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What is great website/online content? In this presentation, the author explores some of the special characteristics of the best content known to the Internet. He offers some unusual ways to look at website content and the qualities that make it great. Ever since Google unleashed its Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates, website owners have been in a tizzy. Making the website and its experience better has emerged as a single most important factor affecting the website's online performance. Content, which has always been king, is therefore a focal point for most businesses and other website owners. While there exist different takes on what constitutes great content, the user's experience and the 'stickiness' of the content itself are powerful indicators of high-quality content. This presentation lays down in very simple terms the pre-requisites of high-value website content. The author, Nikhil Khandekar, owns Webwrit, a content writing, editing, translation, and Internet marketing services provider. Webwrit offers content to both individuals and businesses, and for various purposes. Whether it's a book you want written or web pages or editing or translations, Webwrit's premium services have got you covered.

Transcript of What is Great Content?

  • What is Great Content? and what goes into making it I have observed that often the most beautiful things in life are also the simplest. The role of great content has never been in question, but different interpreters make different kinds of sense of the phrase. Whichever way you look at it, high-quality content is a prime requisite on blogs and websites.
  • Great content is every bit as savory as your favorite food!
  • For starters, its HUMAN All great content created through history has demonstrated one great tenet: It is always very HUMAN. For and by human beings ... So is it possible for the content on business websites to be very human?
  • It is important that your content talks to a person, not a robot.
  • It is GENUINE Do you offer a product or a service that you believe in? Does it make a genuine difference for the better for your customer? If you answered with a yes to either question, you can definitely create great content. P.S.: By the way, you couldnt possibly answer with a yes to only one of those questions.
  • Being committed in your service and product development is the best way to boost business.
  • It isnt MARKETING The best content is the kind that sells - without ever seeming to. Visitors to your site or B&M store arent there to relieve themselves of some hard-to-make cash. They only want to be assured that they made the right decision in opting for your product. Great content gives them that assurance.
  • The best products do have an uncanny way with content and its presentation.
  • It never CHEATS Great content is always downright simple because it values its customers time. Great content is not like the marketing emails you get wherein the author plays tricks on your mind. It means every word it contains and aims to only benefit your customer. It never cheats. N-E-V-E-R.
  • Providing high value to your customer is the best way to ensure great business. And not cheating or compromising.
  • It brings out TRUE VALUE Great content has a great way of showing: > not just the true value inherent in the product > but also its true value to the customer A provider of great products knows precisely how and in what ways his products will benefit their user. This knowledge, when used in creating content, makes for some GREAT CONTENT.
  • The value of a solution lies in the problem it solves.
  • Finally, GREAT CONTENT > brings relief, excitement, or pure happiness to your customer > guides him/her through the maze of choices to arrive at the best product > enables you to disseminate information and generate interest in your product/service > goes a long, long way toward realizing those all-important sales > makes the Internet a better place for everyone
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