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2. Big thoughts and small actions make a difference.Heres what were working on and thinking about. Things to think about (and do) this year What about you?feel free to share this 3. feel free to share this Featuring... 4. For best viewing, click thegrey box belowto switch tofull-screen view (Ctrl-L) 5. GENEROSITY When the economy tanks, its natural to think If you make a dierence, you also make a of yourself rst. You have a family to feed a connection. You interact with people who mortgage to pay. Getting more appears to be want to be interacted with and you make the order of business.changes that people respect and yearn for.It turns out that the connected economy Art cant happen without someone who seeks doesnt respect this natural instinct. Instead, to make a dierence. is is your art, its what were rewarded for being generous. Generous you do. You touch people or projects and with our time and money but most importantchange them for the better. generous with our art. is year, youll certainly nd that the more If you make a dierence, people will gravitateyou give the more you get. to you. ey want to engage, to interact and to get you more involved. Seth Godin is a blogger and speaker. His new book In a digital world, the gi I give you almost Linchpin comes out in January. always benets me more than it costs. 6. FEAR Have you ever wondered whos behind that little We all share the same characteristics. voice in your head that tells you, youre in this by yourself, one person doesnt make a dierence, so Were all divinely human. why even try? Until Fear is gone, (and realize he may never His name is Fear. Fear plays the role of antagonist completely leave) make the decision to be in the story of your life. You must rid yourself of courageous. e world needs your story in order to him using all necessary means.be complete.Were oen impressed by those who appear to be fearless. e people who y to the moon. Chase tornadoes. Enter dangerous war zones. Skydive. Speak in front of thousands of people. Stand up to cancer. Raise money and adopt a child that isnt their esh and blood. Anne Jackson blogs, tweets, and writes books. Her most recent So, why are we so inspired by them? work, Permission To Speak Freely: Essays and Art on Fear, Confession and Grace will be available in August. Because deep down,we are them. 7. F A CT SJessica Hagy blogs at Indexed and is the author of a wonderfulbook of the same name. 8. DIGNITYDignity is more important than wealth. Its goinga prostitute in the slums of Nairobi is just anto be a long, long time before we can make important gure in your life as the postman in theeveryone on earth wealthy, but we can help peoplenext town. And in a world where everything isnd dignity this year (right now if we choose to). connected, the most important thing we can do is treat our fellows with dignity.Dignity comes from creating your own destiny andfrom the respect you get from your family, Giving a poor person food or money might helpyour peers and society.them survive another day... but it doesnt give them dignity. eres a better way.A farmer able to feed his family and earn enoughto send his kids to school has earned the respect of Creating ways for people to solve their ownthe people in his villageand more important, aproblems isnt just an opportunity in 2010. It is anconnection to rest of us.obligation. Its easy to take dignity away from someone butdicult to give it to them. e last few years have Jacqueline Noogratz is the founder of the Acumen Fund andtaught us just how connected the entire world is author of e Blue Sweater. 9. Room to Read is doing important work. You can help. Click for details. 10. MEANINGHugh MacLeod blogs at Gaping Void and is author of Ignore Everybody. 11. EASE We are the strivingest people who have ever So go take a walk. Or dont. Consider actually lived. We are ambitious, time-starved,exhaling. Find a body of water and oat. Hit a competitive, distracted. We move at full velocity,tennis ball against a wall. Tell your colleagues yet constantly fear we are not doing enough.that youre o meditating (people take ough we live longer than any humans before meditation seriously, so youll be absolved from us, our lives feel shorter, restless, breathless... guilt) and then actually, secretly, nap.Dear ones, EASE UP. Pump the brakes. Take a My radical suggestion? Cease participation, if step back. Seriously. Take two steps back. Turn only for one day this year if only to make sure o all your electronics and surrender over allthat we dont lose forever the rare and vanishing your aspirations and do absolutely nothing for ahuman talent of appreciating ease. spell. I know, I know we all need to save the world. But trust me: e world will still need saving tomorrow. In the meantime, youre going to have a stroke soon (or cause a stroke in Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of Eat, Pray, Love. Her new book Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace With Marriage will be somebody else) if you dont calm the hell down. published in January, 2010. 12. CONNECTED ere are tens of thousands of businesses making More megaphones dont equal a better dialogue. many millions a year in prots that still havent Weve become slaves to our mobile devices and the ever heard of twitter, blogs or facebook. Are theyglow of our screens. It used to be much more all wrong? Have they missed out or is the jokesimple and, somewhere, simple turned into slow. really on us? ey do business through personal relationships, by delivering great customer service We walk the streets with our heads down staring and its working for them. eyre more successful into 3-inch screens while the world whisks by than most of those businesses who spend hours doing the same. And yet were convinced we are ponticating about how others lose out by missing more connected to each other than ever before. social media and the latest wave. And yet theyre Multi-tasking has become a badge of honor. I want doing business. Great business. Not writing about to know why. it. Doing it. I dont have all the answers to these questions but I Im continually amazed by the number of peoplend myself thinking about them more and more. on Twitter and on blogs, and the growth of people In between tweets, blog posts and facebook (and brands) on facebook. But Im also amazed byupdates. how so many of us are spending our time. e echo Howard Mann is a speaker, entrepreneur and the author of Your chamber were building is getting larger andBusiness Brickyard. louder. 13. 60 more pages! If you like this ebook please send it to everyone who needs to read it!look for this buttonCC licensedClick here to link to the post online,or feel free to email this leto people directly or even post it on your blog 60 more pages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