Why Parents think that child care sage should be important for child? Bright Start Academy

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Child care sage seems to be an important part of child care center which helps the children to feel homely and safe. At this point they can learn and enjoy more if they feel that they are at home. Bright Start Academy provides child care sage services.

Transcript of Why Parents think that child care sage should be important for child? Bright Start Academy

  • Childcare Sage For Children To Feel Like Home
  • At Bright Start Academy, we want you to feel as welcome in our center as the children that you leave in our care! Want only the best for your child. That's why we've invested inChildcare Sage at our center! Childcare Sage is a new software program that is designed to open up communication between parents and service provider.
  • At Bright Start Academy, we know that communication between our staff and our families is a key component to a successful partnership for your child. That's what makes you so comfortable and confident about leaving your child in our care! That's why we have invested in Childcare Sage, a new software program designed to open up communication between your child care provider and you.
  • Through this program we can share with you information with you about your child's day and about our programming and you can provide us with important information about your child. And since Childcare Sage utilizes full-color images of both you and your child, it gives us another security measure to better ensure your child's safety. With the addition of this software, you know more about your child's day, and we can keep your child safer than ever before!
  • Your child's safety is our first priority, and we want to ensure that your information stays in our center. That's why we chose Childcare Sage! It isn't an internet-based program, but software that is installed in our system, and our system only. It's secured with a "PIN" number that only you and your child care provider can access.
  • You can rest assured that your child's image and personal information is not being shared with anyone outside of our center, without your consent. When you sign your child in, The Child/Staff Information screen includes a "Pick-Up Persons" tab that includes full-color images and contact information of up to four persons authorized to pick your child up.
  • This provides you, and us, with just one more way we can ensure that your child is only going home with safe people who you have approved. In addition to an additional safety feature, Childcare Sage can help track and document about your child. You can choose from a variety of options to see or send information about your child and our center. The Contact Journal screen helps us to better communicate with you about your child's day.
  • Your child care provider can post progress reports, incident records, and activities for you to see at any time, letting you know what's been going on in our classroom, as well as any important information you may need. The Complete Journal Keeping screen keeps and maintains attendance records, so we can both keep track of what days your child is in our center, and for how long.
  • The Time clock program allows your child care provider to leave general notes and messages for parents, while allowing you to send us messages, keeping the lines of communication open even when a particular staff member is not available to immediately speak to you. And that's just a few of the new options that are available to keep us both better informed, and up-to-date!
  • Bright Start Academy is committed to keeping you in the loop about what's going on in our center. After all, you've placed your child in our care! Having another way to open the lines of communication between your child care provider and you, builds a more successful relationship...which makes for a more successful experience for your child.
  • That's why we are continuously upgrading and updating to ensure our community of parents and children are safe, informed, and happy. Seeing you and your child happy is our goal, every single day!
  • Contact Us: Bright Start Academy 864 Homefield Blvd. OFallon MO Or call us at 636-379-2600 Or mail us at : [email protected]