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    Tues., June 10 Rosedale Comm. Assn. Annual General Meeting at 8 pm

    Sunday , June 15 Fathers’ Day

    Saturday, June 21 Summer Solstice

    Tuesday, July 1 - Canada Day

    Friday, July 4 - Sunday, July 13 Calgary Stampede

    Friday , August 15 Deadline for September issue of the ‘Rosedale Reporter’

    The Rosedale Reporter is published ten times per year by volunteers of the Rosedale Community Assn. Deadline for submissions is the 15th of the month. Please keep submissions to 300 words or less, as space is limited. Submissions and photos from community residents are welcomed and appreciated!

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    Who Will Show Leadership on Transportation Issues ? - Wayne Thomas

    Editorial -

    For some time now the Rosedale Reporter has campaigned for a 40 km speed limit in our residential community . It is our feeling, and that of our RCA traffic director, Fotis Kalantzis, that speeding is a priority issue. We have heard from our Ward 7 City Councillor, Druh Farrell, that she is communicating these concerns to City officials.

    We are less optimistic for progress when we see comments from City Transportation Director, Mac Logan, to the effect that any across-the-board changes to speed zones in residential areas would have to initiated by the Province. Mr. Logan, in a May 13 article by Robson Fletcher in Metro News, suggests on one hand that faster speeds mean it’s “ ... more likely they (pedestrians) are to be seriously injured or killed.” Logan then goes on to say that, even though the City could change the limit to a safer speed of 40 km/hr, that it would be “cost prohibitive and impractical.”

    A recent request from our RCA Board, in concert with the Crescent Heights Community Board, to have the busy section of Crescent Rd. from 1st St NW to 5th St. NW designated as a restricted speed zone was rejected by City officials.

    We read in the Calgary Herald of May 22 (Transport Plan ..., by Manisha Krishnan.) that the Province (Alberta Transportation) is creating a new long-term transportation strategy with one of it’s key goals being “enhancing safety on roadways”. So we find ourselves wondering how a most reasonable change to 40 km/hr. within residential areas can be accomplished. Who will champion this cause for Calgary residents ? Will Councillor Farrell step up and garner the support of Council colleagues to make this a city-wide request?

    Will Alberta Transportation ‘fast-track’ such a change so as to give us safer streets in our residential areas? The studies have been done, as far as safety is concerned, and it would seem ludicrous to argue that traveling at 50 km within Rosedale and other communities is safe or reasonable. So, who will take the leadership ? Mayor Nenshi and Council ? After all, safety of Calgary residents has to be one of their top priorities.

    We’re not talking about commuter routes here; leave main thoroughfares at 50 km, or 60, or more, as many main roads are. But we have so many community concerns around vehicular speeds. The signs entering Calgary city limits should read, “ Speed limit - 40 km/hour, unless otherwise posted.”

    Let’s see some responsible, cooperative action from our elected representatives.

    Vol. 19, # 10 901 - 11 Avenue NW, Calgary, AB T2M0C2 web- http://myrosedale.info June, 2014

    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

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    Thanks to this month’s sponsors 2

    Avoid West-Nile Disease - Cathie Dadge

      Summer is here, and it is more important than ever to protect yourself from pesky mosquito bites. Not only are bites uncomfortable, but the mosquito that bites you may also give you West Nile virus.

    How to reduce your chances of being bitten?   Many Calgarians are already aware that the West Nile virus is spread by mosquitoes. You can still use a rain barrel this spring and summer! Just be sure to take a few precautions. •    Empty your rain barrel completely once a week. This will kill all mosquito larvae that may be in your barrel. •    Where your downspout enters the barrel, ensure you have a fine piece of mesh to block mosquitoes from entering. •    Make sure your barrel is covered. This will not only keep out mosquitoes, but other curious animals and children. •    Keep your barrel free of organic material. •    One tablespoon of olive oil in your water will help keep mosquitoes from breeding in the barrel.   With June being a rainy month, ensure all standing water is emptied including bird baths – replenish with fresh water regularly.   Safeguards to prevent bites from mosquitoes include: applying a repellent with DEET; wearing protective clothing like long sleeves, pants and socks; spending less time outdoors at dusk and dawn; and reducing the amount of standing water that encourages mosquito habitat in the yard around your home.

    Enjoy summer safely!

    Rosedale’s Best Yard Ornaments? - Olwen Thomas

    Do you or your neighbours have a particularly snazzy looking garden ornament or piece of ‘sentry art’ ? Gargoyle ? Guardian ? Goolihawk ? We invite you to snap a picture, and send it to us by e-mail with a bit of a description. If you have a story behind your ornament, we would like to hear it.

    We have some pictured here which we found on recent walks in Rosedale - send us yours, and we will make it part of our special insert in our first Fall issue.

    Statuary, animals, cartoon characters, modern art, folk art - All entires to [email protected] by August 15, please. This is the deadline for our September issue, our 1st one of the next ‘Community Year’.

    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

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    Rosedale Classified and News-

    > Live-out Nanny for hire, lives in Rosedale,  available start date July 1, 2014.  Has been with the same family for 5 years, and in the past year has been with 2 families.  Youngest children will be going to grade 1 in September, therefore do not require nanny. Strong references available. For more information call Lee at 403-510-3903, or Allison at 403-809-2556.

     > Traffic circle suggestions - as we negotiate one or more of our ‘mini- traffic circles ‘ each day, we are reminded of the rules and etiquette as drivers meet at these busy spots. The obvious caution would be to reduce speed; drivers using 13th Ave or 14th Ave do not have an automatic right-of- way. The guiding principal is to yield to - 1) pedestrians, 2) vehicles on your left , 3) any vehicle already in the traffic circle.

    As a courtesy, we should also signal our intent if we are making a turn at the intersection, and not just proceeding straight ahead. Caution, consideration, and adhering to these rules should keep us from any unfortunate collisions. Thanks everyone !

    > Rosedale School will be having a bottle drive on Saturday June 7, 2014 from 9 am until Noon to raise funds for the 2015 West Coast Sailing Trip. We would appreciate any bottles and other recyclables being dropped off in the School parking lot. Thanks !

    > Rosedale Community Association - Annual General Meeting - June 10 at the RCA Hall, at 8 pm. All residents are invited.


    First Anniversary of the Flood - City Councillor, Druh Farrell

    With the long winter finally behind us, we can now look forward to enjoying the warm summer months. June brings with it the first anniversary of the 2013 Flood, fueling a wide range of feelings with Calgarians: pride, sadness, anxiety, relief, or gratitude. These memories will depend on personal experience - for some it will be memories of what was lost - for others, what was gained. 

    For me, the anniversary brings memories of Calgarians at their finest: East Village residents working together to help their most fragile neighbours while building lasting friendships, the outpouring of community in Chinatown, and the spontaneous, effective, and inspired Crisis Café in Sunnyside. The response from the Emergency Operation Centre with the marvelous grass- roots reaction from Calgarians is being studied as a model by cities worldwide. 

    The anniversary may cause many residents to ask what government is doing to prepare for future emergencies.  The City of Calgary has been working hard with the Province of Alberta to responsibly address future floods.  To receive regular updates from the City of Calgary via email, please visit www.calgary.ca/floodprep.  If you would like to receive updates more specific to Ward 7, please contact my office via www.druhfarrell.ca

    The memories of the 2013 Flood highlight the importance of a personal emergency plan for your family and community.  As a resident of Ward 7, the flood directly impacted my neighbourhood.  I feel much better about my ability to deal with another disaster now that I have put the thought and effort into preparation. I am also encouraged to know that many of my neighbours have done the same.  I urge all Ward 7 residents, even those who do not live in the floodway/flood-fringe, to develop a family plan for emergencies and disasters preparedness including a 72 hour emergency kit.

    The City is sponsoring a number of events around Calgary on June 21 to commemorate the flood and to celebrate the tremendous gene