Why is internet’s Democracy Rebirth so Sexy?

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What are the habits of the internet users as presented through a prism of politics' perception, voter turnout and relationship with other, traditional media. Everything from video consumption, to social media and e-commerce is investigated in depth to give a rounded picture of today's internet user (voter). How internet changed democracy, and what are the benefits of two way communication for brands and political parties? We will provoke the question; are we changing quickly enough our own organisations and our activities to manage, service and support our parties most effectively in a period of low budgets? How to strategize, plan, organise and measure internet activities? How can we make use of the multimedia, web pages and social networks to encourage people to influence campaigns, political decisions and certain fundamental social changes by using such communication channels? From strategy development and conversation monitoring to promotions and contests, we’ll cover it all! How to use interactive reach channels to help users discover your messages, how to grow your business and online presence. Using examples of good and bad practice, we will find out how to build the right strategy.