White Mountain Fly Fishing Steve will give a power point presentation and short video on Fly Fishing

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Transcript of White Mountain Fly Fishing Steve will give a power point presentation and short video on Fly Fishing

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    NEWSLETTER wmflyfishing.com

    Established 1996 P.O. Box 2187, Pinetop, AZ 85935 January 2014

    WMFFC Mission Statement:

    The Mission Statement of the White Mountain Fly Fishing Club is: “To assist in the development and maintenance of fly fishing opportunities and to promote and participate in fly fishing in its many forms." We support the practice of “Catch and Release.” We support the use of barbless hooks and harmless netting-and-release practices. Fish should never be held out of water for longer than you can hold your breath.

    “Tight Lines” — President's Column

    Our club is a team effort!

    The Club is a volunteer-led organization and requires the combined support of the officers, chairpersons, members, volunteers, contributors, editors, affiliates, vendors, and mentors to keep this club operating at the level it does.

    This entire group swings into action to provide the array of services that the club is noted for including fly tying classes, rod building seminars, casting instruction, fishing outings, conservation efforts, educational programs, health/service events, and social activities. It is the individual efforts of our volunteers that make this possible. We are a diverse group comprised of persons from a wide variety of backgrounds with many skills and abilities. With a family membership which maintains around 100 members, we have the possibility of having many of these talented people participating. We can only grow and become the best club possible based on the level of our members’ participation, however they choose to help. It’s up to all members to make the club the best it can be and we encourage everyone to participate in as many activities as possible. This club is for you, by you.

    Dennis Jones, President

    ……… …... …... ….… ….… …….

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    2013-2014 WMFFC Board Members

    President: Dennis Jones (928) 367-6124

    Past-President: Bob Bowers (928) 367-5579

    Vice President: Richard Dreyer (928) 368-3562

    Secretary: Ellen Hofmann (602) 320-6388

    Treasurer: Sparky Snyder (928)-521-0929

    Board Member #1: Steve Hofmann (623) 262-7491

    Board Member #2: Gary Miller (602) 439-3262

    Board Member #3: Jaime DeZubeldia (928) 242-4386 Membership Chairman: Dick Davis (480)-220-4501 & Steve Hofmann backup (623) 262-7491 Conservation Chairman: Gary Miller (602) 439-3262 Newsletter Chairman: Steve Hofmann (623) 262-7491

    Outings Chairman: John Stoner (928) 242-0325

    The December Christmas Dinner Party was a huge success! See write-up and pictures at the end of the Newsletter!

    January 15th Monthly Meeting- at 6:30PM – Lakeside Firehouse Agenda: - Social Hour – (5:30PM) (Buy your Raffle Tickets!!!) - Call to Order -- (6:30PM) - Pledge of Allegiance - Introduction of Guests and New Members - Committee Reports - Business & Raffle - Fish Tales - Speaker - January Outing: Show Low Lake ……. Meet in the Parking Lot above the lake at 10:00 am.

    The January Speaker will be Lorraine Avenetti of the Arizona Game and Fish Dept. She will talk about local lake aquatic vegetation, insects, and water quality.

    Upcoming Programs: February: Emmitt Doane from Circle Valley Anglers, Circleville, Utah. (Note: Circleville is ~25 miles north of Panguitch, UT on Highway 89) Emmitt is going to talk about his guide experiences in the Circleville area and fishing rivers, small streams and Lakes for wild Rainbow, Brown, Tiger, and Cutthroat trout.

    March: Mike Anderson, Native Trout Biologist, will talk on native trout program and the “Triploid” rainbow trout.

    April: Steve Hofmann from Show Low, Az. Steve will give a power point presentation and short video on Fly Fishing the Cody area of Wyoming for Yellowstone Cutts, Browns, Cut-bows, and Brookies. (I.e. Cody is on the East entrance of Yellowstone NP).

    May: Phil Rowley of Fly Craft Angling in BC Canada will be our “honored” speaker. Phil is a noted author, guide, instructor, seminar leader and professional fly tyer. To Check out Phil’s credentials, go to his website at: www.flycraftangling.com/. More on what exactly he will talk about will be coming later.

    Notice: The Club Questionnaire instructions and background info is coming your way shortly via e-mail. Then the actual survey will be delivered via US postal service. Please fill out it out and send it back to us with the enclosed self addressed envelope.


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    …………Fly Fishing Quote of the Month ……………. "To go fishing is the chance to wash one's soul with pure air, with the rush of the brook, or with the shimmer of sun on blue water. It brings meekness and inspiration from the decency of nature, charity toward tackle- makers, patience toward fish, a mockery of profits and egos, a quieting of hate, a rejoicing that you do not have to decide a darned thing until next week. And it is discipline in the equality of men - for all men are equal before fish." ~ Herbert Hoover

    NOTE: The International Sportsman’s Exposition is happening in Phoenix on February 20th-23rd. (http://www.sportsexpos.com/)

    Location University of Phoenix Stadium 1 Cardinals Drive Glendale, AZ 85305

    Tickets are $12 each (watch for discount coupons). Parking is free.

    Look for ride sharing info at the February meeting.

    Check the website for exact open and closing times, but typically 10 am to 6 pm.

    The December Fly Fishing Question of the Month: “I don’t know anyone who fishes a double-taper line, but I notice that all the manufacturers make them. Somebody must be buying them. What are they for?”

    Answer: (remember there are really no right or wrong answers) First of all, what really is the physical difference between WF (Weight Forward) and Double taper (DT) fly lines? The following sketches and Tables are from the Rio website for Lt. Trout line specs: (All measurements in Feet).

    Double Taper lines Spec Weight Forward Lines Spec

    Line Size 5wt Line Size 5wt Tip 0.5 Tip 0.5 Rear Taper 9 Running Line 43.5 Rear Taper 2 11.5 Back Taper 5 Body 1 8 Body 1 22 Body 2 32 Front Taper 2 12 Body 3 8 Front Taper 1 7 Front Taper 2 11.5 Head 46.5 Front Taper 1 9 Tip 0.5 Line Total 90 Line Total 90 30ft Wt. 140 30ft Wt. 140

    Those members who want a good discussion of the advantages of each type of fly line listed above; here are some links: http://www.sexyloops.com/articles/wfvsdt.shtml or http://midcurrent.com/experts/why-fish-double-taper-fly-lines/

    However, one of the clubs more experienced fly fisher and fly line expert sent in the following response, which nicely sums what one will find on the internet.

    http://www.sportsexpos.com/ http://www.sexyloops.com/articles/wfvsdt.shtml

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    Dear Steve:

    Years ago, when lines were sold by size such as "HCH" or "EAE" Double taper was THE THING (circa 1950). Each end of a fly

    line was tapered the same. Each year you reversed the line and had several years of extra fishing with it. Lines used to wear

    out. The materials, manufacturing techniques (entrapped bubbles, etc.) and the coatings we have today just did not exist. The

    double taper concept did survive the modern weight forward line however. The double taper line appears to be is the perfect

    type of taper for delicate casting and roll casting. I use a double taper line exclusively on both my 1 weight and also my 3

    weight stream rod. I used to do a lot of crouching, creeping, and crawling around our streams. The double taper made soft

    presentations of 15 to 30 feet an easily accomplished task. I also could roll cast on the follow up and put the fly right back

    over the fish, many times with a better presentation than the original cast, where I was often more concerned with over

    hanging trees and bushes than with making a perfect cast. I guess I kind of worked up a casting system where I would cast

    more to put the fly on the water than to catch the fish, and then follow with a roll cast to drop it gently within strike range.

    And if you damage your fly line on a sharp rock or car door, you can always reverse it. A properly proportioned tapered

    leader plays an important part in this also. You will work out your own formula for that. Trial and modification are great

    deciders in what works best for you and your rod. The basic formula is a bit longer than your rod, "except..." Sometimes in a

    gin clear high mountain lake where the water appears to be air, you want a 12 or 15 foot leader (we do not have such lakes

    here). Other times in turbid water with high flows and bad winds, 4 feet can be superfluous. M.S.

    Another article on Fly Lines ….. Does color make a difference? By Terry Gunn of Lee’s Ferry Anglers

    Some people are convinced that it is all about presentation, and line color has nothing to do with it. Here are my conclusions based upon more than 75,000 hours watching fish: In clear water, fish react to fly lines and shadows from lines, both on the water and in the air. ….The brighter the color, the stronger the reaction. ….The larger the diameter of line (fly line, leader, or tippet) the stronger the reaction. ….The reaction to line color and diameter diminishes with depth of