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Transcript of WHITCHURCH HIGH · PDF fileSean Wyarrt, CSC, Challenge Adviser ... university after following...

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    Governors Report for the Academic Year 2013/2014

    This Report is intended to give a brief indication of the work of the school in the 2013/2014 Academic Year. The report is broken down into the following sections:

    1.0 The Governing Body

    2.0 The Management and staffing of the school

    3.0 The development of the school

    4.0 Special Educational Needs

    5.0 School Uniform

    6.0 School prospectus

    7.0 Finance

    8.0 Curriculum

    9.0 Examination results and target setting

    10.0 School activities

    11.0 Attendance

    12.0 Community Links

    13.0 Policies

    14.0 Governors Recognition 15.0 Governors acknowledgement to all staff

    1.0 The Governing Body 1.1 The composition of the Governing Body is shown in Appendix 1. The Chairperson and Vice-

    Chairperson of Governors are elected annually. The current Chairperson is Joyce Slack and the Vice Chairperson is Sian Hopkins. Clerk to the Governors is Karen Brown.

    1.2 Karen Brown retired as Clerk at the end of the 2013/14 academic year. The governors wish to

    acknowledge their gratitude to Karen for all her support over the years. 1.3 The aims of the Governors, Headteacher and Staff of the school are to enable all pupils to develop

    to their full ability and to be made aware of the contribution they can make to the community. The role of the Governors is to set, within the parameters of current legislation, the broad framework of policies under which the school will operate and to support the Headteacher and staff of the school in the discharge of their professional responsibilities.

    1.4 The full Governing Body meets a minimum of four times a year. Meetings are attended by the

    Deputy Headteachers and also representatives of the pupils, generally the Head Boy and Head Girl. There are sub-committees to deal internally with finance, curriculum and achievement issues, pay, estates and appeals against pupil temporary and permanent exclusions. The school is grateful to Sean Wyarrt, CSC, Challenge Adviser for his linked support to the school

    2.0 The Management and Staffing of the School 2.1 For the first two terms of the academic year the Headteacher was supported by a Senior Leadership

    Team which included two Deputy Headteachers, six Assistant Headteachers and the School Business Manager. However, for just the Summer Term 2014, the SLT was expanded to include one additional Assistant Headteacher post as part of a succession planning process followed by a scheduled retirement. The SLT works closely with the recently expanded Middle Leadership Team and four Focus Teams (i) Standards (ii) Learning and Teaching (iii) Inclusion and Wellbeing and (iv) Partnership, in ensuring policies are put into practice and effective educational strategies are delivered.

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    2.2 There were 108 full-time teaching staff and 28 part-time teaching staff at the commencement of the academic year 2013-2014, full time 125.7 equivalent, compared with 125.3 and 125.1 respectively in the two previous academic years.

    2.3 There were 21 fulltime non teaching staff, 12 full time term time and 91 part-time term time non teaching staff at the commencement of the academic year 2012-2013. During 2013-2014 there were 21 full time non teaching staff, 12 full time term time and 98 part time term time.

    3.0 The Development of the School 3.1 The number on roll in September 2013 was 2178, compared with 2231 in 2012 and 2259 in

    2011. The school is the largest in Wales and considered to be one of the largest in the United Kingdom. The average class sizes in September 2012 were at Key Stage 3 - 27.53, Key Stage 4 - 21.91 and KS5 - 14.24.

    3.2 Improvement works to the learning environment have been carried out by the school as part of an

    annual programme supported by the LA. Significant LEA capital investment for 2013 to 2014 has

    been made to the lower school site for DDA compliance. The governors are grateful for their

    support which brings considerable benefits to all members of the school community.

    4.0 Special Educational Needs 4.1 The school continues to review its Special Educational Needs provision and works closely with the

    Authority regarding arrangements for admission and access.

    4.2 At present there are 340 pupils registered in years 7-13 in total on the SEN register at School Action (SA), School Action plus (SAP) and with a Statement of Special Educational Need.

    There are 69 students with Statements of which 50 are taught within the Specialist Resource Base.

    There are a number of intervention programmes which students access according to their needs

    and some shared in-class support as dictated by their Statements and the LA recommendations.

    4.3 The school has worked with the LA to improve the Upper School SRB facilities. This also includes the opening of a newly built Exhibition Centre.

    5.0 School Uniform

    This academic year marks the two year phased change to the new school uniform, with years 7 and 10 wearing blazers and ties. The governors are grateful for the support of students and parents with this change. The school has received many unsolicited compliments about how smart the new uniform is from the wider community.

    6.0 School Prospectus 6.1 This is currently being reprinted due to the change in school uniform, but detailed inserts are

    available. 7.0 Finance 7.1 Set out below is the 2014-2015 Budget and the 2013-2014 Outturn expenditure for the school.

    These are based on April March financial years.


    Employee related expenses 8,146,767

    Premises related expenses 1,174,071

    Transport related expenses 7815

    Supplies and Services 877,850

    Service Units 97,821

    Income 501,908


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    Amended Budget 2014-2015

    Employee related expenses 8,157,973

    Premises related expenses 988,334

    Transport related expenses 9930

    Supplies and Services 844,366

    Service Units 135,822

    Income 419,538


    Forecast Deficit (March 2015) 493,151

    7.2 The school has in place a Medium Term Plan and is working in partnership with the LA to zero the deficit.

    7.3 The governors are concerned about the sustainability of revenue budgets to develop as well as

    maintain education provision at such a prolonged period of national and local austerity.

    8.0 Curriculum 8.1 The School continues to operate a 50 period fortnight, delivering 25 hours of contact time per week

    in line with National Assembly guidelines. The Welsh Baccalaureate was introduced into KS4 from September 2010.

    8.2 Post 16

    The School is able to offer 37 subjects at AS and A2 level. The results at Advanced Level and this, no doubt, is one of the reasons why the Sixth Form remains so attractive to a large number of students from other schools. There is a continued history of students registering for degree courses at university after following courses at Whitchurch High School. From 2009/10 the Welsh Baccalaureate continues to form part of the core curriculum for all KS 5 students. There are 212 students in the present Year 12 (September 2013). 26 were attracted from schools other than Whitchurch. The Sixth Form total was 421 at the start of the 2013/14 academic year. The School currently has 3 overseas students.

    From September 2011 most students in Year 12 follow a course consisting of four AS level subjects,

    together with the Welsh Baccalaureate core.

    Once again, a small group of our SRB students have returned into the Sixth Form. Governors are concerned about the future sustainability of school Sixth Forms and are engaged with other local schools and the LEA to ensure the highest outcomes and best value for money.

    8.3 Term Dates and Session Times Autumn Term Tuesday 3 September 2013 Half term Monday 28 October Friday 1 November Term ends Friday 20 December Spring Term Monday 6 January 2014 Half term Monday 24 February Friday 28 February Term ends Friday 11 April

    Summer Term Monday 28 April Half term Monday 26 May Friday 30 May Term ends Friday 18 July

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    Timing of the School Day


    Pupils to be on site 8:25 8:25

    START OF SCHOOL 8:30 8:30

    TUTORIAL PERIOD 8:30 8:50 -

    BREAK 1 8:50 9:05 -

    LESSON 1 9:05 10:05 8:30 9:30

    BREAK 1 - 9:30 9:45

    LESSON 2 10:05 11:05 9:45 10:45

    BREAK 2 11:05 11:20 10:45 11:00

    LESSON 3 11:20 12:15 11:00 12:00

    LUNCH 12:15 1:00 12:00 12:45

    LESSON 4 1:00 2:00 12:45 1:45

    BREAK 2:00 2:15 1:45 2:00

    LESSON 5 2:15 3:15 2:00 3:00

    END OF SCHOOL 3:15 3:00

    9.0 Examination Results and Target Setting

    9.1 A level and A/S level results were the highest in the schools history, surpassing recent

    improvements. The pass note of A level was 99% and 60% of our A Level grades were at A*, A

    or B, maintaining the excellent standards set over recent years. In many subjects A level grade

    profiles were significantly better than national averages. The pass rate at AS level also improved

    from 92% to 95% suggesting that A Level outcomes in 2015 will be very promising indeed.

    9.2 The GCSE examination results were more mixed. 60% of mainstream students achieved 5 A* to C

    grades including English and Mathematics, a ver