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Here are few suggestions to connect relevant users to your business through social media. All the best.

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  • 1. Introduction of Social MediaSocial media refers to the means of interaction among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in individual communities and networks.

2. Importance of Social MediaSocial media has given us great ways to protect and build our digital reputations. 3. What is Social Media Social media describes websites and tools that enable users to create and share information to participate in social networking. Social media involves the building of Groups or communities, encouraging participation and engagement. 4. Types of Social Media Social media can be done mainly in 3 ways. 1.Social networks 2.Instant messaging 3.Video calling 5. Social Networks Major Networks Facebook Twitter Google Plus LinkedIn Pinterest YouTube 6. Effective Facebook Suggestions Create business page with good visible profile. Post relevant images, videos and information about your product and services. Re Share others images, videos and information and like their posts on your wall and tag with them. Give replies to your friends or existing user comments with patience. Create Groups and invite more people and create different topics frequently and discuss with group members and ask suggestions. If you want to introduce any new offer write notes and tag more than 40 people at a time once. Important suggestions: Dont ask unnatural likes. Dont use tools to get more likes, because facebook will be removed your profile permanently. Recheck spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. 7. Twitter Twitter marketing is the best technique to increase followers. Update good profile about your service with exact location and website. Post good tweets and retweet your followers tweets and favorite their tweets. Create list category wise. Follow frequently to your competitors tweets and profiles. Important suggestions: Dont use any tool to increase followers. Dont create multiple accounts. Recheck spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. 8. Google Plus Google Plus is the most important now to get good traffic and leads. Create good profile, page and fill up all fields to visible public. Create communities and invite people, join relevant communities and discuss about relevant topics and give replies to the user questions and posts. Post good content with relevant images and links. Press plus one button to other posts and re share their posts. Important suggestions: Dont create multiple accounts. Recheck spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. 9. LinkedIn LinkedIn - Worlds largest professional network. Create effective profile. Connect relevant users. Create Groups and join more groups and start discussions. Ask questions and get suggestions from group members LinkedIn helps to post our requirements and jobs. We can easily find out relevant business people on LinkedIn.Important suggestions: Dont create multiple accounts. Create content by industry experts. Recheck spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. 10. Pinterest Pinterest marketing is the best way to create boards and increase followers, it is best visible site to share images. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.Update good profile. Create topic wise boards Invite people to join boards Post good topics on relevant boards Upload pins from website and direct images. Re pin your followers pins and like their posts.Important suggestions: Dont create multiple accounts. Recheck spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. 11. YouTube YouTube It is world top video sharing network. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.Update best profile with location, website, social networks. Create channel about your product. Post regular videos about your services and create some general knowledge topics videos to your users. Write good title and description with link to the video. Update exact video location. Share your video to all social networks to using different titles based on your topic.Important suggestions: 1. Dont copy images and content from other videos. 2. upload relevant images or slides. 3. Add subtitles to understand everyone. 4. Use simple language (General English) 12. Conclusion Social media is the best way to get more traffic and leads instantly. We will get relevant leads through social networks very faster, because it is live communication and two way communication to exchange information from the right person. 13. Thanks you Connect Sadanand Socially My Google Plus My Facebook My Twitter My Linkedin My Pinterest My Youtube My Quora My blog