Why Dont People Like Me

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Why don't the people in Wyoming, Greenland, Belarus, or Mongolia like me? This presentation is a six month report card on my blogging and business. By looking at a few facts I've learned what is working in my online world and what can be improved

Transcript of Why Dont People Like Me

  • 1.Why Dont The People in Wyoming, Greenland,Belarus, & Mongolia Like Me? A Report Card on My Blog andBusiness Performance for Past Six Months

2. Its always important to go back andtake a honest assessment of how you are really performing For the past six months Ive given myself a B- Whats your grade? 3. What Are The Metrics I Use to Grade My Performance?1. Business Revenue Cash is always King! 2. Blog Metrics Is my message resonating? Am I converting traffic into business?3. Am I Having Fun? Do I really enjoy what Im doing? 4. Cash is Always King I run a corporate development consulting business Leverage blogging and social media to get leads Strong correlation blog/social media performance with my revenues and profits Monthly P&L Bank Cash Balance2009 has been tough but Ive been able to sustain revenues/profits and build cash. 5. Blog Metrics 6. Two Types of MetricsMetrics That Matter to Me Daily Visitors Average Time on Site Visitor Conversion to Money PagesMetrics That Are Interesting, but Dont Directly Drive $$$ Visitors by Geography Traffic Sources Search Terms Blog Post Popularity Each web business has a few metrics that are important to them. Youhave to decide what is relevant for your business. These metrics happen to work for me but probably wont for most businesses 7. Metrics That Matter for Me Daily visitors = exposing my message to new people Historically 72% New / 28% Returning Time on Site = relative interest in my content Typical post consumed in 30 to 50 seconds > 1 minute 20 seconds critical in my business Money Pages are pages about me andmy services People that read other content and thenread a Money Page are my bestprospects for new business 8. New Visitors Come In Here A Money Page contains specificcontent about my firms credentials,capabilities, and experience Goal of the Money Pages is to converta casual reader into a consulting prospect On a daily basis, 10% of visitors convertto one or more Money Pages ~2.7% of conversions result in some typeof business discussionMoney Page Or, 0.27% of all visitors become a new salesprospect for meFunnel Consulting Prospects Come Out Here 9. Some Fun Metrics 10. Im pretty popular in the United States Greenland, Belarus, Mongolia, & Most ofAfrica is a bit tough for me . . . . 11. Twitter Follower Geographic DistributionYes, ThatsMongolia Its a little odd to me that no one from Mongolia has read my blog but I have dozens of MongolianTwitter followers . . . . . . . 12. I live in Atlanta, so that explains Georgia New York is the private equity capital of the USA Massachusetts, California, Austin are Tech Hotbeds I wonder why no one in Wyoming likes me? 13. >25 Visits from Specific Cities Im definitely more of an East Coast vs West Coastkind-of-guy Maybe my global reach isnt so big after all . . . 14. Google Search is my best friend TechCrunch is always good for some link-bait Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn ~10% SpatiallyRelevant.org is patiently teaching mehow to leverage all these tools 15. A Few Words About SpatiallyRelevant.org spatially relevant Alltop 25 Branding Blog Alltop 25 Product Management Blog 20+ Speaking Engagements a Year 200+ RSS Readers 2,370 Twitter Followers. 2,655 updates 32,780 people have viewed his presentations on slideshare.net(Im only up to 973)Spatially has been kind enough to mentor me over the past six months. Before his intervention I averaged 5 views a day. I wouldhave never gotten the leads that turned into gigs if Spatially had not taught me how to build demand via the web 16. Owning a couple of Google search terms is handy Calculating Enterprise Values is one of mine Over 1/3rd of My Traffic is driven by people lookingto figure out how to calculate the enterprise valueof public and private companies 17. DevelopmentCorporate.com Blog Post % Page Views How to Calculate the Enterprise Value of Private Companies18.6% How to Calculate Enterprise Value 17.9% Why Google Employees Quit, Why Web 2.0 is Over, & Why Your Newborn Needs A Gmail Account7.7% The Cost of Financial Illiteracy7.1% Carlyle Group:How the Global Credit Meltdown has Changed the World of Private Equity6.6% Harvard Business Review - How to Outperform During This Recession 5.6% Mary Meeker, Morgan Stanley quot;Queen of the Net: Economy + Internet Trendsquot; 4.7% How Much Are Mashable.com, DrudgeReport.com, & Gawker.com Worth?4.2% The Hedge Fund Transparency Act or quot;We have to Disclose WHAT to the SEC!quot; 3.9% Cheating the Shorty Awards, Cerberus Layoffs, & Obama's Gatling Gun Suburban3.8% John C. Mecke | DevelopmentCorporate2.9% About Us | DevelopmentCorporate 2.6% What Does a Trillion Dollars Really Look Like?2.3% SaaS Revenue Primer: Flux Analysis2.1% I Wish I Knew How to Monetize Social Media1.7% SaaS Revenue Primer: Tiering Analysis 1.6% Monetizing Social Media: CiscoFatty.com 1.5% If I were the Twitter Product Manager for a Day . . 1.4% How to Pitch a VC the Marc Andreessen Way (aka Pitching Hacks at Stanford)1.4% Debunking Layoff Myths1.3% A 2009 Prescription for Venture Capital & Private Equity1.3% Heres a list of my top 25 posts The two main Money Pages are John C. Mecke(resume & bio) and About Us (credentials /experience) 18. Now for the Last Question:Am I Having Fun? 19. I am like a kid in a candy store. In the past six months Ive rediscovered my love for writing and story telling and Ive been able to use those skillsto drive new gigs for my business