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simple ink letterpress paper goods wholesale catalog enclosure cards 2013 (that don’t talk too much.) TM

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Wholesale Catalog Letterpress Enclosure Cards 2013

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!simple ink"letterpress paper goods

wholesale catalogenclosure cards


(that don’t talk too much.)


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The consistent feedback we receive from our current retailers is this: our cards help them offer one-stop shopping to their customers. Many of our most successful wholesale accounts do not specialize in stationery -- jewelry galleries, purveyors of designer apparel, art galleries -- but our enclosures put the finishing touch on a beautiful purchase.

Based in Bend, Oregon, Simple Ink is a letterpress printing studio inspired to create elegant paper goods that say a lot . . . with a little.

Simple Ink serves high-end businesses from Oregon to New York, Canada to Australia. It would be an honor to serve you. Should you wish to order, please do so in any way you please: email, fax or phone.


We enjoy keeping our antique presses humming with a variety of print work, but the gift enclosure cards in this catalog are our pride and joy. They fill a special niche -- and have a history of outstanding success in a variety of retail environments.

Amy Gautschi

Each card is painstakingly handmade -- letterpress printed on a vintage press and glittered by hand -- and wholesale for only $1 each.

Wishing you all the very best,

There is never a minimum order. Working with us is easy.

!simple ink" 2428 NW 2nd street, bend, oregon 97701phone: 541-647-7934 fax: 541-383-9017

[email protected] this catalog online: issuu.com/simpleink

. . . Because everyone appreciates a card that doesn’t talk too much.

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gi$ encl%ures

simple ink :: [email protected] :: T: 541.647.7934 :: bend, oregon

3.5” x 2” (business card size) :: $1 each, sold in units of 6

happy birthday!

hot air balloon: EC-018 cupcake-pink : EC-006P


happy anniversary

tandem: EC-019

he#o, foxy.

foxy: EC-020

our thoughtful enclosure cards are perfect point-of-purchase items. each card is packaged in an individual clear sleeve with a coordinating

mini envelope. letterpress printed and glittered by hand.

birthday flags: EC-013T

happy birthday!

birthday flags: EC-013P

happy birthday!


cupcake-lemon : EC-006Ycupcake-choc : EC-006C



best seller!



new! new!

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simple ink :: [email protected] :: T: 541.647.7934 :: bend, oregon


love character: EC-003 hot stuff: EC-004

hello, hot stuff.

blossoms : EC-014

just for you


heart: EC-001 kiss: EC-002

kiss. kiss.

feel better allium: EC-021

f&l be'er so(

mother’s day : EC-022


yellow chevrons: EC-017Y

new! new!



fireworks : EC-015



blue chevrons: EC-017B



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bonsai : EC-008 buddha : EC-009

simple ink :: [email protected] :: T: 541.647.7934 :: bend, oregon

pink carriage: EC-011P

push, push!

blue carriage: EC-011B

push, push!

yellow carriage: EC-011Y

push, push!

holiday tree: EC-012R



twinkle lights: EC-016

feathers: EC-023lotus : EC-010

best seller!

new holiday

love you script: EC-024

!i l+e y,"new!


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display opti(after searching high and low for the perfect display, we decided to create our own.

handmade by a local oregon craftsman, our spinning wooden display gives the enclosure cards a custom look and takes up almost no space!

please inquire about pricing, customization options and ship times: [email protected]

detailsNo minimum wholesale order ::

net 30 terms are available for reorders

wholesale orders ship within 5 business days via USPS Priority Mail.

we will confirm receipt of your order via email within 24 hours --tracking information will also be emailed when your parcel ships.

please feel free to submit your order however is most convenient for you. we are happy to receive phone calls, emails or faxes. we’re here to help!

wholesal[email protected] :: Tele: 541.647.7934 :: Fax: 541.383.9017

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2428 nw 2nd streetbend, oregon 97701


[email protected]

Tele: 541.647.7934 :: Fax: 541.383.9017

online catalog: issuu.com/simpleink

a family business run by friendly people