Why We Wireframe: Progress of Process

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The relevance and efficacy of wireframing has been hotly debated for a few years now...but its just a tool like any other. Its how you use it that matters. Leveraging a strong wireframing practice as an integral aspect of any creative process can have more impact than on the digital products you are creating. It can help shape your entire business. Talk adaptation can be found here: http://www.idiom.co/progress-process-wireframe/

Transcript of Why We Wireframe: Progress of Process

  • 1. Wireframing" has been around for a while

2. It is the functional blueprint of our interactive systems.low fidelity (sketching/ideation -> blocking)mid fidelity (clickable mockups/coded prototypes)content population/ design integration 3. Marketing-Based/Informational WebsiteOur ApproachInitial MeetingNeeds AssementResearch / Strategy / Site Outline Site Map PlanningWireframes User Flow IA/ UX MoodboardsContent ArchitectureHome Page ArtworkLanding/Detail Page(s) ArtworkLaunchValidationCodingBrowser & Platform TestingContent Outline/ DefinitionSearch Engine SubmissionContent Population / Optimization RefinementKICK OFFPLANNINGCONTENTDESIGNDEVELOPMENTLAUNCHOPTIMIZATION 4. PRODUCT FUNCTIONALITYThe Sticky Function Wireframing is Data/Design Glue Wireframing is the connection between the research and planning, and design phases. !Makes the "why?" drive the engagement !Stay focused on project goalsIteratively anticipate and design user interactions and validates usability. !Translates documentation into visual languagePushes usability to the forefrontImproves functionality/ improves design 5. CLIENT RELATIONSHIPSRemoving Roadblocks Wireframes improve client relationships An engaged client is a better client. ! Improves communication Lessens design pushback -clients involved will be better informed about the design and feel they have contributed to its creation.Increases the value to the client, benefits the end product. !Client investment = validationMake the project easier. !Project Road-mapping. 6. INTERNAL BENEFITSProcess. Process. Process. Wireframes improve internal functionality Everyone gets involved early = more functional teamsMore exploration = more successful product.!!Establishes Visual LanguageCollaboration leads to breakthroughsWireframe for different user groups, objectives and brand valuesWide range of approaches can be refined, discarded, or combined for more effective solutionsEveryone is on the same page!Creates space for the sole prop/freelancerConcurrent design and development + an early testing platform. 7. BUSINESS BENEFITSAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Saves time and moneyProactive Engagement!! Identifies functionality early Easier changesControl the perceived value of your services and deliverables - tangible and intangible!Limits late stage scope creep Measure twice, cut once- It is more expensive to change existing work than build it right first time.Better client relationshipsBetter, collaborative work environment Transition from cost-oriented towards value-based pricing !credible positioning, deep experience, & strong client relationships 8. Thank You!INTERACTIVEhttp://idiom.co @idiom_Free Resources konigi.com wireframe.cc* Invisionapp*Paid Resources Solidifyapp Axure