What is storytelling and how can narratives contribute to regional development

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Transcript of What is storytelling and how can narratives contribute to regional development

  • What is storytelling and how cannarratives contribute to regionaldevelopment"

    Neils Balgalisgrupa93


  • urban and regionalplannersgrupa93

    16 years of experience in Latviaand Baltic regionwww.grupa93.lv

  • my todays story

    about story

    case stories of 7+1 Latvian places

    narrative - regional aspects

    about stories distribution


  • stories came out of the emotions and values

    nothing is at it seems. stories could impact and create new realities.

  • The True Power of The Good Story

    What makes a good story?

    How we can clasify/categorise?

    Plot-actors narrator?

  • By sharing our stories, we define, who we areand what we stand for.

    Life, which is driven by our emotions and our pursuits of the the good life.

    Finding the unique story. At the time, it was called PR, communication, advertising or marketing.

  • from Wikipedia

    Storytelling is the conveying of events in words, images, and sounds often by improvisation or embellishment. Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation, and in order to instill moral values. Crucial elements of stories and storytelling include plot, characters, and narrative point of view.

  • storytelling is creation of new realities


    it is not PR, marketing, communications or advertising


    good story is something you want to share


    stories are changing through time

  • Ventspils


    Baltic Country

    of Lakes

    Dunte Munchausens





    7 wonders of Latvia

  • joint




    large scale



    BalticCountry of


  • Baltic Country of Lakes

  • Ventspils

    money makes the world go


    transformational story Beauty and The Beast

  • 42 963


    55.4 km2

  • bying in

    transforming in 15 years to

    from biggest port in Baltic region

  • Kuldga

    history + human scale attitude

  • 13 thousand inhabitants

    13.2 km2


    27272 thousand inhabitants

    1756 km2

  • ask the mayor

  • Saliena

    Latvian new town (Saliena)

    455 ha

  • Saliena - a truly 21st century town in creation


  • Saliena town in creation is at the forefront of real estate development in the Baltic States, unmatched in scale and value. Located next to Riga city centre, Riga International Airport and the resort of Jrmala, Saliena offers attractive and spacious opportunities for private residents, small and large businesses, and retailers.

    Exceeding the size of Riga city centre by 50 %, Saliena's Master Plan respects the need for public space, and leisure and sporting facilities. The project offers intelligent zoning, allowing for effective and modern solutions to meet the varying needs of the town's inhabitants.

    Saliena project is already well established, with the first phases of residential development now completed, and the international standard golf complex in its 3rd season. We are committed to ensuring that the final phase of development will be completed by 2019, when you will be walking the streets of a modern town

  • http://www.saliena.com

  • http://www.saliena.com

  • http://www.saliena.com

  • Cinevilla

    7 wonders of Latvia

    Cinevilla town without inhabitantsor

    side effects of filmmaking

  • http://www.cinevilla.lv

  • photos from


  • making your own film

    spaces for events

    photo studio

    special effects show

  • tailor made contryside

    community (Amatciems)

    80 km from Riga12 km from Csis


  • http://www.amatciems.lv

    Total area 530 ha. Built-up area ~ 150 ha.

    20 mEUR investments

  • http://www.amatciems.lv

  • http://www.amatciems.lv

  • http://www.amatciems.lv

  • Dunte Munchausens


    7 wonders of Latvia

    join the global brand (Dunte_Munchausen)

  • Munchausen who?

    some of the Baron's astounding feats:

    riding cannonballs,

    travelling to the Moon

    escaping from a swamp by pulling himself up by his own hair

    shoots a stag with cherry-stones

  • Munchausens world

    historical fact

    marvelous story

    business initiative

    complex approach

  • Munchausen Museum



    Storytellers Festival


    regional challenge?

  • Everything is true here, yet different.

  • Senegal

  • next to Gambia (former colony of

    Courland (Latvia:) (1651 1658)

  • SenegalParis _ Dakar

  • specific design object

    North Korean designers

  • African Renaissance statue

  • http://nokojeans.com/

  • Quotations from Wikipedia:

    The town is named after the old farm

    ... is a locality and the seat of xxx municipality, with xxxinhabitants in 2005.

    ...municipality has been involved a variety of projects to improve the quality of life in the region. One of the largest projects is creating a garbage control system.

    It is a very pleasant community with quite good infrastructure and is considered to be a safe and nice town to live in for families.

  • go Wikipedia and word of mouth

    95% first on Google

    spread your story

    its not advertising

  • Lcplsis oraurslieu Dzelzsce

    Use Language Specifics for Stronger Identities/Narratives

    Put your town on the world map

  • for strategies and papers use BLSTM

    bullshit limitation system

    cut the long story short

    escape buzzwords

    unique vs. biggest, largest, longest

    meaning, meaning, meaning

  • there is no silver bullet

    case studies cant be replicated (they could only be used for inspiration)

    combine and make mistakes

    big plans are made of small steps

    relax and enjoy the ride

  • P.S.

    forget about macro economic analysis and advanced forecasts

    our future is changing every day, hour, minute


    dont be too serious