What Makes Urban Living Exciting

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Transcript of What Makes Urban Living Exciting

  • 1. What MakesUrban LivingExciting?

2. Recently, Forbes online did a reporton the large population increases occurringin American cities. 3. The trend has been going on for a decade,peaking between 2010 and 2012. 4. Cities have numerous advantages for singlepeople, young couples and seniors,but it seems that people in many demographicgroups 5. are returning to urban living for the manyadvantages it offers and the excitementthat is so much a part of city living. 6. TransportationOptions 7. Urban environments offera variety of publictransportation optionsthat make getting aroundeasier and less expensive. 8. Many urban dwellers chooseto forego the purchase,insurance and maintenancecosts of a car and relyon taxis, buses and subwaysto get where they need to go. 9. Easy ShoppingOpportunities 10. The city offers a varietyof shopping venues,both small and large. 11. A number of chaindepartment storesare located in urban areas. 12. And if you want a changefrom the usual merchandise,you can patronize anyof the small boutiquesand specialty storesthat urban centers alwaysattract. 13. Career Opportunities 14. Another benefit of living in an urbanenvironment is the better opportunitiesfor jobs and career advancement. 15. Urban areas around the country are hometo numerous headquarters for largecorporations. 16. These opportunities make urban living morepersonally and financially advantageous. 17. Foodie Paradise 18. If youre a person who appreciates the pleasureof the table, an urban environment can providea supply of dinner options from around the world. 19. Whether you prefer dine-in, takeout or drive-thru,urban centers offer a variety of choices to suityour needs. 20. A Rangeof Entertainments 21. If you love to socialize, urban centers providethe perfect opportunity to meet new peopleand engage in a variety of entertainmentoptions. 22. Movie theaters, liveproductions, concerts, streetfestivals, museums, historicalpresentations 23. sports events are allavailable to help you stayentertained, engagedand involved. 24. If you love the outdoor, urban parks provide anumber of outdoor activitiesfrom hiking to canoeing for you to enjoy. 25. No Long Commutes 26. The beauty of urban livingis that so much is rightat hand, without the longcommute from the suburbs. 27. Work, play, medicaltreatment, shoppingand social interactionis easily accessed. 28. Instead of paying for gasfor your car, you can spendmore time at restaurantsor the theater. 29. Being A Part Of AnUrban Neighborhood 30. Many people find the suburbs a lonelyand isolating place, with homes widely-spacedand people spending long hours commutingto work. 31. Developing a feeling of community and belongingcan be difficult under these circumstances. 32. In an urban environment, you are more likelyto interact with neighbors, more likely to meetnew people at various activities 33. and more likely to have information aboutwhats going on in your neighborhoodcommunity. 34. Downtown Scottsdale 35. Living in downtown Scottsdale can providemany exciting opportunities to enjoy. 36. You can experience fine dining,the Scottsdale Museumof Modern Art, concertsand theater productionsand many other enjoyable waysto spend your days and evenings. 37. These activities are all a short distance awayfor those who live in Scottsdale high risecondos. 38. Nothing beats the luxury of lifestyle of urbanliving. 39. Residing in the heart of the city gives oneaccess to a variety of establishments. 40. If you are looking for a place to buy or rentin Scottsdale, Phoenix and Tempe areas,We Know Urban Realty can be of great help. 41. Visit site:www.weknowurban.com 42. We Know Urban RealtyWill Daly, BrokerWe Know Urban Realty, LLC834 E Claremont Street, No 3Phoenix, AZ 85014(480) 510-8755Email: Will@WeKnowUrban.com