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Who is who in diapers.Insight Conference Paper, October 2009, presented by Carlos Richer

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  • 1.Who is who in baby diapers?
    By Carlos Richer
    Richer Investment SA de CV
    Diaper Consulting Services, Diaper Testing Lab, Diaper Factory Audits, Benchmarking, Appraisals, R&D, Expert Witness, New Diaper Factories.

2. 3. Who is who in baby Diapers?

  • No simple answer (none that I know).

4. I will attempt to provide a step by step guideline. 5. The objective is not to give you an answer but to help you find your own. 6. We may not agree on which is the very best but at least we are going to be very close.Richer Investment
Diaper Consulting
7. Different Perspectives

  • The point of view of the end user.

8. The point of view of the large trader. 9. The point of view of the manufacturer.Richer Investment
Diaper Consulting
10. Richer Investment
Diaper Consulting
11. USA 2009
Guatemala 2009
12. Pampers Cruiser USA 2009
Pom Pom Guatemala 2009
13. 14. Brazil Summer 2009
15. Argentina Summer 2009
16. African Diapers Summer 2009
17. Different Segments

  • Depending on market maturity you can sub divide the market in 3 to 5 segments, I prefer to use only 4:

18. Tier 1 Economy 19. Tier 2 Value. 20. Tier 3 Premium. 21. Tier 4 Supreme.Richer Investment
Diaper Consulting
22. Choosing the brands to test

  • Tiers and Profits. Lower profits lower Tiers.

23. To select brands according to specific Tiers, always use the point of view of the consumer. 24. Compare prices from the same kind of store. 25. Select the brands according to your perspective. 26. Consumers: based on avaiability 27. Traders: based on competitive price and importation. 28. Manufacturers: based on local and international competitors, even if they are not head to head today.