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  • 1. What is WhatsApp

2. Founder In June 2009WhatsApp 2.0 was released with a messaging component with an experience of 20 An invention by two guys and the active users suddenly swelled toAmerican Brian Acton & years at Yahoo! Inc., 250,000. 2011, WhatsApp was perthe top 20website in in Ukrainian Jan Koum as in the official of all apps 2009. the U.S. App Store Feb. 2013, Whatsapp user base had swelled to about 200 millionof talkingusers and sitting A dream come true active to a friend its staff to 50 oceans apart through radio-waves. 3. Key features Cross-platform mobile messaging app Available for iPhone,BlackBerry,Windows,Android,Nokia No Hidden Cost Multimedia Group Chat in Feb2011 No International Charges Say no to PINs and Usernames No need to Login/LogOut Offline Messages 4. TECHNOLOGY Embodied Technology Technology Enablers Compatibility Interface Bandwidth Security Programming Language JavaScript Image Formats JPEG PNG 5. Compression with other 6. Largest markets 7. Achievements Hits 400 million active users-& lashes out viciously at rivals. 430 million monthly active users, over 35 million in India. Achieved a new record of 27 billion messages in a day. Obliterates its own record, processes 54 billion messages on New Years Eve. 8. StrengthsWeaknessesLoyal customers Market share leadership No need to log Group Chat Allow send videos, pictures, voice notes No need to add friends No need PIN or user number Available for all platformsNot diversified Competitive market Only works with a data plan or wi - fiOpportunities Advanced technology Increased demand for smart phones New acquisitions New products & servicesSWOTThreats Competition Product substitution Similar applications and free 9. New era Messaging used to cost rs. 5 earlier. Then way2sms came in with free sms. And then whatsapp came up with innovation like: No login or logout. All most free. Supports almost all platforms like windows, andriod, black berry, apple. Large number of emoticons. Automatic connection through contacts.