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WHAT IS THE BEST RASPBERRY KETONE SUPPLEMEN T? Slide 2 Which produces better weight loss results: Raspberry Ketone Plus, Raspberry Ketone Pure, or Raspberry Ketone Lean? With countless distinct raspberry ketone products and suppliers out there, it can be hard to decide which one to buy. Slide 3 But these three diet pills come with very different ingredients and can produce different results for you. Lets compare these health supplements to see which one is more effective and beneficial. Slide 4 All three of Raspberry Ketone Plus, Raspberry Ketone Pure and Raspberry Ketone Lean are supplement stacks that contains raspberry ketone as the primary component Slide 5 But they actually feature completely different sets of other ingredients, making them whole weight loss programs as opposed to pure raspberry diet pills. Before we learn about these two weight loss products, it is important to get acquainted with raspberry ketone itself. Slide 6 Raspberry ketone is an extract found naturally in the red raspberry plant that in 2004 was discovered to have significant metabolism- boosting effects. It was in this year that a Japanese research team experimented with the chemical by giving it to rats on a high-fat diet. Slide 7 They observed that these mammals experienced a substantial increase in fat burning when taking the supplement. Essentially, the ketone compound helps to make the body more efficient at burning fat by increasing the presence of a hormone known as adiponectin. Slide 8 By taking as little as 200 mg of the ketone compound per day, you can boost your lipid metabolism enough to shed inches from your stomach in just two weeks. Slide 9 Many people prefer to buy raspberry ketone supplements on their own rather than purchasing a supplement stack that comes with other ingredients as well. This tends to be the cheapest option and some people believe it also produces the most noteworthy weight loss results. Slide 10 But others would prefer to buy diet pills online that come with more ingredients that are supposed to amplify each others effects. Slide 11 Raspberry Ketone Pure, Raspberry Ketone Lean, and Raspberry Ketone Plus are all examples of supplement combinations that happen to market ketones as their main ingredient. Slide 12 Pure Raspberry Ketone Unlike what the name suggests, Pure Raspberry Ketone is not in fact pure raspberry ketone. It also comes with ingredients such as Kelp Extract, Apple Cider Vinegar, African Mango, Acai Berry, Green Tea Extract, and Grapefruit Acid. Slide 13 It claims to contain the highest quality raspberry ketone supplement with 100 mg of the thermogenic compound delivered per capsule. However, this also means it is the most expensive of the supplements available coming in at a price of $80 to $99 per bottle. Slide 14 Raspberry Ketone Plus Raspberry Ketone Plus has been called one of the most powerful weight loss supplement options available in the market. Its effectiveness has been touted by a number of media outlets most notably, the Fox News channel. Slide 15 It is available online starting from $50 and it is also backed by mountains of positive reviews. Like its closest competitor, the product does include an entire range of additional ingredients in addition to raspberry ketone such as Caffeine and African Mango. Slide 16 While it does not have as high a concentration of ingredients as Raspberry Ketone Pure, it is a good intermediate option. Slide 17 Raspberry Ketone Lean Raspberry Ketone Lean is perhaps the most well-known ketone health product out there. With a total of 1200 mg of active ingredients, including 100 mg of raspberry ketone, it does pack a powerful punch. Slide 18 It has a proven record as a metabolic booster and there are a number of positive reviews online supporting its effectiveness. The original Raspberry Ketone Lean is sold in a monthly supply for $69 a month, or at a discount when you pre-purchase several months at once. Slide 19 It can command this higher price tag because this was the product originally featured by Dr. Oz on his talkshow when he first introduced the supplement. Slide 20 However, individuals who do not want to commit to a monthly buying program have found that it is much cheaper to purchase pure raspberry ketones by the bottle online. Slide 21 While figuring out the efficiency of any health supplements, it is essential to not make a quick decision without considering raspberry ketone benefits and side effects. Slide 22 Make sure you familiarize yourself with how this supplement works and learn about possible mild side effects as well as read reviews online. Slide 23 If your preference is to save money when you first begin your diet plan, you might not want to use one of the name brand options and might prefer to buy a cheaper pure raspberry ketone capsule. Slide 24 Whatever decision you make between Raspberry Ketone Plus, Raspberry Ketone Pure and Raspberry Ketone Lean, these supplements are an effective and healthy option for weight loss. Slide 25 VISIT RASPBERRY-KETONES- DIET.ORG LOSE WEIGHT NOW!