Why united states automakers should change

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Transcript of Why united states automakers should change

  • Every Vehicle, a Hybrid Vehicle Kellen Ober

  • Background250 million registered cars in the United States.Vast majority of cars contain gasoline combustion engines.Gasoline Combustion engines emit greenhouse gases.

  • What can we do?Petition for automakers to create only eco-friendly lineups of cars.Three most viable options: biofuels, electric motor vehicles, and hybrids.All three are great options but a hybrid overhaul is the best.

  • BiofuelsRefer to any solid or liquid that comes from Biomass (Lucas).Come from plants that are easily replenished and abundant.No major changes in the development of current vehicles.Reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 29% (Ethanol Facts).

  • Problems with BiofuelsHighly subsidized.Competes with a food source.Takes land to grow.

  • Electric Motor VehiclesNo net greenhouse gas emissions come directly from the vehicle.Consumer savings*.

  • Problems with the Electric Motor VehicleNew development needed, never a mass produced electric vehicle. Therefore, costs lots of $.

  • Problems ContdAlso highly subsidized.Such an example would be the Chevrolet EV1 project. A group of electric cars where sold at an extreme below market value price of $36,000 when the actual cost of the vehicle was well over $100,000 (Cogan 2010). So, government can only release small number of electric vehicles to people at a reasonable price.

  • Hybrid VehiclesUse a combination of gasoline and battery power.Great fuel economy.Less emissions than pure gasoline consuming car*.Government tax incentives of up to $3400 (New Energy Tax Credits for Hybrids).Cost only slightly more than average car.

  • ProblemsStill emits greenhouse gases.As population rises, greenhouse gas levels would be the same a few years down the road.Still dependent on fossil fuels.

  • HoweverThe infrastructure of the current United States energy system is favorable to the development and mass production of hybrid vehicles.Electric Vehicles produce a change in the source of emissions.Biofuels are just too costly at the moment*.

  • SoA hybrid vehicle is the only option for a complete vehicle overhaul.

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