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items available on a limited basis. vendors should contact 801-908-8111 ext. 127

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just imagine.


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2 888 908 8111

001324Paper Punch - Large 28mm

Twist Headbands

002491 Qty: 3To be used with Twist Daddies Black, White, Pink

Twist Daddies

002486 16mmTwist Daddies - Small 10 sets

002487 22mmTwist Daddies - Medium 8 sets

002488 28mmTwist Daddies -Large 6 sets

002489 6 clipsWhite 1 3/4"To be used with Twist Daddies

Twist Alligator Clips

Make your own interchangable fashion statement by creating a custom topper and twist it on to the post on headbands, or alligator clips.

Get creative! Design your own twist cover, build it with the i-top tool and easily twist it onto any i-top headband with any combination of flowers and custom center.

This is the perfect way to show off your new embellishment. Create your center, add flowers and voilá you can wear it in your hair or clip it anywhere.

003511 2 pairs Earring Kit 16mmMagnet daddies sold separately

004015 3 pcs Silver Plated Necklace 18 inch chain 1 large, 1 medium pendant with jump ringsMagnet daddies sold separately

004016 3 pcs Necklace 18 inch chain 1 large, 1 medium pendant with jump ringsMagnet daddies sold separately

004017 1 pc Bracelet 8"Cupronickel PlatedButton daddies and Pendants sold separately

004018 4 pcs Variety Pack 2 large, 2 medium pendants with jump ringsMagnet daddies sold separately

And to complete your jewelry collection... parts to use in along with your magnet daddies to create earrings, and necklaces. And since they are magnets, you can switch them out any time you want. Then make bracelets with button daddies.

Customize your ears to match the occasion the choices are limitless. These findings work with the medium magnet daddies.

What a perfect way to match your outfit exactly! Choose either the large or medium pendant on this lovely silver plated chain, and add your own embellishment.

Bright and colorful, demur and sophisticated, or maybe just cute and goofy... you choose. Attach i-top buttons or use the variety pendants.

So many choices, so many options... put these on a chain, a cord, or maybe a ribbon. Or create your own earring with hooks or hoops.

Earring Kit

Necklaces Bracelet

Variety Pack

welcome to our Imaginisce Outlet Catalog. In order to have room in our warehouse for all the new and innovative products we are working on, we need to

clear some space. So we moved some of our older products over to this Outlet Catalog and marked them down

at substantial discounts. Still great products, just with limited quantities. So check out the deals and order fast,

because once they are gone... they are gone.

But don't worry, there's always new and innovative stuff in the works coming your way.

Paper Punches

Punch out the perfect paper shape for your next brad, button, magnet, badge, twist or snap topper.

Create brads, buttons and more™

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3imaginisce.com • 2013

002988 300 psc.Red 2.5mm & 4mm

002989 300 psc.Black 2.5mm & 4mm

002993 300 psc.Masculine 4mm Blue, Green, Brown

002996 800 gems Rhinestuds 3mm & 4mm Silver, Black, Red, Green, Blue, PInk

Glam Rocks

Bulk Daddies

What's better than adding sparkles to your projects? That would be adding shiney things at a great discount. We have three different kissable gems in this offering along with a set of jewel setter stixs!

Have you had the feeling that if your customers could just see how much fun it is to use the i-top tool, they would be hooked for life? Here you go! Buy these bulk packs made specifically for teaching classes. Or perhaps just always ready for an instant demo.

002275 4 psc.Jewel Setter Sticks


Tuck it in your purse, or even in the glove box of your car. This compact is a real beauty! Each mini hot rock is self-adhesive and just needs a touch of heat from the i-rock tool to totally dress up any project. And you get 800 or more of them! Lucky you!

BULK1-002179 50 sets Magnet Daddies - Medium 22mm

Whoa! This i-top tool ROCKS! Now super strong Magnet Daddies. Make a super strong magnet out of your favorite photo, fabric or paper!

Magnet Daddies

BULK2-001311 50 sets Brad Daddies - Small 16mm

Brad Daddies

You’re a grown up now. It’s time to start dressing your brads however you want! (And you don’t have to clean your room, either!)

BULK2-001313 50 sets Brad Daddies - Large 28mm

BULK3-002183 50 sets Badge Daddies - Large 28mm

“Vote for i-top!” Badge Daddies are the bomb. One for Susie's back pack and one more for each of her friends'.

Badge Daddies

BULK3-002185 50 sets Button Daddies - Medium 22mm

Cloth wraps ever so smoothly around the i-top shells. The charm of homemade buttons is BACK!

Button Daddies

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4 888 908 8111

These shiny motifs are ready to go! Apply them to clothes, cards, and projects and you've got instant glam. Works perfectly with the i-rock mini Iron.

003502 2 1/2" x 3 3/4''Bling! Bling! Bling!

003503 2 1/2" x 4 1/4''Swirly Whirly

Iron-On Bling Motifs

003506 2 3/8" x 2 3/8''Fleur de Bling

003504 2 1/4" x 3 1/2''Queen Bee

i-rock Mini Iron

Handle folds flat for easy storage! (cord not shown)

With its collapsible handle and compact size, portability is a cinch! Take this mini iron to crops and quickly apply new iron-on bling to your projects. Better yet, use this iron with the i-rock stencil kits! Just set up the stencil and apply heat! Presto! A perfect project every time!

Never lose your i-rock bling again! This pad has the perfect amount of grip to keep your gems from getting lost. Just pour your precious bling onto the mat, and they stay put, until you need them.

003508 Qty 1Bling Pad 4 1/4" x 4 1/4"

Bling Pad

003513 Qty 1i-rock Mini Iron 2 1/2" x 4" x 2 3/4"

002999 Bracket & Border, 4" x 6'' 4 pink, 4 blue flowers, 1.5'' 100 gems 2mm–6mmclear, blue, pink

002998 Crown, 4" x 6'' 4 dark pink, 4 pink flowers, 1.5'' 100 gems 2mm–6mmclear, dark pink, pink

002997 Small Flourishes, 4" x 6'' 4 pink, 4 white flowers, 1.5'' 100 gems 2mm–6mmblack, clear, pink

002265 Frames stencil, 4" x 6'' 4 purple, 4 pink flowers, 1.5'' 100 gems 2mm–6mmpink, purple, clear

002261 Flowers stencil, 4" x 6'' 4 black, 4 pink flowers, 1.5'' 100 gems 2mm–6mmpink, black, clear

002262 Swirls stencil, 4" x 6'' 4 green, 4 pink flowers, 1.5'' 100 gems 2mm–6mmpink, green, clear

i•rock Stencil Kits

Everybody’s dying to know, “How do you make these stunning designs?” You and I know the magic is a stencil—perfect placement every time. But don’t worry, I won’t say a thing. It’ll be our little secret!

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5imaginisce.com • 2013

Watch how easy they are to make.

003040 Fabric Roly Rosies—Denim 6 Flowers 3 styles, 2 of each

003041 Fabric Roly Rosies—Pinks 6 Flowers 3 styles, 2 of each

Fabric Roly Rosies

Check out the most beautiful way to add dimension to your quilting project—gorgeous and easy roly rosies! Just begin in the middle of these pre-cut and reinforced fabric flowers and start rollin’!

003044 4 badges 1" dia. x 1 3/4"

Badge/Pin Combo

Now that you've made your lovely Roly Rosie or Pop Up Posies... don't you want to show them off? All the time? Sure you can carry them with you but why not wear them in your hair or on your clothes? Use the i-bond to adhere to the clip?

003045 Roly Rosies—Neutrals 18 Flowers 6 styles, 3 sizes

003047 Roly Rosies—Cools 18 Flowers 6 styles, 3 sizes

003046 Roly Rosies—Warms 18 Flowers 6 styles, 3 sizes

Roly Rosies 2.0

Even more beautiful than the first ones... because there are many more to choose from!

002498 Roly Rosies—Brights24 flowers 4 styles, 3 sizes

002497 Roly Rosies—Neutrals24 flowers 4 styles, 3 sizes

Roly Rosies

These flowers are magical! What begins as a flat spiral instantly becomes a textured, gorgeous, 3D blossom. Simply take your Petal Roller, start rolling the outside of the spiral and keep going! Ready to dress up your next project? Let’s get rolling!




petal rollersA virtual garden of paper flowers. These die cut flowers are easy to make and will add dimension to any scrapbook page or paper craft project.

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6 888 908 8111

Dotted swiss

15 petal curved

Organza 15 Petal pointed


Fashion Flowers

Here you go! The perfect accessory for all your new i-top embellishments you have just made! These colorful and delicate flowers are the best thing to highlight your design. Have you ever seen such a cute little handbag? You’ll want to buy two of these pretty purses—one for the flowers, and one to carry around as a fashion statement! It’s so stylin’!

Pop-up Posies

These 3D blossoms really know how to stand out! Just layer the coordinating flower die cuts and add a little curl with the Petal Roller. It's so much easier than digging in the flower garden!

002696 Pop-up Posies—brights24 pieces 3 petal styles, multiple sizes 6 centers

002695 Pop-up Posies—neutrals24 pieces 3 petal styles, multiple sizes 6 centers

002505 Fashion flowers—Pinks20 flowers 5 styles. 2 sizes 4 1/8" - 2 3/8"

002507 Fashion Flowers—Neutrals20 flowers 5 styles, 2 sizes 4 1/8" - 2 3/8"

002506 Fashion Flowers—Brights20 flowers 5 styles, 2 sizes 4 1/8" - 2 3/8"


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7imaginisce.com • 2013

At last! Page protectors that easily fit true 8'' x 8'' pages! These thick archival page protectors have numerous holes along the edges so they fit all kinds of albums.

000427 8'' x 8''Qty: 10

Page Protectors We're Here For YOU!

We’d like to make it as easy as possible for you to order plenty of our hot new lines. The fastest way is to place your order online at www.imaginisce.com. You can also follow these steps;

1) Use the order form on the seperate sheet included within this catalog. Or download it as a pdf from our website; www.imaginisce.com.

2) Fill it out and fax it to:

801 908 8120

If you have questions about product availability, first check our website. If you have further questions, e-mail customer service at: [email protected] or give us a call between the hours of 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. Mountain Time at:

888 908 8111

We’re confident you’ll find that not only do we deliver the freshest products, our customer service team is THE friendliest and most helpful you’ll find in the business!

Foam Tape

So what do you do when you just want a little "umph"?You know, just a little POP? Well, you use a little foam tape square or tape to bring it up a level or two, who knows maybe even more. And to help you out just a little bit more we have 4 different colors so that it hides your little trick. These foam accents come in small squares, larger squares or tape when you want to create your own line of height.

003674 2 - 3.25" x 4" (8x10 cm) padsRed foam tape 2 - 6.5' (2mm) Rolls

003676 2 - 3.25" x 4" (8x10 cm) padsWhite foam tape 2 - 6.5' (2mm) Rolls

003675 2 - 3.25" x 4" (8x10 cm) padsBlack foam tape 2 - 6.5' (2mm) Rolls

003677 2 - 3.25" x 4" (8x10 cm) padsBrown foam tape 2 - 6.5' (2mm) Rolls


002850 250 adhesive dotsPOGO adhesive dispenser

7 mmactual size ofadhesive dot

This press-down applicator places a single circle of adhesive onto your project. Just click and stick without having to touch any sticky surface.

Little Snips

Need to snip off those loose threads? What about cutting out your specialty paper or fabric toppers for the i-top tool? These scissors are perfect for portable crafting!

003509 Qty: 1Little Snips 4 1/2" x 3/4" x 3/8"

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