What is vibroacoustic therapy

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    all rights reserved to Olav Skille

    Vibroacoustic Solutions

  • Vibroacoustic Therapy VAT gently vibrates organs , tissues & cells

    all rights reserved to Olav Skille

    Vibroacoustic Solutions

    infrasound Acoustic Ultrasound

    20Hz 20KHz 2MHz 200MHz

    Low Frequency Vibroacoustic


    30Hz -120Hz

    Medical &


  • VAT inventor -Olav Skille ((Norway) scientist, entrepreneur, therapist, musician, educator

    Found the correlation between specific

    frequencies and positive effects for

    reduction/elimination of PAIN, STRESS


    Composer of frequency solutions

    Developer of frequency pumping system

    Designed optimal VAT furniture unit

    all rights reserved to Olav Skille

    Vibroacoustic Solutions

  • The process of Vibroacoustic Treatment Inner Body Massage A specific frequency in the range of 30Hz-120Hz is selected and transmitted to the body

    and converted into deep tissue vibrations through low frequency bass transducers (speakers) that are embedded in various furniture units such as chairs, beds, lounges, recliners as well as pillows , cushions or other personalized devices.

    The process generates an inner body massage focused primarily on the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems, effecting organs, tissues and cells.

    The outcome:

    VAT reduces/eliminates pain, stress & insomnia.

    VAT assists cell metabolism processes, boosts vitality & life quality.

    VAT is felt as a deep soothing sensation of gentle patting / tapping waves from within. After a VAT session one feels a combination of serenity together with vitality.

    all rights reserved to Olav Skille

    Vibroacoustic Solutions

  • The components of VAT system:

    furniture UNIT + amplifier + frequencies

    Frequency Generator

    Software As Sound Files

    File Storage

    CD, Hard Drive, CD Memory Card, USB, Smartphone

    Amplifier Furniture

    Low Frequency Transducers

    You Therapist

    All Components Optimization

    VAT Successful Treatment

    all rights reserved to Olav Skille

    Vibroacoustic Solutions

  • Optimal VAT SilentSoundSpace room

    all rights reserved to Olav Skille

    Vibroacoustic Solutions

    VAT system includes:

    -Furniture unit with built-in


    - Olav Skille Frequency Solutions

    stored in a storage device



    The optimal SilentSoundSpace:

    -Away from noise

    -Neutral colors that fit all users

    -Good room temperature

    -light light

  • Preparation for the usage of VAT

    all rights reserved to Olav Skille

    Vibroacoustic Solutions

    Less is More

    Keep it as

    low as

    possible, yet

    you still sense


    Listen to your body,

    dont use earphones or music

    Be active in the

    healing process

    with imagery &


  • all rights reserved to Olav Skille

    Vibroacoustic Solutions

    Before & after treatment (University of Jyvaskyla Finland)

  • Choosing the right frequency:

    sit down, breath deeply, close your eyes, scan you body from


    Where do you sense pain/stress? What is dominant?

    Forehead Eyebrows Cheeks Neck Shoulders Arms Chest Stomach Pelvis Knees Calves Feet toes

    all rights reserved to Olav Skille

    Vibroacoustic Solutions

    -The back of my legs

    -Bottom -Lower back -Middle back -Upper back -Lungs/breathing -Back of my neck -Back of my head -Mood status -Control of limbs -Dry eyes -Scar tissue

  • Most Updated Olav Skilles Set of 7 base frequencies:

    After 40.000 hours of collective experience we have, empirically, chosen 7 frequencies that may be

    considered to be the foundation frequencies of VAT. We can develop customized therapy programs for

    more specialized use. All programs have an analgesic relaxing effect.

    RED 40Hz - Stimulates blood circulation, reduces spasms, increases sleep, and reduces blood pressure abdominal massage, sport injuries.

    ORANGE 50Hz - For lung issues Asthma, bronchial conditions, Cystic Fibrosis and COPD.

    YELLOW 52Hz - Reduces most low back pains, and menstrual pains. Can reduce climactic problems aids in softening of scar tissue.

    Brown 60Hz - For spasm issues, pain between the shoulder blades.

    GREEN 68 Hz - Analgesic effect on medium sized muscles. Reduces tensions in neck and shoulder muscles Heals frozen shoulder, reduces dizziness.

    Violet 80 Hz - The frequency is exactly one octave higher than RED. It is gentler, needs less volume, and can usually be used for the massage of the small muscles in the hands and feet reduces dizziness.

    BLUE 86 Hz- positive effect on headache, migraine, post stroke therapy and some neurological issues.

    all rights reserved to Olav Skille

    Vibroacoustic Solutions

  • VAT vibrates your body systems

    Blood system

    Nervous system

    Skeleton System

    Muscle System




    all rights reserved to Olav Skille

    Vibroacoustic Solutions

  • VAT recharges vitality & refresh your mind

    Penetrates each and every

    Part of my mind:






    Imagination all rights reserved to Olav Skille

    Vibroacoustic Solutions

  • Vibroacoustic therapy VAT wellness pyramid solutions

    all rights reserved to Olav Skille

    Vibroacoustic Solutions

    Improve performance, growth &

    development tools

    Together with visualization & imagery

    Self management tools &

    therapists tools

    Anger Management, Obesity, Anxiety,

    post trauma, depression

    Stress, Pain & Insomnia

    Acute & chronic symptom relief solutions

    For homes, businesses and health institutions

  • From acute pain and stress treatment to self management and self development Inner body massage may be an effective therapeutic tool in the following situations:

    all rights reserved to Olav Skille

    Vibroacoustic Solutions

    VAT solutions & Implementations

    Pain reduction /elimination Memory & Order improvement tool

    Stress reduction /elimination Anger management

    Insomnia reduction /elimination Depression reduction /elimination

    Chronic diseases symptoms relief Therapist s Anxiety treatment tool

    Sport injuries recovery tool Self confidence and recharging


    Stroke symptoms relief Effective communication tool

    Surgery recovery tool Better learning & teaching tool

    Therapist s Addiction treatment tool

    Creativity & innovation tool

    Addiction self management tool Performance improvement tool

    Obesity free therapist tool Self exploration & development


    Obesity free self management tool

    Effective Teamwork brainstorming

  • http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15222599

    Sample case studies

    Research web links

    VAT treating in RETT Syndrome center in Sweden

    Olav Skille in Kolkata

    all rights reserved to Olav Skille

    Vibroacoustic Solutions

    Vibroacoustic therapy is incorporated as an integrated

    therapeutic tool and as a stand alone therapy

  • Proposed Fibromyalgia, Treatment and Research http://www.thesoundtherapycentre.com

    Fibromyalgia and VAT

    Fibromyalgia is very real and causes considerable suffering. Added to the suffering is the lack of an objective test/diagnosis.

    With a broken arm, or a difficult pregnancy, friends and relatives SEE the problem: yes it is bad to break an arm but at least the boss, the husband,

    etc all SEE the cast. Even the insurance company is pleased, since there is no mystery. But in FM there maybe additional problem of difficulty in diagnosis and problems with employer, insurance and even family.

    To compound the problem there is a high incidence of depression associated with FM. (like who wouldnt be depressed hurting every day. Better to have a bad tooth: it shows up on X ray).

    Since there is no single issue associated with FM, there is one approach to therapy that can be very helpful. It is called VAT.

    Science has shown that different frequencies of vibration have different deep physiologic changes. Just as playing one violin can cause a nearby

    violin to vibrate too, applying a particular frequency can relax, invigorate and change ones perspective or just plain refresh and animate someone.

    What is clear is that VAT can result in a change in behavior. Whether it is the change in perspective or the relaxation or the changes in the billions of nerve connections, many persons with diagnosed FM have reported improvement in their symptoms.

    VAT has been used for FM and by anecdote practitioners have reported gratifying single case results. What is needed is to get clinical data and see if

    persons with FM really do get an improvement. For this reason, VAT is offering a series of treatments to FM patients who have been diagnosed and

    are currently under Rx by a doctor. Does the VAT treatment reduce the need for medication? Is there an increase in energy and symptom free days?

    Is there better sleep?

    Better sleep is one of the