Why Geneva English School is so unique ?

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Geneva English School, where life-long learning begins. A not-for-profit day school for boys and girls aged 3-11 years. Established in 1961. 40 teachers and assistants. Strong French department. Unique green surrounding near Geneva. Superb facilities. Wide range of cultural & sporting activities. Bus service. Hot lunches. After-school care. Children are well prepared for a variety of secondary education options. First Swiss school accredited by the Independent School Inspectorate. Geneva English School, where else ?

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  • 1. Where life-long learning begins

2. Welcome Geneva English School is a happy and thriving co-educational school community set in grounds overlooking Lake Geneva for children aged 3 to 11. The school was founded in 1961 with just half a dozen pupils in a church hall in Geneva. It has been on its current site, a 19th century estate in the leafy suburb of Genthod, since 1989. Our mission is to provide an outstanding British-based primary education in an international community where boys and girls learn, achieve and grow together in an inspiring, purposeful, happy and enriching environment. Our curriculum is based on the English National Curriculum and includes a strong French programme for all groups throughout the week. We are very British but very international too and prepare our pupils for 11+ education in a range of local schools as well as options back in the UK and elsewhere. We are very proud to be leading the school through the 21st century, enjoying new facilities that enable us to pay close attention, not only to each childs individual academic progress, but also to individual personal development. We are often told that Geneva English School pupils are extremely well prepared academically but also have great social confidence. Nothing can match a personal visit and you are warmly invited to experience our atmosphere for yourself. We look forward to meeting you!Stephen Baird, Headmaster2 3. Values Geneva English School started life in 1961 as a small, family-run school for just a few children. Its aim was to provide a happy, creative and inspirational learning environment in which all children had the chance to flourish according to their unique talents and abilities. Since then, weve grown to several acres, a suite of buildings, some brand new facilities and over two hundred pupils. That we have grown over the years is a measure of our success; that we have held to our original vision is what makes that success possible.Community Learning to live, work and play together; being happy and safe; feeling good about ourselves; understanding the individual importance of everyone and our own contributions; learning to be responsible citizens at Geneva English School and in the wider world. Respect Celebrating our differences, whether cultural, physical, faith, race or opinion; appreciating our similarities. Opportunity Being the best we can be in all we do; pursuing excellence in our learning; having the motivation to make the most of the openings and chances that come our way at Geneva English School. Integrity Being open, honest and truthful to ourselves and others; having the moral strength to make the right choices. Teamwork Working with co-operation, purpose and commitment to achieve together. Courage Tackling new challenges with determination; growing in independence, with the confidence to try things even if they might be difficult; never giving up.3 4. The SettingOur extensive secluded grounds provide ample space for a wide variety of sports and recreational activities. The football pitch and athletics tracks are much in use on a daily basis, while the quiet woodlands offer a different ambience for play and picnics. The central playground, meanwhile, is where the school gathers at the beginning and end of each day, with pupils, parents and teachers able to meet and mingle.Located in the leafy suburb of Genthod on the Jura side of Lake Geneva, the school enjoys spacious lawns, calm woodlands and some stunning views.Its easy just to fall in love with the grounds, the space, the setting. This must be the best ever backdrop to childhood! 4Parent 5. Learning for lifeOur focus on interactive, child-centred teaching means that all children receive the attention they need to develop as fully rounded individuals. Supported by all the latest in technology, along with highly qualified, dedicated and talented teachers, our aim is to bring out the potential of each child to produce life-long learners who can approach any challenge with enthusiasm, confidence and a strong foundation in the academic curriculum.The children are confident to be the age they are. They enjoy being children and enjoy the discovery of learning. ParentA creative education means the encouragement of questioning, intelligent enquiry, and a natural curiosity that serves our pupils for life.We run an extensive Gifted and Talented programme for exceptionally able pupils, along with a dedicated learning support teacher to make sure that all pupils get the most from their time at GES. By the time they leave us, our pupils are confident learners, fully grounded in all the major subjects, with a wide interest in sports, the arts, and other extra-curricular activities. GES children have gone on to some of the most prestigious schools and universities.5 6. Inspiring creativityA varied programme of artistic activity, including (among many others) painting, drawing, music, drama, dance, sewing and clay-making, is a vital part of each school day. All the children take part in music and drama, with music theory included in the classroom, and ample provision made for visiting tutors to develop individual talents. Our annual stage production brings the whole school and wider community together in a celebration of the childrens achievements. Every child is given the chance to perform either as a soloist or in ensembles. Our Christmas concert, meanwhile, is one of the highlights of the school year.A school that sings is a happy school. You can hear the joy here every day. ParentThe arts have always played a central role in life at GES. Through creative expression, the children develop confidence, emotional well-being and self-discipline. Of course, they also have great fun.6 7. Aspiring to successPhysical exercise provides a strong foundation for good health, along with the essential qualities of co-operation, sportsmanship and personal endeavour. Although we participate in local competitions and have some competitions ourselves, the emphasis is on participation and effort in a safe, encouraging environment. We rotate our games throughout the term to maintain a balanced variety of sport. Athletics, cross-country running, court games and gymnastics make full use of our extensive grounds and purpose-built gym, while football is a popular choice on Saturday morning in the autumn and summer terms. Our location gives us easy access to some of the finest skiing in the world.I remember I was very sad when leaving the school and all my friends. It was such a great time I will never forget. Former StudentAll children are given the opportunity to try different sports on a regular basis and to develop their abilities, whether they just enjoy the games or have the makings of an Olympian!7 8. Challengingin many waysWe aim to provide a varied, stimulating and adventurous day of learning both inside and outside the classroom. We believe that all children should be given the means to pursue their interests and develop their talents, to try out new crafts and hobbies, and to engage with a constant process of discovery. Our broad range of lunchtime and after-school clubs covers everything from Athletics to Football, Netball, Dance, ICT, Chess, Art, Judo, Cookery and more. Whatever your childs interest, we have a club to match. And if you wish your children to experiment new things, go beyond, or simply be assisted with their homework, our after school care, The Club, is definitely the place for them. Daily lessons in French from our dedicated language department enrich the childrens sense of place and community, with a modern, vibrant international city on our doorstep.A wide choice of extra-curricular activities helps the children grow as fully rounded individuals, confident in themselves, with a taste for new knowledge and enthusiasm for lifes adventure.A favourite feature of our curriculum is the residential programme in the summer term. In spectacular locations in Switzerland and France, children engage in outdoor pursuits and activities linked to their learning.My child has blossomed here. Parent8 9. Becomingcitizens of the worldWe encourage our pupils to be aware of the world around them so they can become active citizens. This sense of responsibility extends from their immediate classmates to the school as a whole, from the local community to the world beyond.If Scholarship is at the heart of the classroom, Citizenship is the heart of the school.Children are involved in charitable projects, including Terre des Hommes, a worldwide federation which actively supports the welfare of children internationally. Also Le Don Du Choeur, which provides resources for children in need around the world. Recently, our choir took part in a fund-raising concert for Kenya, performing to an audience of more than 1,400 people.To see how the children respond with such generosity and compassion to deserving causes is an inspiration to all of us. GES Staff Member 9 10. Moving forwardMoving in With over half our families here on a temporary basis, we know all about the opportunities and challenges of transition. In fact many of our staff have been through the process themselves. Its not always easy, but we can certainly make it easier. Our Class Rep system ensures that you have a warm welcome from current parents as well as from the school.I arrived a little bit nervous but within just a day or two felt that I, and my children, truly belonged here. ParentFor children, it is especially important that they quickly feel welcomed, supported and understood in their new school by new friends. Every new pupil has at least one buddy, chosen by the class teacher to help the settling process.Moving on Moving on can also bring challenges. Whether youre going back to the UK or elsewhere in the world, or your children are taking the next step in their education locally, well work with your to prepare your child for change. Their time with us will stand them in good stead wherever they go. Our creative and thorough approach to the classroom makes for natural learners able to adapt to any method. Were told that GES pupils are known for their self-assurance, academic proficiency and strong sense of community - qualities all good schools look for and qualities that will last for life.10 11. Why Geneva English School ? why it matters!Prospective parents often ask us what is distinctive about Geneva English School. Here are some of the top reasons: Individual and personal pupil development in a small size school Dynamic, inspiring and enthusiastic teachers Curriculum based on the English National Curriculum Strong French department Happy children in an inspirational learning environment We like to say that Geneva English School is where life-long learning begins.Our focus has always been on the development of the whole child, both academically and emotionally. We believe that all children have a unique gift, something that makes them individually special and that it is our responsibility to discover that quality and allow them to shine.When I talk to my old friends from GES days and mention GES, its always: GES! Yes! Former Student 11 12. Picture taken from school windowGeneva English School is small enough to enjoy a warm family atmosphere, in which everybody knows everybody, yet large enough to provide the benefits of a wider community. We are a happy school that places pupil welfare at the forefront of our work. We believe that content, confident children at ease with their peers and eager for new knowledge will always flourish academically. It is said that there is a very special atmosphere here at the school. Some of that comes from our beautiful setting. Much of it comes from our highly talented and dedicated teachers. But most of it is apparent in the cheerfulness and enthusiasm of our children as they go about their day, secure in a caring environment, inspired by the many opportunities available to them, and sure of the finest education that Geneva has to offer. Of course, there is nothing like experiencing it for yourself. We would be delighted to meet you and your child and show you around.Geneva English School, Route de Malagny 36, 1294 Genthod, Switzerland Phone:+41 22 775 04 40 | [email protected] | www.geschool.chAGBISSupporting Governing Bodies of Independent Schoolswww.cobis.org.ukwww.agbis.org.ukwww.sgischools.comwww.agep.chwww.procert.chwww.swiss-schools.ch