Grace knows its wasteful and that she has spent more money in fifteen years buying cheap than if she had just purchased a few quality pieces that she would keep forever. She sees the beautiful art on home makeover shows and wishes she had the courage to make that larger investment.
  • 5. Hank and Maria grew up in Australia and met each other at University. They graduated, got married and now live overseas. They have just shared the exciting news with their friends and family back home that they are expecting their first child and have bought a family home. They are nostalgic for some Australian art for their home, something that can be a family heirloom for their first born child.
  • 6. Their friends and relatives are asking what gifts they need as a house warming and they are thinking a contribution towards artwork would be perfect. Thankfully they all found online art gallery Art to Art. On the Art to Art website there is a carefully curated range of artworks by reputable and credible Australian artists.
  • 7. Browsing art online in the comfort of his home at night Alex found the Art to Art website and immediately felt captured by the graphic prints of Nicholas Goodwolf, a German born artist and with prints in collections around the world. He was able to buy four pieces within his budget and now has his eye on an original acrylic painting by artist John Cottrell.
  • 8. Grace summoned her courage and contacted Art to Art about their Art InSitu service. As Grace was telling her friends last week, it was so easy. All she had to do was email photos of her rooms, answer questions about her likes and dislikes and set her budget. Art to Art emailed her a choice of six artworks and examples of how they would look on her own walls, matched to her criteria. Choosing a piece she loved was even easier! Art to Art delivered them safely to her door and even provided hanging tips.
  • 9. Graces chose a Rosa Purbrick acrylic on linen. It is very restorative; she can lose herself in it for long moments at a time. Marias mum went into action and organised a group gift voucher from Art to Art for Hank and Maria to buy art as they wished. They secured a wonderful piece by Indigenous Artist Kudditji Kngwarreye.
  • 10. The piece was shipped door to door with a Certificate of Authenticity and has pride of place in their foyer, where every visitor to the house is amazed by the colours and texture. They think they may have stared a trend among their American friends to buy art online from Art to Art.
  • 11. Contact us 130 Bulleen Road, Balwyn North VIC 3104 Australia P. 03 9859 6040 M. 0413 945 249 [email protected] http://arttoart.com.au/