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  • 1. Topic: familySubtitle: whose camera is it?Book: lesson 2, Unit 5, English 2Content: (possession, pronouns, verb+2objects) Teacher: Enkhzul

2. Possessions We use possessive adjectives (my, your, his, her, its,their) or add s to a noun or name to show thatsomeone has something. s .Example:1. This is Bolds book. This is his book. This book isBolds.2. These are Sues pencils. These are her pencils.They are Sues 3. Possessive LynnesLynnes MyMine Your Yours His His Her Hers ItsIts OurOurs Their Theirs WhoseWhose 4. family!1.My brother is a soccer fan.a. His b. Herfavorite sport is soccer. 5. Lets practice the members of thefamily!3. My neighbor is a painter.a. His b. Her hobby is painting. 6. Lets practice the members of thefamily!My sister is a rock fan. a. His b. Her favorite music is rock 7. Lets practice the members of thefamily!4. My new frien Daniel is a nice surfer.a. His b. Her favorite sport is surf. 8. Possessive adjectives withthe verb to be Part 2 9. Task - Write sentences (two where is possible)using the relations below. Look at the example: e.g.: This is Marys book. This is her book.1.2. Ms Brown - carPam and Stanley - bed 10. 3. Sarah - teddy bear4. Sam - goldfish5.Carol - cat 11. 6. the boys - homework7.we - house 12. Task- Here you can see mixed sentences. Write down the correct sentences.1) is / photo / that / our.2) are / eyes / blue / her.3) here / apple / is / your.4) is / today / birthday / his.5) small / windows / are / its.6) my / this / umbrella / big / is.7) there / black / your / is / pencil.8) are / my / these / friends / children.9) new / there / their / are / bags.10) boxes / arent / our / those / old. 13. Homework Page: 40 and 41Exercises: 2 and 4c